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Shanghai is how to miss these years of Internet opportunities?

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Today you go to ask a newly graduated person, if you want to engage in the Internet industry you choose which city to work hard? He will certainly be the first choice of Beijing and Shenzhen, because he may not be able to speak for himself, perhaps only because of his classmates - other workers will do so.

Today you ask an Internet entrepreneur, you will be preferred in which city entrepreneurship? He also will not be the first choice for Shanghai, because venture capitalists get together in the Beijing group dinner, where is the first test site of China's Internet.

Companies like BAT have never had anything to do with Shanghai. A few years ago, the big leaders in Shanghai let the following reflection, why Ali did not come to Shanghai. Now a few years have passed, what did not reflect on, but added that more and more friends around me are working in Hangzhou - Shanghai people to work for other cities as hard drives, which in the past is unthinkable. Now even Hong Kong banker who ran a lot of people went to Hangzhou, Shanghai people can not say anything "West Lake is Shanghai's back garden" This old talk.


Allegedly that year to find the Bank of China to find cooperation, a few branches in Shanghai are not willing to take over, and now these branches from Alipay deposits can account for half of all deposits, kneeling licking too late & mdash; This is a good interpretation of what was love that year Reason, now can not climb high. Haining, Zhejiang is the original slogan is: take Shanghai Rong Hang, the year before into Hang Rong Hang Shanghai, a word of difference, a leaf known. Influence is the accumulation of time and quality, and others are forming, you have to fight, of course not easy.

Once Shanghai was the first echelon of the Internet: the billionth donkey with the highest profile and the most expensive money in China, and then the eBay pioneer in e-commerce. On the content output platform, who can be earlier than the banyan tree? On the game suction Jinju, 80 boys who have not bought Ninetowns and Grand Dianka? Now more than a dozen years later, in addition to check the restaurant (public comment) and called takeaway (hungry?), You are still using a few Shanghai local Internet company's service? Even Ctrip I rarely used directly on the official website to buy tickets more peace of mind.

When did Shanghai start to fall behind?

To know the unique location of Shanghai, this does not lack of resources and talent, why the past ten years with the Internet seems to have been outdated?

Even venture capital generally do not like to invest in Shanghai's company, that no development. Once fiery Internet companies as long as Shanghai, and always live in a few years, but not firm, firm and soon, the momentum of the depression has been particularly fast. To know when Shanghai Yi Xun can be PK Jingdong, Shanghai's original new egg, Tintin map, people network, are like being down, no one bigger.

Whenever a little bigger Shanghai Internet companies, but also always escape the fate of being annexed: Originally out of a potatoes in Shanghai, the result of the founder himself divorced to death, and finally was acquired Youku. Public comments should have been the most promising local Internet company in Shanghai, the result was merged with the United States, management was out. Yi Xun was acquired by Jingdong, Deyou was purchased by the chain, the residents were purchased 58, No. 1 shop was Jingdong received.


When all their seed players fell, the Shanghai government realized it was wrong and finally started to promote the Internet. Then the whole idea was actually served well. This reaction is too slow and too late. Because Shanghai has no long-term existence of a large platform for large Internet companies, it is difficult to obtain the effect of talent pooling. There is no active environment for the gathering of talents. Do not believe that you are going to send a few job ads to know how difficult it is to start a business in Shanghai.

Now the Internet is less than stakes, a variety of shared economy is to burn money war, Matthew effect. China's urban competition is not a joke, one step behind, step by step. Shanghai in the Internet only with Beijing and Hangzhou, the worse the worse, there is no hope of catching up.

Many people self-comfort that Shanghai depends on the financial and trade manufacturing industry, the Internet is only a small Sector, this is actually the pattern and vision is not enough to have some views. The Internet, like water and electricity, has become part of the global infrastructure. Because of the loss of opportunities, it also lost the next series of new things the possibility of landing and eruption. A round of 10 years of loss of opportunity, the impact may last a whole generation. To miss this wave of Internet dividends can be a major mistake in the strategic development of Shanghai in recent years.

Who should back this pan in the end?

