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Summary of programming language popularity, Java is very stable, Python potential stock

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In the technology-driven world, all walks of life are fundamentally developing technology, industry leaders even more as the company's focus. The core of these technologies is the programming language. Ben, a technology enthusiast abroad, compiled one of the most popular and influentialProgramming language list, Can help developers better predict the 2018 programming language development trend, at the same time, targeted selection and strengthening of programming language learning.


This list is organized mainly TIOBE, Indeed.com and Github on the data indicators:

  • TIOBE updates the programming language leaderboard monthly, consolidating usage data from around the world and releasing the latest trends.

  • Indeed.com is the largest search engine for jobs in the world and we can see the current need for programming in the business. Combined with TIOBE we can quickly see the number of jobs in the top 50 programming languages.

  • Every year, Github makes an annual report that shares the statistics of the programmer community, and we cite their "Pull Requests Opened" as another indicator of language popularity.

The most popular programming language

TIOBE data


The figures above come from the TIOBE leaderboard showing the most popular 20 programming languages ​​as of December 2017. Percentage represents the "market share" that each language has. Java, C / C ++ Although there have been several downward trend, but has been ranked the top three positions, the market share is relatively high. Python received more widespread attention in 2017, and its market share has greatly increased over the previous years. About TIOBE ranking basis, you canCheck here.

Indeed data


The chart above comes from Indeed.com, where the author searched the top 50 most popular TIOBE programming languages ​​on Indeed.com for the top 20 languages ​​in which demand is highest. The most popular Java in TIOBE, the job demand is the highest.

However, what is interesting is that languages ​​such as Apex that are not so popular seem to have a certain amount of demand at work. Does this presage an upward trend in such languages?

Github data


"Github Annual Review" provided us with the top 15 Pull Requires from the community. In 2017, Javascript dominated GitHub, more than tripled the second language. Python became the second most popular language over Pull Requist over Java.

Programming languages ​​and the most popular reasons for analysis

Java champion

According to TIOBE, Java has been the most popular language since its creation in the mid-1990s. Many of the largest companies in the world use Java to build desktop applications and back-end Web systems.

Java popular many factors, summed up the following main points:

  • portability: Due to platform-independent Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java runs on almost any system. Java is also the most popular Android language, so the vast majority of Android applications are built using Java.

  • Scalability: Because Java is a statically typed language, it is faster, easier to maintain, and backward compatible, which means older languages ​​will work fine even after the new version is released. This is simply a boon for businesses that are worried about rewriting code every time a new version appears.

  • Large community: Java has a large user base, Stack Overflow, open source China and GitHub and other large communities exist, so that Java developers encounter any problems can quickly find a solution. Coupled with its portability, it will be widely used for a long time.

C becomes the 2017 programming language

C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages ​​used by Internet giants, including Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Oracle. At the same time, C is also the most popular language for embedded systems in automotive, electronic and other devices. We can see the shadow of C today when we touch almost everything, such as mobile phones and alarm clocks.

Why today is still a popular programming language?

First, it is essentially a portable assembly language. It applies to almost all systems, and can run on the lowest possible machine.

C also features full compliance with operating systems and embedded systems such as automotive dashboards. Because of its relatively small run-time, C can well maintain the leanness of these systems.

Any programmer will benefit from learning C language. Many of the algorithms that are written and shared online are done in C. It is essentially a programming language "Common Language". C-like derivatives like C ++ and C # are also one of the 5 most popular languages, which also illustrates the impact that the C language still has today.


In 2017, C was also the annual programming language for the TIOBE list:


Python is on the rise

In the past 15 years, Python has been showing a steady upward trend, finally in the previous few years into the TIOBE top 5 list. By 2017, influenced by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, Python surpassed C # to become No. 4 in TIOBE. And cybersecurity is also a very important issue in our time, and it's also driven by Python.

Python is easy to learn. It is now the most popular introductory language in college and the second or third language of an experienced developer.

JavaScript dominates

With the ubiquitous browser, JavaScript has also become one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, with Pull Request on GitHub the number one. Today, as emerging languages ​​emerge in an endless stream, JavaScript has its own advantages and will continue to play an important role on the web.

JavaScript allows developers to add interactive effects to webpages, which often work with HTML, but it is also becoming more common nowadays to build completely web applications using JavaScript. Due to its simplicity and speed, more and more startups and technology companies are starting to use JavaScript on the back end via the Node.js framework.

Ruby: Startup company's favorite

Ruby is one of the most popular languages ​​for tech start-ups. Many Silicon Valley companies are built on Ruby, including Airbnb, Twitch, GitHub and Twitter. Ruby on Rails is a complete web application framework for running Ruby, and its popularity is on the rise.


At last

View TIOBE leaderboard, we will find that the top has always been a few programming languages, the change will not be great. We can look at the annual programming languages ​​of recent years: C (2017), Go (2016), Java (2015), JavaScript (2014)

In addition, prior to the TIOBE annual programming language, Kotlin and C have been candidates for the annual language, although eventually win the C,But Kotlin is equally noteworthy:

For Kotlin, the static typing programming language for JetBrains, 2017 is a New Year and is also named the official development language for the Android platform. According to StackOverflow, Android is not only the most popular mobile development platform, but also the third most popular development platform behind Windows desktops and Linux.

Kotlin's popularity for several reasons, the most important of which is its 100% interoperability with Java, as well as malicious operation in the Java virtual machine. Kotlin also compiles into JavaScript, making it very flexible in both foreground and background development. We expect to hear more about Kotlin in the next few years.

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