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How does the official vs. folk change the iPhone battery?

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Too much for the user to denounce the Apple Corp's words do not want to say any more, because no matter how Apple this is to give users a fairly satisfactory account, but I want to say is: I now regret past doings? As an enterprise, it is not wrong to make money and sell products, but not to be conscience.

Well, I don't say much! Now, I'm going to get users affected by the battery door.branchgive counsel!

IPhone battery replacement way:

1, Apple official channel

2. The online maintenance platform

3, offline maintenance business

4. Self-help replacement

Each maintenance price, cycle, risk comparison:

According to the online maintenance platform consulting, the offline maintenance business visit and the e-commerce platform battery inquiry, the iPhone battery maintenance comparison reference table above is obtained.

In addition to Apple official iPhone battery replacement price is consistent, other channels of batteries are different according to the type of aircraft, the maintenance cost is slightly different, the general rule is:The more new iPhone, the more expensive to replace the battery; for example, the replacement of the iPhone 7 battery is 140 yuan, and the iPhone 6 battery is replaced by 130 yuan.So the quote above is added a "contract" word.

It has to be said that when the official replacement of the battery does not reduce the price of the battery, the prices of the maintenance business and the maintenance platform are above 200 yuan. Third party maintainer began to reduce the price after apple dropped the battery maintenance price to the private maintenance point.

IPhone batteries should not change this way

Let's talk about the way to check the loss of the battery. There are many ways to query, apple official can query, PC applications can be queried, mobile applications can query, etc., and there are no fewer than 20 ways to query iPhone battery loss. I would like to recommend you a special way.

PC terminal installation "Ace assistant", iPhone through the data line to the PC end, directly can see the battery loss situation;

After the battery loss is inquired, the author recommends that when the battery loss is 85%, you can choose to replace the new battery. The official recommendation of apple is that the capacity is less than 80%.

And then look at it together.changeIPhone battery, the various channels of the existence of advantages and disadvantages and cat and cat.

Apple's official price reduction, "excess value"

IPhone 6 and the mobile phone, non line can choose to go to Apple's official channel replacement, even iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X can; because of the battery replacement program is executed in the global scope, so whether the country can go home for any Apple Store replacement. In addition, the replacement of the battery to Apple Store needs to be reserved in advance, and the authorized maintenance points can be made by telephone consultation or official network appointment.

To mention here a little, the appointment location is divided into Apple Store and authorized repair, warranty authorization fee system maintenance is the "replacement cost a small amount of service fee, so if you choose to go to the authorized service point to replace the battery, maintenance costs may be higher than 218 yuan.It is suggested to replace the battery with Apple Store, the absolute positive product is riskless.

The repair business is opaque, or there is a black curtain

In the price comparison table, I risk three stars and four stars for online maintenance platform and offline maintenance platform respectively.The biggest cat is the battery used by the third party, the bottom is not the new battery, is it the original battery!Below for everyone to expose the battery industry cat.

Apple mobile phone in the market has a huge amount of any accessories have tremendous business opportunities, the need to pay attention to the official apple is not foreign sales of original mobile phone components, so no new official iPhone battery market, so the third party service in the new original battery businesses that don't exist.

There are two kinds of situation can be regarded as the new official battery, 1, high-energy people original battery from the special channel; 2, mobile phone factory scrap remove official new battery, but the number of these two kinds of situations of the battery is extremely limited, really can buy lottery tickets as well as consumers.

What is the official battery in their mouth?

I'll answer you: the battery removed from the used iPhone. The battery that was removed from second-hand iPhone is not zero loss and zero charge cycle, but second-hand battery vendors are testing through related instruments, testing battery conditions, then charging and recycling battery, clearing and modifying battery data. It's the following instrumentDown hereHere

In this instrument, the battery efficiency showed 101%, there is no modification of the data, you will be surprised how second-hand battery efficiency is higher than 100%, in fact, the general battery actual capacity will exceed the nominal capacity, the actual efficiency of original battery is generally around 105%, so the battery is a small loss.

According to insiders revealed that second-hand battery businesses generally will be used to disassemble the battery loss within 5% 5%-10%, and between 10%-15%. But the loss is less than 5%, and 20 used batteries can find 1, so in most cases,Circulation "official iPhone battery" is the loss was cleared in the second-hand disassemble the battery 5%-15%.

In addition to cleaning up a second-hand battery,There is a battery data reset method for cable, commonly known as the firstThe circuit board of the battery is connected to the circuit board, the chip on the circuit board is stored with the data of the battery. The high imitation line is new and the data is naturally zero. The first battery installed on the mobile phone, no matter what you use to check the software, the data is zero, no matter how many times are not circular, detected, more confusing.

To sum up, there is a reason for the low price of the battery for the online maintenance platform and the offline maintenance business. Most of the batteries they use are secondhand official batteries, which are only about 20 yuan for the second-hand battery businesses, or the high imitation official battery, or the unknown third party battery.

As for the battery you may ask, the appearance of the battery is new, and I don't explain it here.

Do it yourself may have ample food and clothing.

Always encourage everyone change hands iPhone battery, because iPhone is relatively easy to disassemble, buy a third party certification of the battery in the electronic business platform above the first, and then follow the strategy step by step disassembly, that is up to two hours to fix.

But there is also has demolished the bad risk, because the iPhone mobile phone inside the body more dense, and the battery are fixed through an adhesive (very strong), and an adhesive is easy to break, easy breaking adhesive, it is difficult to take out the battery; another fixed screw length of the components are different, if the long short screw on the screw hole, the cable motherboard is likely to be a screw top off.

I give you a trick: disassemble, mark each screw on a piece of paper and then put the screws on the position, in the paper the corresponding position, so it does not appear to confuse the battery case. As for easy glue, can slowly gently to pull off angle, it can avoid the possibility of.

The replacement of the battery has two advantages, that is, to replace the third party certified batteries can be guaranteed, and can save some money.

Finally, give you the most definite advice.

1, not poor money, want the official sense of security, go to the official channel of apple to replace the battery;

2, a friend in the online maintenance platform and the downline maintenance business, also want to save money, it is recommended to choose the two channels (friends want to pit you that is also not a way);

3, the hands-on ability is strong, it is recommended to buy third party certified battery replacement.


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