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Apple was a television production company delayed by the iPhone

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Apple's ambitions to enter the film industry have long been an open secret. Between 2016 and 2017, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, the major U.S. video content platforms, relied on their respective strengths and the quality of their work in their possession. In the highly competitive US drama Circle a trail of blood. Apple sitting on iTunes and Apple TV also accelerated their own pace. During these two years, Apple has started various shooting plans one after another, and has launched some of its own television content that cost a lot of money to make.

After 2018, a large number of TV programs produced and distributed by Apple will come on stage. We may see different types of television programs, from documentary of the actual theme to the variety show, and even some movies and mini-dramas. Maybe Apple's spending on television projects is still slightly less than Netflix's platform, but you'll never see it as "just for fun" after watching the television content they are determined to build in the next year or two.

For a variety of reasons, we may not be able to see these American TV shows, reality shows or documentaries created by Apple in the mass channel. However, since Apple has already entered the American TV industry circle, there will be only one or two popular and popular American TV series in a few years Apple's hand, we always know that this is the world's most mobile phone company, in the end what kind of television program will be made.

Apply the planet

On June 9, 2017, Apple's iTunes and Apple's first original television program, Planet of the Apps, formally sounded the bugle into the original video production industry. App Star is an App start-up reality show from Apple, where app developers showcase their apps to four judges. Four judges after the trial application, find out the pros and cons of applications, in order to decide whether to become the application developer mentor.

Each jury takes weeks to help their learners discover developing app inspiration and features to win the investment from venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners with the opportunity to receive $ 10 million in funding and finally, Application, will be included in the App Store Recommended Products list. The show is in the form of a reality show such as "Top Chef" or "Voice of America" ​​(a good China voice) that shows just another little-known start-up.

However, because of the limited channels of broadcast, plus the content are all around the apple application, the external commentary claims that the content is too small, the viewing area is too narrow.

Car karaoke on the road

Carpool Karaoke, a big-name celebrity, was a relatively hot talk show, and Apple bought a quarterly copyrights in July 2016, starting Apple Music on August 9, 2017 iTunes on the broadcast, a total of 16 episodes, each episode length of 20 minutes, each episode will have a big star appearances, take the ride in the process and drivers soared songs.

The first episode of the show brought in American actor will Smith. He and James Corden, a driver and producer, went for a ride and sang songs near Los Angeles. The stars also included movie actors, entertainers and prominent athletes. Music artists and so on. However, some media comments that such a car karaoke is more suitable to make 6 or 7 minutes of video, on the Youtube viral transmission effect is better. When time becomes 3 times, it seems a bit procrastination bored.

Surprise story

Apple intends to remake Steven Spielberg's earlier NBC television collection "Amazing Stories", which will be one of Apple's first original play shows (a season may be around 10 episodes) . In fact, NB C has been considered two years ago remade the play, but has been unable to do so, the project sold to Apple, NBC and its global television production company not only retained the project, but also a lot of money, simply Beautiful soothing.

"Surprise Story" The original drama broadcast two seasons in 1985-1987, although the popularity is not high, but it was often brought up for discussion, and even took five Emmys. And the "black mirror", "Strange Talk", "Phillip Dick's Electronic Dreams" and other episodes, "Surprise Story" is also a story set, the theme of the weird, incredible, may be supernatural content the Lord. Spielberg will direct the original 10 episodes of Apple remake, each with a budget of up to $ 5 million.

Are you asleep?

Apple has been revealed to be working on an adaptation of the suspense thriller best-seller, Are You Sleeping. The original book was written by Kathleen Barber, Catherine Barber.

Starring Octavia Spencer, who starred in "Hidden People," "Mutual Help," "Gifted Girls," and "Water Story," the script opens up a long-awaited murder of spectators and unveils The protagonist Josie's fate. The play's broadcast time has not yet announced.

Short morning skit

Apple is still working with Hell Sunshine on another "Morning News" new series of cooperation, also not yet broadcast. It appears to be a television series that reflects the story behind the making of the morning television news program, which Apple has bought for two seasons, and screenwriter and executive producer Jay Carson, producer of the US-based card room.

Space science fiction TV series with no name at the moment

Apple has successfully bought a brand new space theme drama by Ronald D. Moore. If you are not familiar with Ronald D. Moore, you must have heard of the names of these American shows - Battlestar Galactica, Double Helix, Caprica and Legend of the Ancient Battlefield.

Apple's new drama explores what will happen if there is no end to the global space race. Although the name has not yet been finalized, but Apple has straight-to-series model direct purchase of the whole season, showing Apple's desire for original content and investment determination.


A series of documentaries produced by veteran documentary writer and producer Matt Tyrnauer, Corey Reeser and Time Inc. Productions introduce viewers to the world's most exotic homes and their builders. It's also Apple's first reality documentary, which will be the first to broadcast 10 episodes each for an hour. The series will allow viewers to see the world's most peculiar home never seen before and learn more about those The builders were aspirations.


The latest work, See, is an epic Future Science Fiction drama directed by Francis Lawrence (starring Steven Knight, creator of The Bloody Gangster) and starring Hunger Games 2: The Hunger Games. So far we know little about this drama.

Vital Signs

Apple not only throw money to hire people to film, but also intend to personally challenge the film and television production. Vital Signs is a self-made, semi-autobiographical Apple TV series featuring six episodes, including Dr-Dre, the recently acclaimed Apple exec and rapper. It is reported that the half-hour episode of this episode will take the dark air and contain many stories about violence and sexuality that are more focused on the different emotions of characters than the average television content, and on how the characters deal with these emotions . This is the only home-made drama Apple is currently making, but Apple is open to future collaborations with other artists.

A piece that may be canceled forever

Apple had planned to work with Weinstein Pictures to produce a documentary series on the musical legend Elvis Presley. Expand their appeal for original video content. The two sides have been negotiating the project and are ready to sign a contract. But the TWC founder has come to grips with the scandal. Apple finally scrapped the plan. Media speculated that a lot of the reason was related to the scandal over Harvey Weinstein.

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