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CES Yu Chengdong speech: continue to enter the US market Huawei mobile phone fear test

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In the morning of January 10, on the first day of CES2018, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, delivered a keynote speech. In his speech, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei Mate 10 pro passed several international harsh security tests and passed the highest standards of safety and privacy. He also disclosed that Huawei will continue to cooperate with U.S. public channel operators and e-commerce providers to bring value to consumers.


"Wonder Woman" protagonist Gail Midado

At the same time, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Porsche version will officially enter the US market, and invited the film "Wonder Woman" protagonist Gail? Garuda served as chief experience officer of Huawei's US market.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Porsche version into the US market

As the world's third-largest maker of smartphones, Huawei and Glory brand smartphones are expected to ship 153 million units in 2017, with global share exceeding 10%. Huawei global brand awareness has risen from 81% in 2016 to 85%. At Interbrand Global Top 100 Brands list rose to 70th place.

Huawei successfully launched the Mate 10 series in the United States after the successful opening up of high-end markets such as Northern Europe and Western Europe. This will bring new intelligent terminal choices to U.S. consumers and let more U.S. consumers experience Huawei's leading smart technologies.

Yu Chengdong officially released the AI ​​chip Kirin 970 blessing Huawei Mate 10 pro mobile phone to the US market. At the same time Huawei Mate10 Porsche version quickly into the United States market. This product is designed by Austrian design team and Huawei Shanghai design team. This is the result of the cooperation between the two sides and the two sides will continue to cooperate in the future.

Yu Chengdong also introduced the Huawei car fast charge, cooperation with Montblanc smart phone shell, smart home, routers and other products, showing the strength of Huawei's consumer business in many aspects. These products are displayed at CES.

The following is Huawei Yu Chengdong speech Record Original:

happy New Year! Glad to attend CES every year.

This year is 2018, and the level of connectivity will enter a new year. The development of equipment connectivity will promote the continuous integration of the world. Huawei's devices have connected billions of users, hundreds of millions of devices, and trillions of messages. Smartphones connect people and the Internet. Every 10 to 12 years, there is a huge innovation in the field of mobile phones.

Review the past decade

The past 10 years have been smartphones for 10 years, and I believe everyone has a smart phone that is used at work, in life, and in all aspects. We are now at the beginning of the next 10 years, the era of artificial intelligence has arrived, what is the next 10-year smart phone?

Today's smartphones may not be as smart in the next 10 years and need more intelligence in the future. Huawei has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. In the past 10 years, the company has invested more than 45 billion U.S. dollars in research and development, which does not include last year's investment. In 2016, we invested 11 billion, and in 2017 we have won many awards for the best handset selection held by technology media, which is a part of it. It is precisely because users and smart phones go hand in hand every day for a long time and they are not satisfied with many smart phones. Let us now take a look at Huawei's observations on the consumer business market.

At present, the two biggest dissatisfactions of the user for the smart phone are the slow running speed, the user being unsatisfied with the outdated mobile phone design, and the more and more users using the mobile phone camera to take pictures and shoot videos, so they want the mobile phone Camera performance can be further improved.

Facing the U.S. market

Our solution is Huawei Mate 10 Pro, with longer battery life, full-screen stylish design, speedy connection and professional camera driven by AI technology, which can bring users the best experience.

Mate 10 Pro uses a 6-inch OLED screen, high brightness, high color gamut, 18: 9 screen ratio, make the photo preview more vivid, make the game screen display more comprehensive. The new generation of HDR 10 makes photos and videos brighter and more colorful. The Mate 10 Pro is slimmer, but with a larger battery. With a 4,000-mA battery, we've got the right size for a comfortable fit, and the 6-inch screen is smaller than the previous 5.5-inch screen. The phone's back has an iconic ribbon design.

Mate 10 Pro back with curve design, feel more comfortable. Fully symmetrical design, all elements of the phone are symmetrical, beautiful. We designed two colors of titanium gray and mocha brown, all unique to Huawei. Midnight blue is also my favorite color.

We have brought these three colors to the North American market Mate 10 Pro. Another feature of Mate 10 Pro is waterproof, dustproof, waterproof rating is IP67. Finally, Huawei also brought a luxurious version of Mate 10 Pro for everyone, and we continued to work with Porsche Design to bring Porsche version of Mate 10 Pro to everyone.

Porsche version of the Mate 10 Pro

The cooperation between Huawei and the Porsche team has created the best mobile phone at present. We adopted the design of the Porsche 911 sports car, which contains the essence of streamlined design and sports car culture. The back of the glass case has a ceramic look, are the unique design of the luxury version. Chassis with laser design, dual-speed charging port, you can achieve sports car charging.

Mate 10 Pro with high-speed networking capabilities, taking into account the user's personal information protection. Let's take a look at the inside of the phone. Mate 10 Pro installs the Kirin 970, the most powerful processor in the world, using the latest 10 nanometer technology, with 5.5 billion transistors on each chip.

More importantly, Kirin 970 is the world's first neural network processor with artificial intelligence processing capabilities, along with the world's most advanced modem LTE Cat18 Modem, download speeds up to 1.2Gbps, 6 seconds to identify 100 Photos, while iPhone X takes 9 seconds. Operating efficiency increased by 50 times.

We are very concerned about the battery life, half of users complain that the battery is not awkward, Huawei has a strong and efficient battery technology, 4000 mA battery capacity, low-power chipset and advanced power management system, which can guarantee the phone's A charge longer use. For heavier handset users, the Mate 10 Pro can be used for one day for normal users for two days, while other brands of handsets have only half a day of battery life under heavy usage.