Simply put, this pan and the Shanghai financial institutions, Shanghai's brains, as well as everyone in Shanghai have a relationship. The three combine to give outsiders the impression that the city is rather lacking in entrepreneurship and internet genes.

Shanghai has more than 1,500 licensed financial institutions, the largest in the country, the deposit of more than a dozen trillion yuan in both domestic and foreign currencies, the SSE, the PBOC's dual headquarters, major banks' headquarters or regional headquarters. But under such financial blessing, emerging companies still find it hard to get financing in Shanghai.

The kind of garage culture that started out on the Internet and ten years ago has long been differentNow is the game for money.

There is no qualitative difference between what you can think of, so there is no qualitative difference between the start and the end of the line. Therefore, the key is to see who has enough ammunition, enough money to burn, and who will get it To financing, to see who first hit the low-priced name to grab the head, to see who launched the merger war. Shanghai's financial institutions are so conservative to start-ups that young entrepreneurs have fewer ammunition in their inaugurations and how they fight with others.


In the same year, many Internet grassroots enterprises all went to Zhejiang to settle down. The local government provided various kinds of tax and fee land support. If the same size of the company ran to Shanghai, Shanghai eyelids are not estimated to be doubled. When Zhangjiang and Caohejing were short of barren farmland, they used to be the so-called innovation base. Now that's a bit of a fame, it's time to reabsorb new startups and raise the bar. Shanghai, this place from top to bottom, only the eyes of the "already personal" people, "has not yet proved himself", full of infinite vigilance.

Cherry delicious tree difficult to plant. The risk of frost and snow do not want to bear, afraid of dirty, afraid of things, just waiting to pick the fruit, the world where there is such a good thing. There is no Shenzhen so risk taking the initial stage, the development phase and no such kind of support in Hangzhou, the final result is left for more background and policy of Beijing Capital fruit picking. Beijing was not acquired by competitors, the basic outcome is to rely on Tencent Department or Department of Ali.

Past success can also be a burden

It is undeniable that Shanghai's introduction of a foreign-funded headquarters economy in the 1990s was a huge success.

Foreign capital waited for a few decades outside the Iron Curtain for a few decades, holding back a swift influx of funds. This wave of funds directly detonated the economic take-off of Shanghai. Coupled with the state's relaxed obligation to pay taxes on Shanghai, Shanghai Financial finally made money for infrastructure upgrades, this has Xu Kuang Di era and "a sample of one year, three years a big change".


In 2000, Lippo Beer launched a television commercial titled "Reasons to Like Shanghai," a landmark summation of Shanghai's golden 90s, when almost all Shanghai residents sing the song.

In the 1990s, China's domestic private economy was still very weak. Basically, all the primary processed products were based on the principle that township and town enterprises in southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province can only make fried melon seeds and plastic washbasins. A true portrayal of. At that time, the foreign capital that entered Shanghai was general and the public was such an advanced production line. The output value of private shrimp rice burst into slag. The blood of the compradors left in the bones of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s was instantaneously activated, and immediately the bonuses were eaten.


Because the memory of this round of development is so profound that the foreign investment and the headquarters economy are deeply carved into the memory of the city and seriously affected the subsequent development route. Shanghai people went to government officials and went down to the neighbors, often infatuated with foreign capital. The impression left on the private economy has been staying in the village artillery and soil turtle. This prejudice caused the comprador culture and the advanced wage earner culture throughout the city to become mainstream values.

Shanghai's internationalization is actually comprador culture. In the past Shanghai elite students to enter the world top 500 as the goal (then the 500 can basically be equated with foreign capital), working in the 500 who feel face. Even state-owned enterprises all feel that soil. I did not expect feng shui rotation now, the most growth has become China's domestic enterprises.

A few days ago I asked a Dutch 500 Shanghai office, who actually still pay the wages of 6,7 years ago. Chinese domestic Internet companies have now opened to how much money? No concept of the Internet to search, scared you. Those who graduated into the foreign enterprises, and now also have a middle class, the basic card stuck in the glass ceiling retreat, an older but also look at the big boss's face every day, and those who spend hundreds of millions of BAT earlier staff peers The gap has long been a few generations to catch up.

