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NASA announced that it would only dig one or two meters to find eight shallow water sources on Mars

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NASA, the legendary entrepreneur Musk, who are dreaming of immigrants Mars, humans settled on Mars, need access to a stable source of water. According to foreign media latest news, NASA and the United States researchers came out a big good news, found in Mars underground, easier to exploit the water.

What needs to be pointed out is that it is no news that human beings have a source of water on Mars. The most significant significance of this discovery is that the water source of Mars is only a few meters below the earth's surface, and the difficulty of exploitation is not great.

According to the US science and technology news website Engadget, the latest research publication was published in Science, and a large number of water sources were discovered by US researchers at eight sites in Mars.


Researchers found that there was a phenomenon of long-term weathering of cliffs or slopes at these sites, where pure ice, as a source of water, hid in the depths of one to two meters underground.

It is reported that the locations containing these sources of water are located in the northern and southern hemispheres of Mars, equivalent to the latitudes of South America or Scotland on Earth. In fact, these cliffs are distributed near a slope of nearly 55 degrees. The researchers said there is no huge pit in these locations, so these slopes may not have formed until recently.

The human eye looked for the above water source through Mars satellite imagery. In 2005, NASA launched a Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, acquiring a large amount of Mars surface imaging information and data to conduct an in-depth study of Mars.

Shane Byrne, a scholar at the University of Arizona, is co-author of the research paper. He told NASA that the latest findings amount to giving researchers a window into which to dig deeper into the ice below the earth's surface, as if using a magnifying glass to gain insight into the world of the ant farm.

It was reported that the researchers found these water sources through "high-resolution imaging science experiment cameras" and images installed on the above-mentioned aircraft, and the purity of the water source was confirmed by other devices.

It has been reported that the above Mars orbiter had previously discovered the presence of water on Mars but was too deep to be mined. Now scientists believe the latest water sources are close to the surface and are easy to mine.

The most active people to land on Mars and settle on Mars are Musc, the head of SpaceX and Tesla, which has announced in a few years that it will make use of reusable heavy rockets or spacecraft, Transfer a few to settle on Mars.

So far, humans have logged in on the moon, but have not landed on Mars. Just through some ground detectors or orbiting aircraft research. Whether the environment of Mars can be suitable for long-term human living is still unknown.

Experts in the field of space in the United States said that Musk and SpaceX are best at "transporting passengers" who can send humans to Mars, but how the long-term survival in the future will require in-depth studies by space agencies in various countries.

Compared with Musk, NASA is even more calm, the agency plans to establish preliminary settlements on Mars in the 2030s, from now there are more than 10 years.

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