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ZTE Axon M Review: I have a bold "fold double screen" idea

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But always someone to break the calm to promote the plot, this time the protagonist is ZTE Axon M fold double screen. Following the listing of the United States, also in early 2018 ushered in the conference in China.

We got the evaluation machine is 6 +128 version, the first wave of key parameters of information:

Design & amp; screen

The Axon M's folding double-screen design is daring and fun, but does not have the uniqueness of innovation. This structure has long been before, Kyocera Echo in 2011 on the use of a similar vertical axis reverse flip structure.

However, there is no need to deny the innovative value of Axon M, folding double screen will not subvert the existing smart phone shape, but ZTE dare to try deserved praise. As a reviewer, I also enjoy playing with fresh products.

Axon M exactly the same two parameters of the screen, together is a big screen near the square ratio. The fuselage side is protruding shaft structure, so the keys and SIM card slot can only be squeezed in the other side of the frame. Fingerprint recognition integrated in the groove power button, a separate camera shutter button. Bottom Type-C connector with speaker opening, retaining 3.5mm headphone jack on top.

The top of the front screen is: color temperature flash, 20 megapixel camera, handset, reverse screen is a complete glass, both positive and negative are "slight" 2.5D glass (Corning fifth gorilla). Open the fuselage after the internal structure of the relative engineering of some, feels like a plastic material, printed with AXON M and ZTE words.

Screen with TFT (LCD) material, 5.2 inches 1920 * 1080 after the formation of a 2160 * 1920 large screen, horizontal grip with a feeling in the mini tablet. As the parameters are exactly the same, the two screen fit in the color temperature, brightness and other visual performance synchronization, but the gap caused by the gap can not be avoided.

AB dual-screen design has a variety of modes, which we point out in the back of the specific aspects of the experience. Overall, Axon M's folding structure is very characteristic, but the body is too thick and angular assassin.

Hardware & amp; System

Regrettably, at the end of February Samsung S9 may be the first episode of Snapdragon 845 case, Axon M is equipped with the previous generation Snapdragon 821 processor. Fortunately, the national version of 6 +128 large memory optional, than the US version of 4GB RAM in the overall performance has improved.

Ann Bunny ran nearly 170,000 sub-sub, Snapdragon 821 + 6GB RAM although the combination of some old looks, but in terms of performance fully meet the daily needs. However, taking into account the Axon M next to face the entire 2018 sales period, such as Snapdragon 845 start distribution, the shortcomings of the performance of the lack of competitiveness will become increasingly prominent.

Some analysts said ZTE folding dual-screen models due to premature, perhaps the follow-up second-generation models in the processor will be more calm on the choice. I personally do not think too demanding Axon M must have the latest flagship processor, fold the dual-screen structure brings freshness is worth the product we pay for.

The system version also stays in Android 7.1.2, the overall UI style partial, but also retains the application drawer. Since I have not used ZTE mobile phones for a long time, I feel Axon M is not very deep in UI ROM customization. The only thing worth talking about in detail is the M button in the virtual keypad.

This M key is used to switch different dual-screen modes, including AA, Full A, AB, Single A. These patterns are associated with the hardware and can not be set until expanded. For the special resolution of the dual-screen fit, you need to adapt the app to the Axon M.

In addition AA, A, AB, A single display logic need to pay some learning costs. AA is a mirror projection, the phone can take two people looking at the tentvideo; Big A provides greater reading and touch area, used to watch the news or cancel the music, but the middle of the black bar can not be ignored; AB I think like a physical split screen, with a variety of handle assistant play; single A will not say, When the normal form of mobile phone can be used.

Can be found, Snapdragon 821, Android 7.1.2, Axon M's hardware and software configuration is not the latest. Follow up in this area to keep up with the best, but it does not prevent our experience of folding double screen features.

Camera & amp; shooting

Say it you may not believe, Axon M on a 20 megapixel camera, because the existence of double front and rear can be a top two. When using self-timer with the front screen, want to change back to the negative screen to switch to the viewfinder. Independent shutter button to quickly wake up the camera interface, but the positive and negative logic inside may require the user familiar with.

This lens uses SONY IMX350 sensor parameters, with F / 1.8 aperture support phase focus. We chose the same single photo millet MIX2 and double photo flagshipiPhoneX Make a sample comparison. Photo comparison are automatic fool random shot mode, no professional regulation.