By mistake the master learn Hong Kong

Tung Chee-hwa speaks like an old-school Shanghai dialect, much more pleasant than 90% of Shanghai people say. Because of the special historical origins of Shanghai business people in Shanghai's upper-class society and Shanghai, these people have always been guests of the Shanghai municipal government. And because the two cities share a common Western colonial background, Shanghai's management drew directly on many of Hong Kong's urban development experiences in the 1990s.

These experiences seemed to be advanced at that time. However, with the gradual exposure of Hong Kong's own problems, looking back at these ideas of development, the limitations have actually laid down many bane to Shanghai.

Hong Kong's worst lesson for Shanghai is the real estate economy. Tung Chee Hwa later fell into this pit and did not climb out today. Of course, the price of this issue is not immune to other cities, but because other cities in addition to the cost of housing prices is not high, so the cost of doing business is acceptable. Shanghai is not the case, all aspects of high costs, housing prices and then turned back several times, that basically no way for SMEs.


If Hong Kong is itself trapped by it for now, if you go to Hong Kong for a long time, you will find that many of the old names can not be found now because the rent is too expensive, so every day it is constantly shut down. Living along the street are those high value-added gold shop cosmetics shop, as well as the streets of the real estate agency. So old, so ordinary young people to start a little catering what is even worse. So have such a big resentment, all day long. If the Internet can provide as many new opportunities and possibilities as the Mainland does right now, I think young people in Hong Kong will not be overwhelmed.

Shanghai learn Hong Kong's second lesson is fine management, The immediate consequence is that Shanghai opened a business, compliance costs too much. Fine management is actually good, can bring better urban management. But the mistake is not in the right place. The level of economic development in Shanghai and the entire country is still low, far from being able to afford the fine-grained management. We should know that fine management is very detrimental to a developing country Very expensive cost.

China's Internet companies, pay attention to the brutal growth, pollution, re-governance, first rub the edge, then wash the white, too rules are unworkable. Such as Jack Ma this man in Hangzhou, he can be outrageous come up with Alipay, if in Shanghai, probably long ago arrested by the investigation & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Hurry to my study together non-compliance, quickly turn me off. Guangdong is even more over there, in order to retain what can talk about large, even labor law can be discussed. This is unthinkable in Shanghai, so need to tolerate the trampling industry, Shanghai can not develop.

Over-cautious also let Hong Kong miss Ali, a few years ago Ali ipo preferred Hong Kong, the result of a group of rotten junk saying that AB shares do not comply with Hong Kong's corporate governance tradition, and finally Jack Ma went to New York ringing the bell. The Hong Kong government finally came to react afterwards. What did I do to fuck me with the money? I finally agreed to a double share, but the lily was cold. This kind of chicken breaking the temperament determines that Hong Kong can not engage in the Internet. It can only watch Shenzhen take the people of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, its own Cyberport can only be reduced to a real estate project.


Reeling a decent victory

Whether you accept it or not, Readers have the world already the Internet most depend on the scale of the industry's first credo.The development path of the entire Chinese Internet in the past 10 years is a collection of stories about the rise of the rest. We almost witnessed a step by step depravity of various applications and software, witnessed the content of entertainment to the low IQ slip. As of today, decent and elegant have been completely defeat.

Reeling their number is overwhelming, which means that from the business to maximize the consideration, the most rational choice is that you can use all the resources are piled to reeling - you have to try to figure out the reticular psychology, you want to Suppress your own critical taste, you have to endure disgusting to serve their stupid and vulgar needs. In return, you can squeeze enormous amounts of wealth out of China's endless wire. And that's exactly what the internet giant has not seen.

This process for Shanghai people, it is too difficult. Because of the pursuit of high-level taste and contempt for low-grade taste is something that is engraved in their blood. They are hard-pressed to serve those who despise themselves. Shanghai's urban temperament and residual Internet talent, rather not suitable for the second half of China's Internet that expansion mode of expansion. It can be said that they have been unable to keep up with the pace of Chinese reeling in the design and understanding of the product.


