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Baidu opened a miniature developer conference in CES to emphasize China's speed

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Tencent "first-line" author Han Yimin

On the afternoon of January 8, 2018, the United States of America held a miniaturized "AI Developer Conference" in Baidu, Las Vegas, in the desert of Nevada, with a distance of 10,000 kilometers from Beijing.

As CES is about to be held in 2018, those related to the consumer electronics and technology industries around the world gathered here during this time. Baidu's conference attracted a large number of people from other countries and regions.

Lu Qi, vice president, president and chief operating officer of Baidu Board of Directors, delivered a speech at the conference and came out as guest host.

The same situation was staged six years ago at the Beijing National Convention Center.

On July 5, 2017, Baidu held its first large-scale developer conference in its history. At the two-and-a-half-hour press conference, Lu Qi spent more than half of his time on the stage and served as a guest host. During the meeting, Lu Qi site connected by the unmanned vehicle went to the scene CEO Robin Li, a time became a hot topic.

In Las Vegas, Baidu once again designed the link to the site. Lu Qi on-site connection of Beijing Xidi Banner Baidu headquarters colleagues, the presence of guests at the scene demonstrated the actual drive test Baidu unmanned situation. Beijing time on January 9 at 7:00 in the morning, the winter season is not all day bright, Baidu headquarters in Baidu headquarters near the road, unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicles and unmanned buses, etc. All kinds of vehicles based on Apollo platform for different scenarios specific applications.

The on-site connections were equally welcome in Las Vegas. When Baidu employees received scarves from unmanned delivery machines in front of Xierbi headquarters, the guests at the scene gave out warm feedback both at home and abroad.

For Baidu's long-term domestic media and partners, compared with the informative AI developer conference six months ago, the current release of Baidu World in the United States has limited fresh information. The release of Apollo 2.0 and DuerOS 2.0 is based on this release Two major new news conference.

But it is especially important for Baidu to let other countries, including the United States, understand Apollo and its AI strategy beyond the announcement of new developments.

China speed


Speed, which is one of the key words common to all speakers at today's Baidu conference.

In his speech at the AI ​​Developers' Conference six months ago, Luki excitedly announced that Apollo version 1.0 has been released, but this is not the most attractive part of the speech. The most attractive part is that Luki said that " ; The more important point I ask everyone to pay attention to is that we will open our entire path in the future. We will be more open, we will be updated every week, and we will have a new version and an overall increase in ability every two months or so. & rdquo;

With the weekly update and the new version released every two months, Luci's goal is that by 2020 Baidu will be able to drive autopilot on highways and urban road networks, a goal that is ambitious.

More than Apollo, every business is accelerating. This prospect Kun said in an interview with "front-line" that Lu Qi's biggest opinion on the department is that you are not fast enough yet.

Nearly a year after Lu Qi's administration, all of Baidu's businesses are eager to prove to the outside world that Baidu has done its best on the path of "All in AI".

Apollo, the autopilot platform, officially released version 2.0 on the eve of CES in 2018, and less than two months after DuerOS 2.0 was released, King Kun, general manager of Baidu's CMU, announced the release of three smart appliances equipped with DuerOS 2.0. For the progress of all business of Baidu AI, Lu Qi showed a satisfactory attitude, "This is China speed (this is China's speed). & rdquo;

Baidu needs acceleration.

From the experience of the cold to be sought after, Lu Qi only a year, he told the capital market told a Baidu new story, and received positive feedback.

In the past 52 weeks, Baidu's share price lowest appeared in early 2017, 166 US dollars, the highest appeared in November 2017, 272.82 US dollars. Although Baidu's share price has recently declined in comparison with the peak, its share price has been fluctuating around 240 US dollars in the recent quarter. Its market performance has been enough to console Baidu employees and investors as compared with a year ago.

These achievements are the achievements Lu Qi led Baidu's constant acceleration.

