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Baidu and today headlines rip off: Mutual finger each other "black PR"

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January 25 evening news, recently, Baidu and today headlines set off a public relations duel each other each other "black PR".

Origins: User broke the news Baidu set "Doing the first run" 5-month bonus

January 23, an article entitled "Senior Media Ren Renqiang joined Baidu" started the article pointed out that the senior media Ren Ren strong social information update, indicating that it officially joined the Baidu content eco-marketing department. "Because the main work of the content eco-marketing department is to plan the public relations war and crack down on Baidu's biggest competitor in the information flow field. Today's headline is also called by the industry:" Strike Front Office Today. " & rdquo;

The article points out that according to well-known social platforms, the department broke ground by the founder of Baidu, Robin Li's wife Melissa (Ma Dongmin) led the establishment, Baidu public relations director Xiong Yun is directly responsible for PR and GR joint office. & rdquo;


At the same time, financial media people @ Luo Changping broke the news in the Weibo said Baidu has "a beginning to do" because of good performance, year-end awards for 5 months, and attached to discuss friends in "& ldquo; ; Start to do "chatting with the work record" and "Do the best to do" the recent work points. Screenshots show that its theme is "out of control of recent headlines", including vulgar content, revealing privacy, false advertising promotion.


Baidu voice: alluding to the manipulation behind today's headlines

This afternoon, Baidu's public relations WeChat account "Baidu this year's public relations" issued a document "start" to find out? & rdquo; & ldquo; & ldquo; & ldquo; & ldquo; & rdquo; Respond. Baidu euphemistically said that Baidu did not "do it" and did the expression package, "what does it do first, the eco-marketing department was established for half a month. & rdquo; and said "write a whiteboard, forge a chat record, then send a marketing tricks can not see it? & rdquo;

Baidu said that after analysis @ Luo Changping microblogging, was issued shortly after the day was the major marketing number, such as @ At that time I was shocked, @ happy Zhangjiang. In addition, Baidu pointed out that Luo Changping is the initiator and investor of Blue Media, and Blue Media recently released a number of articles suspected of "Black" Baidu, holding "the headlines today".


Baidu specifically referred to the AI ​​Blue Media released "senior media people Ren Qiang joined Baidu" started Baidu "according to Ren Qiang students update to join the resume of Baidu content eco-marketing on pinch that figure he formally joined Start to do. Pointing to a market leader, said that he is doing public relations! & rsquo; & rdquo;

Today's top response: This is the black PR line!

Today evening, today's top blackboard newspaper release, "This is the black PR line! "Article, the article pointed out that the recent period of a lot of online rumors defaming the articles and content of the headlines today, to our users, partners and even some employees cause some trouble. "There are many signs that this is a purposeful and organized" black public relations "act.

Today's headlines said that first, different accounts, the same time the issue of the title, the text or even punctuation are exactly the same article; Second, the rumor turned a blind eye, continue to cite the trumpet broke the rumor spread; third, some slander Attacks and the making of articles that spread the rumors. The sources are unknown and there is no lawsuit. Fourth, contradictory third-party experts. Fifthly, there are two major types of articles published independently from the media. One is sparing no effort to vilify the attack today, Is sparing no efforts to sing praise Baidu; Sixth, veins appeared in anonymous communities "holding kill" as a tactic, implied slogans against the headlines.

For example, on December 23, today's headline has been awarded as "China's highest award for intelligent science and technology" Wu Wenjun Award ". A number of dialectical rumor articles such as "Today's headlines rely on" sponsorships "to get the highest award of artificial intelligence? Lack of values ​​is the Achilles heel, "" sponsored by the highest prize to buy today's headlines really enough "and so on.

For example, a legal expert's remark obviously has no objective and fair comment, the content of the comment violates the objective and fair, and even the inconsistency of the viewpoint. He criticized advertisements related to education in today's top-level products, claiming that it should legislate explicitly on the platform. In Baidu, "hemophilia," and even "events in Wei Zexi" events, many times to justify the platform.

For example, there is a self-media registration after the first article released is "today's headline that the highest award-winning artificial intelligence friends laughed do not hit the face," up to now, a total of 3 articles released, and the other two are to support Baidu prosecution before the high Wang Jin tube.

Today's headlines say appeals to market competition should follow the most basic ethics, crack down on evil forces on the Internet and jointly create a well-rounded online environment.