This "section of the Festival" and "bottom line" to let Shanghai in the Internet tide missed the opportunity to make a fortune. Because the nature of the Internet bubble is driven by consumer silly foam, where is the more silk reeling, the better the Internet is developed and the higher the level of Internet fraud, the better the Internet entrepreneurship will be. . Fake medical counterfeit advertising, selling fake, about gun porn, these are the first pot of gold BAT. Enterprises have original sin, the more the original sin the more the outbreak. Shanghai is too decent, the first pot of gold so gone.

The people around me, who want to start a business, have very different opinions on the high-end literary genres. It is obviously impossible to have any future because the high-level, high-consumption people in their illusions are an order of magnitude lower than the reticulation. This is why many Shanghai local red net shop simply can not make money, but the scene looks good.

This difference manifests most vividly in the field of culture. Shanghai's local culture determines their lifestyle and culture as a cultural feature of "petty bourgeoisie, reserved, low-key." As in many local TV stations, Taitailielie, often speaking and behaving Exceptional variety is not Shanghai cuisine, but also because of this, to ridiculous, unrestrained and large-scale to attract reeling content production team, can seize the reeling of the country, rapid access to traffic and wealth.

Deep-rooted working culture

BAT started play is Pianmen, preciselyShanghai is the most reluctant to play Pianmen a group of people. Shanghai ordinary people compared to Beijing, in fact, not very see Internet companies, this is actually a leading cause of Internet Unicorn is a very important factor - people are social pressure, when your parents, your peers When people are opposed to your messy, few people can carry without any impact.

Few young people engage in a handbag company, the elderly feel that eating young rice, nonsense. Many young people do not think they are reliable, so you want to rely on a start-up company to recruit local young people in Shanghai is a very strange thing. Shanghai people pay attention to the big platform when the comprador, like the "siege" in the Miss Zhang that one family, with foreign goods, live a life of accent, emphasis is on the quality of life. This is a city's genes, just like a person's personality, it is difficult to change.

Shanghai people have a strong preference for working environment. One of the most exaggerated things I remember when Kaixin was still alive a few years ago was a popular vote on various topics at that time. I remember one local vote in Shanghai was that if it was available at the World Financial Center (Shanghai's best office building One) work, but less than $ 1,000 a month salary, are you willing? I think this is too ridiculous to see, this can anyone willing? There are actually thousands of people who are willing to develop.


In the few years I graduated, a so-called good job meant that there were only major financial institutions in the high-rise buildings of Lujiazui, or consultants, law firms and luxury giants near Jing'an Temple and Huaihai Middle Road. Big salesman. No longer a good mix of four, to facilitate future job-hopping. Even into the government do civil servants are consciously inferior, what is your Internet ghost? With a group of reeling together, think about shame. Zhang Jiang so far, for them, is simply a barren land, where the devil to go.

Ten years ago, those who came out of Fudan to commercial banks are poor. You do not look at now Fudan University, the number of fund managers second in the country, the amount of control in the country, the new wealth ranking what blabla, then go to China are second-rate goods, the best institutions and hospital management by the GS captivity Gone, just graduated from the starting salary is almost a million Hong Kong dollars, there is a pile of what McKinsey chase after me, why should I like to open the same treasure chest Internet industry?


Therefore, the large-scale internet company that can not get out of BAT Shanghai people does not matter, do not catch the urgency, had a happy heart, do not know what they missed. For the Internet companies and private enterprises, the city of Shanghai, the most first-class talents are foreign companies and monopoly state-owned enterprises scraping clean, you can see in the market are others pick the left, but also recruit fart it?

Alibaba venture, more than a dozen people crowded in a plot of a house, for such a high opportunity cost in Shanghai, how many people can stick to it? Caociton gave up millions of dollars a year salary went to Alibaba and Ma mixed, the annual salary of only 600 US dollars. Shanghai people absolutely can not do such a thing, so live the people today made a fortune.

Young people are seriously underworked

Outsiders can see here can not read, the said are finished. The following is to write to local boys in Shanghai.

