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SARFT management and punishment efforts to increase: the entire network was banned broadcast programs broadcast

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"Notice" made it clear that radio and television to run international news programs, military programs must be filed a month in advance; TV Star integrated channel broadcast singles selection, party, the introduction of foreign models and broadcast in prime time variety entertainment, reality show interception Show, dating, talent show, emotional stories, games competitive programs must be two months in advance to the provincial press and publication SARFT for the record.

In terms of sanctions, the "Notice" shows that any matter that is found to be problematic by the Administration, criticized by the Administration for "viewing the Daily News", or otherwise criticized by the SAIC for handling it in accordance with the relevant provisions. By the reform, warning, stop broadcast programs, shall not be broadcast, replay or disguised broadcast. Including not be broadcast on new media through various forms of transfer to the Internet.

The following is the document specific content:

State Administration of Press and Publication SARFT

About further strengthening of radio and television programs

Record management and non-compliance notice

New Broadcasting [2017] No. 254

Press and Publication Radio and Television Bureau of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Broadcasting Bureau of Press and Publication Bureau of Production and Construction Corps, Central China Three, China Education Television Station and Supervision Center:

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th NPC, improve the propaganda and management mechanism for radio and television and improve the broadcasting, guiding, influencing and credibility of radio and television, we are now to further implement the responsibility system for ideological work and strengthen the guidance on the construction and management of positions The notice is as follows:

First, effectively strengthen the record management of key programs. Radio and TV set up international news programs. Military programs should be broadcast one month ahead of schedule on the satellite integrated channel of TV. They sing singles and evening shows, introduce overseas mode programs and broadcast variety shows, reality shows, talk shows, marriage and friendship, talent in prime time Competitive show, emotional stories, games, competitive sports programs must be two months in advance, to the provincial press and publication Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, the provincial approval of the approval of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Administration of Radio, Film and Television for the record. The radio and television administrative departments at all levels and the broadcasters should attach great importance to the filing of key programs and hold special personnel responsible for them. Relevant leaders personally review and check the relevant documents so as to ensure timely and accurate filing of relevant information.

Second, serious violations of program processing and punishment. Radio and television programs should insist on speaking taste, style, responsibility, and resolutely resist the vulgar, vulgar, kitsch. It is necessary to further improve the system of rectification, warning and stop-play of the programs under the program and seriously rectify the problems that have emerged in the political orientation, value orientation and aesthetic orientation. Those who are found by the Administration to be criticized by the SAIC for "viewing the Daily Newspaper" or by other programs of the SAIC in the light of the provisions of "Measures for the Administration of Violations by Radio and Television Broadcasting Institutions (Trial)" (GF [2009] No.30) Terms to be dealt with accordingly.

All programs that are subject to rectification, warning and suspension by the State Council shall not be replayed, rebroadcast or disguised in any form, such as filming, editing, tidbits, etc., and shall not be broadcast on any new media through the Internet in various forms.

Third, improve the relevant supporting system. By the Administration of rectification, warning, stop broadcast programs, shall not participate in the year when the State Administration of innovation and excellence quarterly gifted, annual commentary, nor participate in all kinds of programs commendable awards. Programs warned by the Administration must withdraw from prime time immediately. If the program under the warning or suspension of broadcasting broadcasts, the relevant broadcasters shall hold responsible persons and persons directly in charge responsible. General Administration of Radio station will be the relevant radio and television channel, responsible for the frequency channel sincere talk; the relevant radio and television stations to the frequency channel leader, program section production staff to be treated accordingly.

Fourth, establish a program of public criticism of the system. In the event of the issue being dealt with, the SAIC will publicly report on the Daily Listening Weekly News Weekly and the weekly national TV and telephone publicity regular meetings to name and criticize. Some typical cases can be exposed through the media. The establishment of a program database of questions will be uniformly collected, archived and kept for future reference by the General Administration for rectification, warning, program name and issue processing of the programs suspended for processing, the production and broadcasting institutions affiliated to the department, handling conditions and so on.

Fifth, strengthen the territorial management and review monitoring. The administrative departments for press and publication of radio and television at all levels should conscientiously implement the responsibility system for ideological work and the responsibilities of territorial management, persist in problem orientation, reinforce the awareness of their positions and strengthen the supervision and administration of the institutions that produce and broadcast airplanes in their respective jurisdictions, and report timely problems and handle them promptly. The radio and television broadcasters at all levels should strictly implement the basic system of censorship, replay and retrial, and further establish and improve the program review standards, implementation details and accountability system, conscientiously sort out the production and broadcast of risk points in all aspects and strengthen the control measures . The chief responsible comrades of radio and television stations at all levels are the first responsible persons for implementing the responsibility system for ideological work. They should voluntarily perform the responsibility of program management and strictly review and strictly check the programs and key sensitive programs in prime time. Organizations at all levels to listen to watch radio and television programs around the clock, uninterrupted monitoring and evaluation, identify outstanding issues, violations of harmful content should be promptly judged.

Hereby notice.

State Administration of Press and Publication SARFT

December 6, 2017

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