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2017 Internet stock market value list: Tencent up to 3 trillion Ali Baidu 6 Jingdong

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Many large domestic enterprises now choose to go overseas, we call it China concept stocks (referred to as China stocks). To be more specific, Chinese concept stocks are Chinese-listed companies listed overseas or stocks of companies that are registered overseas but have business and relationships with the mainland.


For example, we all know that BAT is not listed in China. Which Alibaba and Baidu listed in the United States, Tencent chose to go public in Hong Kong. In the same class, the well-known Internet companies Jingdong, Netease, Sina, Sohu and so on.

It is already past 2017. What kind of answer sheets will these investors give in overseas listed stocks in 2017?

Today (January 3), IT Orange counted the market value of medium-sized stocks in Internet technology (the listing locations include only the United States and Hong Kong) as of the close of the last trading day of 2017 (local time, December 29, 2017) , And unified the market value system converted into equivalent RMB, and then ranked according to the market value, filtered out the market value of more than 10 billion yuan in 26 companies.

In this market capitalization report worth more than 8 trillion yuan, we can observe some interesting data.


"AT" trillion lead, the total market value accounted for more than Qicheng

There is no suspense, Tencent and Ali belong to the top two list. Which Tencent close to 3,200 billion market capitalization market value list top spot. Alibaba ranked second with a market capitalization of 2.849115 trillion yuan. The BAT, Baidu's gap has been further widened.

Tencent's rapid growth in 2017 is obvious to all. In January 2017, Tencent shares only 204 Hong Kong dollars per share, and now has exceeded 400 Hong Kong dollars, an increase of nearly 100%. Tencent's fierce growth in 2017 is closely linked to the promotion of mobile games, computer games, payment, digital content ordering and sales, and online advertising. Today, Tencent's market value has surpassed Facebook worldwide, ranking No. 5 behind Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Similarly, 2017 is also Alibaba's high growth year. In December 2016, the share price of Alibaba.com was US $ 87.84 per share, with the closing price of US $ 172.43 on the last trading day of 2017, an increase of 196.3%. Ali's growth in 2017 benefited from e-commerce, new retail, cloud computing and digital media and entertainment businesses.

It is important to emphasize that the market capitalization of ATs accounts for about 73% of the market capitalization of all companies in this market.

Baidu led the second tier of billions

In the next 100 billion echelon, Baidu, as a follower of BAT, closed at $ 234.21 per share on the last trading day of 2017. Although the outside world is currently looking bad Baidu's development, that it will be gradually out of the BAT camp. But this does not prevent Baidu to 5269.17 billion yuan market value, continue to lead the billions of echelons.

Behind JD. Baidu, by the end of 2017, its market capitalization stood at 381.339 billion yuan, following Baidu's footsteps. From the market value of the data point of view, the gap between Jingdong and Baidu is gradually reduced, currently 145.578 billion yuan.

NetEase, microblogging, Ctrip respectively 2939.58,1508.28,142.43 billion market capitalization of the second tier 3-5. It is noteworthy that, microblogging and Ctrip market value gap of only 8.398 billion yuan, can be described as the slightest. In early 2018, the market rankings of the two will most likely change.

Other more interesting data

1. Among the three batches of BAT, Baidu was kicked off by Tencent for seven Jingdong positions (a market gap of RMB2,672.5 billion) and six Jingdong positions by Alila (a market gap of RMB223,222,800,000). Tencent and Ali before the difference also close to a Jingdong position (market value of 346.345 billion yuan gap).

2. As mentioned earlier, in the competition between BJ (Baidu and Jingdong), the market gap between the two was 145.578 billion yuan, with Baidu temporarily leading Jingdong by about 1 person in Ctrip. Netease's market capitalization is currently leading Weibo, also about 1 Ctrip's position.

3. PC Internet era of fame and fortune four portals, Tencent, Netease, Sina, Sohu in the market value list, respectively, ranked No. 1, No. 5, No. 12 and No. 26.

4. As the era of PC Internet era big brother, Sohu's development now can not help but sigh. By market capitalization, Tencent's market value is equivalent to 292 Sohu. Even recently, Sogou, which has just been listed, currently ranks 18th in market capitalization with 29.4 billion yuan and its market capitalization is equivalent to 2.7 Sohu.

5. Also just listed companies also interesting shop. Earlier high-profile Amoy NYSE listed on the opening day the market value of 9.6 billion US dollars (about 614 billion yuan). Followed by volatile fluctuations in stock prices, the current market value of stable at 26.8 billion yuan, evaporating 34.6 billion yuan. Evaporated off the market value is equivalent to two pleasant loans, 2.5 pat loan, 1.3 interest shop themselves.

6. Facts have proved that the business spin-off independent listing, spin-off business development better. Sina microblogging spin-off independent listing, the day of the listing, microblogging to 4.118 billion US dollars in market capitalization, more than 340 million US dollars Sina. Now the market value of microblogging is more than Sina 104.476 billion yuan, equivalent to 2.25 Sina. Sohu and the same case there is a swim. Only a dip of more than 1.408 billion yuan more than Sohu market value.

7. In the list, tourism and real estate industry, respectively, only Ctrip and SouFun finalists.

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