Axon M imaging yellowing outdoors exposure, specifically in the sky blue is not thorough enough, there is a feeling of haze day. The good news is that the details are kept well, the color reproduction is accurate, and the relationship between light and shade is clear enough.

Macro depth of field effect and MIX2 close, but not the latter two rich wood texture, dual camera iPhone X in this area more obvious advantages.

Self-timer is actually take Axon M rear to others with the front than the self-makeup effect is better than MIX2 self-timer, iPhone X front Selfie is more real.

Axon M is a bit miserable night shot, F / 1.8 aperture is limited. More noise on the screen, mainly the overall brightness is not enough, many dark details have been painted. For the highlights part of the suppression will not work, you can see the figure below, "base town ice season," a few words blurred.

From the lens parameters to the actual imaging results, Axon M's performance in general, especially in night shot still need to be tuned. Some nubia camera software shadow, support manual professional mode, real-time filters, in addition to multiple exposure, time slow, delay photography and other games.

Life & amp; charge

Axon M # full-time battery # report

Life rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Samsung half)

Charging rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (five-star)

Axon M battery capacity of 3180mAh, all-weather life of the total use of time 12 + hours, can basically support the "one day charge" rhythm. Hardware power consumption: 63% (of which the screen power consumption: 39%), the application of electricity 37% (video, games, taking pictures for large power consumers).

In all-weather battery life, outdoor are 4G network status, the office switched to Wi-Fi. In addition to the morning brushing flow of information on the road, most of the time in a standby state, power fell to 82% at 12:00 noon.

High frequency operation in the afternoon, 5% listening to music for half an hour, 8% for half-hour video, 8% for 15 minutes for king, 14% for half-hour video and 20 minutes for pedestrian navigation 4%, shooting proofs half an hour 14% power consumption.

This operation down to 17:00, the power has dropped to 20% of the yellow power-saving mode. Most people in this case will find a charger, and all-weather endurance also began to enter the "cautious" state.

After the basic has been in a standby state, at 8 o'clock in the evening the power fell to 5% of the red warning mode. When half past eight at home, the remaining 3% of the power on the verge of shutdown, quickly plug QC3.0 fast charge. Half an hour to 50%, one hour later rushed 90%.

Report Summary: We all know that the hardware aspect of the screen is power hungry, Axon M's double screen undoubtedly exacerbated this. Fortunately, the whole life of 12 + hours, support for QC3.0 can also quickly add power at any time, to deal with daily use or even full day a charge is not a problem.

Experience & amp; feelings

Experience Axon M for three days, fold the freshness of dual-screen is still very long, the following feelings say no matter what logic. (With photos from the video screen shots)

There are several structural issues that need to be resolved when folding a double screen, such as the co-ordination of the two screens and whether the shaft structure is reliable. Axon M shaft structure is very solid, open and close the "click" sound, to ensure that the screen in both gestures will not have any shaking. At the same time also paid some costs, such as the body is too thick (12.1mm), hold the hand feel unfriendly.

At the same time as only one lens, dual-screen camera also has a special logic, the code will cause some embarrassment. For example, I point code scan, the front of the screen will be off the back of the light, turn the phone after a lap sweep scan the success of the back and turn off the positive light, then turn a circle fingerprint authentication payment success ... ... and then the cashier sister care Mentally retarded gaze left.

Axon M audio input a lot of 3.5mm headphone jack internal AK 4962 Hi-Fi chip, I used the headset to listen to both ears okay. Dual speakers support Dolby panoramic speaker, and can be set for different scenes, movies, songs, games, voice, demo effect quite shocking.

May be due to the reasons for the engineering machine, dark environment, two screen color temperature slightly different, I left this hand on my home screen on the white side of the cold. Although the warm and cold screen does not belong to the quality problem, but for the dual-screen phone is best to maintain the same perception.

Yes, Axon M should not have a suitable phone case, the official leather case comes with a great feel but it is taking a bit strenuous. Just like folding double screen this structure, for a long time have not used such a "strenuous" phone.

to sum up

As the flagship series of ZTE handsets, Axon did not embark on Jazz life like Huawei Mate series. However, Axon M, as the first product of 2018, may also be the highest freshness of the year.

Folding dual-screen destined to belong to the minority flagship, can not subvert the mainstream smartphone form. But I remember what Russell Philosopher said: "To be polymorphic is the source of happiness." Axon M folding dual-screen mobile phone starting price of 3888 yuan, to see if you are willing to pay for this bold idea.

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