In his speech, Lu Qi mentioned that around the AI ​​strategy, Baidu focuses on the following aspects. First of all, the use of AI to change and innovate Baidu's current core business - search, "mobile phone Baidu" personalized information push, as well as love Fantastic Art video entertainment services. In addition, a number of new AI-enabled businesses were created, in particular Apollo for autonomous driving and DuerOS for interactive conversational human-computer interaction.

The growth of information flow business revenue has become Baidu's second quarter and third quarter of 2017 the biggest bright spot, this business performance directly boosts the capital market confidence in Baidu.

However, compared with the existing volume of Baidu, the emerging information flow business, despite its impressive growth but the total volume is still limited, for the giant of China's Internet, let the outside world, especially capital markets to maintain trust in Baidu, need to show more Great potential and greater value. Therefore, sparing no effort to show the progress and prospects of Apollo and DuerOS abroad is very necessary.

And in order to really realize the value of All in AI, acceleration is what the situation needs.

Chinese Google

To win the support of industry professionals outside the Chinese market is undoubtedly very important to Baidu, so in his speech, Lu Qi does not deny that the guests were introduced: Baidu is China's Google.

This year is not the first time that Baidu has taken part in CES, but Baidu was by no means the protagonist of the media at CES last year. That same time, Baidu DuerOS and domestic video dialogue robot fish at home in CES jointly released artificial intelligence operating system and home robot.

In fact, CES 2017 is the starting point of DuerOS, but really make the market know DuerOS, I am afraid it is still six months after the Baidu AI Developers Conference.

In that massive conference, with Lu Qi as a primer and in series, after months of adjustment, the new head of each business unit of Baidu turns into a play and will sort out the revised AI strategy. After the introduction and spread of the General Assembly, DuerOS and Apollo together for the concept of Baidu's AI platform, has been well-known in the domestic industry.

Thanks to the guidance of the new strategic layout, Baidu has successfully shaped itself as a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in the domestic market. Now Baidu must expand this awareness to more places.

In order to become the winner of the artificial intelligence era, manufacturers are fiercely competitive. LVCC in the main venue of the CES exhibition, Baidu DuerOS booth close to the IDF, Rokid and other vendors, while Apollo's booth was surrounded by major car prices.

Competition does not stop at home.

During CES this year, it's hard to ignore the Google ads for the huge billboard carousel on the buildings on either side of the Las Vegas Strip, demonstrating Google Assistant. Google this year, a huge investment in CES, in addition to advertising, it is also the exhibition to build a large exhibition center.

Like DuerOS's "small and small," Google "is Google's wake-up word to help users access voice interactions. More people in the future say "Hey Google" or "small small degree", it depends on the manufacturers are now the layout, cooperation and landing.

Strengthening the cooperation with traditional hardware manufacturers, depots, suppliers and home appliance manufacturers has become an important task for the development of artificial intelligence Internet companies.

In Google's ad, Sony was introduced as an important role. As a hardware device manufacturer with a large number of users, Sony's hardware products are the gateway to reach users, which is an important partner of Google Assistant, Google's own voice assistant.

Google is just one of the competitors that Baidu is facing in developing artificial intelligence.

Whether DuerOS or Apollo, get more important partners, is the premise of entering the scene, landing technology, commercial realization. And to get more industry recognition, Baidu needs in the international arena, fully demonstrate their abilities. And this is where Baidu chose to reopen a miniature developer conference in Las Vegas.

Baidu's efforts have achieved initial success. During CES, Baidu's two booth attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors, but this is only Baidu to expand the greater possible start.

At the Baidu conference, a practitioner from Europe talked about his feelings about Deep Net: The conference was very exciting, but Apollo's success depends on whether it can get more participants and let everyone together Share resources and benefits; in Europe, people are very concerned about privacy issues, which is DuerOS will meet the challenge.

This is only a bystander and Baidu preliminary contact with the doubts, it is foreseeable that in the future for the larger market in the process, Baidu will also need to answer more questions. Baidu's "China's speed"; need to continue.

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