I know a lot of Shanghai people here to see me in the comment area scolded me, do not rush to refute me. I myself am from Shanghai, so I know very well what this generation of young people in Shanghai are thinking. So I can tell you a very clear fact:

There is a sentence, we in Shanghai is indeed a young generation ambitious, but we are extremely happy to ease.

Hungry? It is probably one of the few internet companies in Shanghai that is now considered to be a good shot. Their CEO is also from Shanghai and Shanghai Jiaotong University. His evaluation of Shanghai as follows: "Shanghai people not, the Internet industry, Shanghai did not do well. Shanghai, want to win the fear of losing, like guarding their own plots, there is no pang, no gambling, no wolf!

As a native of Shanghai, to be honest, I think this comment is quite exact. The whole city of Shanghai temperament is like this, exquisite and realistic, lazy and timid. By the way, is it hungry? This company is nothing like Shanghai-owned enterprises, and it is said that the Shanghai people inside them are all neurotic when their boss.

Young people in Shanghai now have a heavy infatuation with eating and drinking, while those who are overworked and have a heavy professionalism are very low. There is a word in Shanghai dialect is described as eating unspeakable struggle forced, this word is "to" r. Do not be hooked on the word, once hung up, then your local social network instantly collapsed. The word may be neutral in other places, but in our big Shanghai is definitely a derogatory term.

On the contrary, if you try hard to go "backwards", then you will be praised as having accent and personality, and you will certainly be praised for your praise. For example, that a large onion oil cake is very responsive to the concept of Shanghai: five o'clock, no matter how many people line up, people do not care about a few of your money. The key is Nirvana must have had a whirlwind, this is the most important.


Young people lack entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable with the status quo and have a great relationship with their predecessors.Shanghai's older generation was institutionalized particularly powerful, resulting in the majority of Shanghai ordinary people abide by the law, accounting for more than one child, do not love to do things, be careful, keep pace, pay attention and family get along well, Plain life. The idea of ​​our generation has become just the standard model staff, but when you can not dare to think, to do a reign of evil boss.

Shanghai family with a little money is not going well. Because Shanghai history legacy personnel have to do with Europe and the United States foreign companies are accustomed to the kind of pressure and atmosphere of work, simply can not accept the start-up Internet-style chicken blood work. The most desirable job must be to keep things closer to home and less money is secondary. The founder of the people network is the champion of Henan science. Allegedly married to the alley after the Shanghai alley began to like the petty bourgeoisie, and later no sound. Foreigners now entering Shanghai also learn Shanghai look for petty bourgeoisie, drink coffee, bubble women, so naturally it is impossible to have entrepreneurial atmosphere.

We have said earlier, live too fine is a luxury thing. Now want to make money in this era must take life and death. Over-conservative thinking and the stability of vested interests make it very hard for Shanghai to have the grass roots desperately to create their own soil. Even if the seedlings are difficult to grow into towering trees, endurance is not enough, and this is what we see today.

Our parents are going to launch this stage of history soon, but are we ready for succession?

a littlepostscript

Without the development of Shanghai, it is impossible for the current Chinese economy to go up to a higher level and Shanghai has the grace to the country. However, it is also true that Shanghai has gradually declined in recent years. As a Shanghai resident, we should not sidestep this issue.

Shanghai did not seize this opportunity for more than a decade, enough to make people sad. Shanghai has less than 10 years of advantages. This huge potential for development of the Internet and the fact that the government has little to say can only be described as an opportunity once in a few decades. Shanghai did not catch it. No high-quality enterprises come out, foreign dividends gone, a large number of high-wage high loss to other cities, and finally the locals can only live the day, got the subway to draw the flag have college students to grab.

The Internet is an extremely young industry that needs special perseverance and adventures. Jingdong has sustained a huge loss, loss to even people who are afraid to see, the rise of millet like a fantasy novel. The trend of the times, no matter you are willing or unwilling, is already the case. In recent years, as part of China's strategic period of opportunity, people's lifestyles and living habits have undergone profound changes. The changes in the next decade have been even more dramatic. If this generation of people in Shanghai do not grasp the future, they will have a terrible future.

& mdash; THE END & mdash;

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