The phone has four antennas, while only two other brands of mobile phones, to ensure faster data transfer. These technologies ensure that Mate 10 Pro can connect to the US market faster than 1Gbps, which is leading around the world. Someone made the network technology 4.5G, some called the Pre-5G. Testing with AT & T is fast and our product supports all bandwidths for AT & T, which is in partnership with T-Mobile.

Security and privacy protection

Huawei attaches great importance to the security and protection of user information. Our handsets are sold in more than 170 countries around the world. Last year's global shipments reached 153 million units, which means that we won the trust of 153 million users last year.

So far, Huawei's global mobile phone shipments total 600 million. The company's user privacy protection technology complies with world standards and designs and manufactures everything from processors to memory in strict accordance with information security and privacy standards. We and our partners have been committed to the hardware information security and privacy protection.

Software level, we also cooperate with Android to protect the information and data security, in the first three years after the release of Mate 10 Pro, according to Google's security information released every month to do information security work. For Google's other mobile services, including various apps, Google Inc. guarantees information security.

Huawei's privacy protection policy includes the Generally Recognized Privacy Protection Principle (GAPP) and the strictest law of privacy & privacy - General Data Protection Provisions (GDPR). Compliance checks on information security approvals, some of which have been approved and others are under review. We expect Huawei to pass all inspections and audits. Mate 10 Pro has the world's highest standards of information security.

Before I asked our colleagues who did a market research, how did the phone market reflect? These videos are all they are in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, local consumers on the Huawei cell phone evaluation is very good.

Huawei and intelligent device interconnection

Mate 10 Pro is also the first handset to offer an immersive IMAX virtual reality experience, eliminating the need to place the handset in a VR headset. Simply connect your Mate 10 Pro handset to your headset, and you can go to Huawei's booth Experience.

This is an era of connected devices for mobile phones. We have electrical appliances in our homes, and each of our devices may work independently. We need to integrate these devices into an ecosystem to facilitate their coordination. Huawei smart phones can provide such solutions, relying on HiLink smart home open Internet platform, Huawei will have the technology, operating systems, ecosystems and services integration.

Huawei LiteOS lightweight Internet of Things operating system, with simple, rapid response, low power consumption and other characteristics, is a very efficient logistics network operating system. Since its launch last year, it has connected over 30 categories and over 300 products. Our goal this year is to connect more than 50 categories and more than 500 products. Users can download HiLink mobile app from Android or iOS store.

Smart living requires a good internet connection, but WiFi signals at home may not cover every corner. Our solution is Huawei WiFi Q2, which is based on powerline communication technology and can achieve speeds of 1000Mbps. In addition, through the power line communication technology and Wi- Fi integration, you can reach 1867Mbps speed.

We now get information and services through the mobile app, and the way to the future will be the AI ​​APIs, the service will find you, and AI will bring a completely different service experience.

Method of purchase

Mate 10 Pro is pre-installed on Google's latest operating system, Android 8.0, this phone also supports PC mode, the phone into a PC, you can connect with any one display. Mate 10 Pro provides users with a free and diverse desktop. Mate 10 Pro is ideal for business users because of its assurance and efficiency in enterprise security.

We are now introducing the Mate 10 Pro and Huawei WiFi Q2 to the U.S. market. The WiFi Q2 price for the three base stations is $ 349.99 and the price for a base station plus two satellites is $ 219.99. Mate 10 Pro 6GB + 128GB price is $ 799, $ 1,299 Porsche. February 4-17, booking is accepted. Early purchase users get a $ 150 gift card. You can buy Huawei products from Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, New Egg, and B & amp; H.

Cooperation with operators

Many people may have read today's newspapers and something happened. Unfortunately, we can not sell Huawei products through carrier channels, but still thank our products for sale through e-commerce channels.

Everyone knows that 90% of mobile phone sales in the U.S. market are achieved through carrier channels. Huawei has the best technology and innovation and last year's Mate 9 consumer feedback was very good. Mate 10 should perform better, we did not sell through carriers, we and operators are lost, and consumers will suffer greater losses, because they do not have the opportunity to get the best choice.

I have been working for Huawei for 25 years, growing up from a small company to the world's largest communications equipment provider. Huawei's consumer business has been 24 years since I was a worker and now has so many employees.

When we started out as a product, we could not even win the trust of Chinese operators because it was very hard for a new company to enter the market. However, we finally won the trust of Chinese operators and won the trust of developing countries and developed countries. We have also won the trust of global operators, whether in Europe or Japan.

Now our global users reach more than 70 million. In the past 30 years, we have proved to our users that our quality is proof of our protection of our users' information and privacy and our innovative and leading-edge technologies. We have been working hard, we have always put the user first.

When I first joined Huawei 25 years ago, I just graduated from college. Ren Zhengfei told us that users are first and work hard. Six years ago, when we just launched Huawei mobile phones, nobody knew us. Six years later, we are now honored as the top three mobile phone brands in the world. Huawei's high-end mobile phones have won the trust of global users, including users from Europe and other developed countries.

Huawei's technology has become stronger and we will contribute more innovations in the future. Huawei's style is simple, open and transparent. We have passion to do more things, I believe more users will choose Huawei, more operators will choose Huawei, because you need Huawei, Huawei can bring you more value. (Tian Heng)

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