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Visit the HTC factory in Shanghai: customer service maintenance staff go-slow Jerry

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IT Times reporter Wang Jianjun

On Dec . 27 , 2017 , the employees of some HTC Shanghai plant R & D and Maintenance began to move away from their original quarters to a building in the A - building , the star ' s headquarters in 2500 , the runway , which appeared to mean HTC ' s Shanghai factory was completely lost .

At the same time, a source familiar with the situation revealed to the IT Times that HTC's Shanghai factory maintenance and after-sales department had reduced links, cut back on construction, and staff had been idle. Ouyang Shuo also said,

The road ahead is not easy to follow. Now even after-sales repairs are in confusion.

HTC staff moved away from the dormitories of the factory area, ASUS, Disney employees

In the last few days of 2017, HTC employees moved

Ouyang Shuo has gone through the splendor of HTC. At the beginning of 2014, when he first came, there were three thousand or four thousand employees in the HTC plant. The production line was booming every day. There were all HTC employees in the neighboring dormitories.

In January 3rd, an IT Times reporter visited the HTC Shanghai factory, and a survey of reporters in the dorm area found that Disney and Asus employees were already living in large numbers in several dormitory buildings. HTC employees, by contrast, rarely see them. One Asus employee says:

Moving away from the old dorm, the morale of HTC employees is getting lower and lower. Ouyang Shuo told reporters that many employees think more of them.

HTC ' s employees moved into the building of A building and Shanghai Star Security Information Technology Co . , Ltd . , which was moved in by HTC employees . Industry and business information showed that Shanghai Star Security Information Technology Co . , Ltd . was established in January 2017 and is located in Room 506 , Building 6 , Xingyue Headquarters . On Jan . 3 , the reporter arrived here to find the company ' s door locked tightly . A note on 506 was posted on the glass door . A company employee in the next door said ,

On the same day, a self-proclaimed Xingbao Information Technology Co., Ltd. employee told reporters that the company was Shanghai Kangyue Investment Management Co., Ltd. to buy HTC mobile phone factory and set up. Xingyue headquarters Bay A Building is another real estate project of Kangyue Investment Management Co., Ltd. The reporter inquired about business information and found out. Shanghai Kangyue Investment Management Co., Ltd. is the legal person and shareholder of Shanghai Xingbao Information Technology Co., Ltd. The other shareholder is Shanghai Kangjiu Investment Management Center. For the acquisition of HTC mobile phone factory, Sing Pao Information Technology is currently working out a planning plan.

After-sales maintenance department

HTC's after-sales maintenance department is also in a state of disarray in the face of its declining factory. The person familiar with the situation told the IT Times that a complete maintenance line has multiple sites. Including signal testing, upgrading, over 58, marking, warehousing, etc. In the past, each site had an employee responsible, and the links were closely linked up and down.

However, the situation began to change after the production line was sold in March last year.

The number of people involved in the testing process has been reduced. At first, there were six or seven people on one line, but now there are only one or two people.

The HTC after - sales department was so worried ? To understand the truth , the IT Times told reporters on the ground to the HTC Shanghai plant maintenance department . There were three maintenance lines on each line , including cell phone complete , cell phone main board and VR complete machine . On one maintenance line of the mobile phone main board , the reporter saw a row of six or seven stations , but all in the unstarted state , and there were no employees at work station .

Nothing to do, but to do.

Ouyang Shuo told reporters that there was no pressure at HTC, and now he went to another company.

The people familiar with the matter said that the workload of the after-sales maintenance department is getting smaller and smaller, only to handle more than 2,000 units a year ago and not much work now.

At the same time, VR business is also sluggish. Before VR online, there are more than a dozen maintenance personnel, who can fix five to six per day. Now two or three people can take charge of all business volume.

It is understood that in the HTC after-sales maintenance department,

He said that overtime at 1.5

However, there are a lot of problems in this leisure overtime, for example, the supervisor can add more than 100 hours a month, while the average employee can only add 50.

According to this situation, the reporter repeatedly call to consult HTC stakeholders, but until the deadline before, have not received any reply.

Reporter notes

A visit to a feeling of desolate desolate

The reporter repeatedly visited the site of the HTC factory in Shanghai, the first time over a distance of more than half a year's time, every time, lonely, desolate desolate feeling worse before.

The mobile phone market is still changing, with Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi in vivo. The old HTC has faded from its past splendor. No one wants an established mobile phone maker to fall into this situation

The good news is that HTC hasn't given up, either in the mobile phone or VR. HTC is on schedule to launch the high-end HTC U11 Plus. The latest rumor is coming soon

HTC in the VR field is constantly Chongzi blessing, although there is no substantive leap, but as the industry expert analysis, if there is the development of mobile terminal VR, or strengthen the C end market layout and cultivating, in a dilemma in the HTC, the future is to be expected.

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Do HTC rely on VR to save himself? It's very difficult for the time.

In September 2017, HTC sold its business team that had participated in Google Pixel mobile to Google Corporation, selling for 1 billion 100 million dollars, which was invested in HTC by HTC. This is another big deal after HTC sold the Shanghai mobile phone factory in March 2017.

As the mobile phone business is dimming, VR has become a new direction for HTC, increasing its investment in the field. The HTC Vive product built from HTC itself has strong performance and experience, and has a good reputation in the market. It has gradually developed into the first camp in the VR field, which is the same name as SONY PS VR and Oculus Rift. But, like a lot of movies were praised as HTC Vive into this embarrassment, poor sales.

According to SuperData's report released by data research institute, in the third quarter of 2017, three VR heads of SONY PS VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive ranked the top three, accounting for 86% of the global market. Among them, SONY PS VR ranked the first in 490 thousand sales, Oculus Rift ranked 210 thousand in second, HTC Vive ranked third, sales volume was 160 thousand.

According to Liang Zhenpeng, an industry observer, while the HTC Vive's performance in VR has reached a first-rate level, it is compared with the tens of millions of smartphone sales. VR 100,000 sales are only a small market. He says first-line smartphones, for example, are based on quarterly sales of 20 million units, averaging 1, 000 yuan each. Sales can reach 20 billion; The HTC Vive is based on a unit price of around 5, 500 yuan. (Vive made a price adjustment in August 2017. The price was reduced from 6888 yuan to 5,488 yuan, with sales of only 880 million yuan a quarter, Liang said. The current VR market size and mobile phone market size is far from HTC hopes VR market is dangerous chess.

At the official flagship store at HTC Vive, Tmall mall, the reporter saw a monthly turnover of 297. At the Jingdong mall, reporters saw 98% of the high praise of HTC Vive, but only more than 3000 of the total. A person in charge of the suning.com Shanghai region told reporters that HTC is now selling too small.

According to the analysis of insiders, HTC has only launched the PC terminal VR device at present, which largely limits its market space. If we can develop the mobile terminal market in the future, maybe the sales volume of HTC Vive can be changed significantly.

If the VR market can't be opened as soon as possible and the enthusiasm for consumer spending has not increased, then HTC will suffer a more severe test.

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