Behind the saliva: "Hundred-headed war" intensified

Baidu and today's headlines behind the public relations, is the two in the advertising business, especially the information flow advertising business in full swing.

According to iResearch previously released "2017 China Information Flow Advertising Users Insight Report", information flow advertising is still in a rapid development stage, the scale of information flow advertising market is expected to reach 55.7 billion yuan in 2017, accounting for 14.3% of the overall online advertising market, the future Within three years will still maintain the rate of increase of more than 50%.

Earlier today headlines into the information flow advertising business market, according to rumors, 2016 headlines advertising revenue may reach 10 billion yuan at the beginning of that year, Zhang Yiming also said he hoped that advertising information flow business in 2020 can reach 10 billion US dollars.

All along, advertising revenue is the main source of revenue for Baidu. However, the development of its information flow business has been sluggish. It was not until 2016 that Baidu Information Flow was officially launched. However, in 2017, the information flow business is developing rapidly.

Shen Baidu, vice president of Baidu Earlier Baidu World Congress announced: Baidu information flow of more than 600 million live stream, compared with just launched in May last year, daily readings increased 105-fold, short-day average play volume increased 169 times. In the second quarter of 2017, Baidu reported that Baidu had more than 100 million daily users. The third quarterly earnings showed an annual revenue of one billion U.S. dollars (based on quarterly revenue estimates).

With Baidu's strength in information flow business and the advantages accumulated by today's headlines, the two companies will surely continue their escalation in competition this year. (Night cold)

The following is the full text of Baidu PR article:

"Let's start" to find out? This session Baidu PR


Hello, everyone, every missing population to make an excuse to make an excuse really headache, what the password forgotten, was expelled blabla, but believe it or not, every March to see the most want to say only this sentence:

Since frogs have been fired, they have received such reminders in the background:


Fan said this is his mood, we? ? ? OK, fine, this cheap can not be refuted. But think about it too, as a Schrödinger account, not to mention more, when and what kind of postcards (manuscripts) will bring when the return all unknown. Short day, long March, can meet, basic revel. Of course, the premise is that we have not taken the customs

Of course, it is not difficult to summon us to say that, for example, to do something like this.



Wechat to see friends sent these two pictures when the first reaction.


5 months end of the year award? How much is that? How is the least 6,700? Fortune overnight is incredible! So ran to find the boss!


After the meeting he sent a big boss and dialogue.



Did not hold on the spot laughed at the station, the original boss almost letter! The results turned to see the boss is black behind standing, and then is a meal * & amp;% * ¥ #




correct! Fear is not a fan because of love, ah not, because we miss and force us to update engage in something. So began to follow the example ...

First of all, I started to analyze the first episode of @ Luo Changping's Weibo. Well, I was shocked by the major marketing shortly after the day's launch, for example @happy Zhang Jiang reshaped (you know all about it). However, it is a pity that there are not many forwarders or forwarded, which is a budget




Focus came, when I studied Luo Changping teacher found a wonderful thing! The former "Beijing News" core coverage of journalists, in-depth reporting department editor, microblogging V, very coincidentally or well-known media platform "Blue Media" investors and promoters.


And "Blue Media" its public number "AI Blue Media", Qiao no longer clever is a black manuscript cultivation base (do not refute, is not everyone in our hearts have X number), rough statistics There are three light this month, really productive race that Gesha.



This section will simply let the market people will cry, public relations people laughed aloud. AI Blue Media Department Ren Qiang students updated according to join "ldquo; Baidu content eco-marketing" rhyme on pinch means that he & ldquo; formally joined & lquoquo; & rdquo; & rdquo ;. Pointing to a market leader for Baccarat said "he is a PR! "How to say it, culture is a good thing, or much more study ah.


Hit the blackboard here! Content Marketing Department is responsible for the ecological "Baidu app" market work, who's head do not fight!

Speaking of this, really not for everyone here, I mean, we do not listen to the wind is the rain.

As the research progressed, more interesting things happened. Crying chirp "was beaten" party, but was magically favored by this media platform.



Damn it, find here can not help but smile, exposing the general smile of Page's father, this PY deal ......


Glanced at the wall clock, 2 o'clock in the morning. Opened the bottle Fukuna white carry on the roof of the building, overlooking the south side.

Huaqing Jiayuan downstairs 7-11 scan code gun to complete the Durex infrared is the brightest light at the moment Beijing. Shuttle in the streets Takeaway Knight insulation box 氲 all kinds of taste in the fog, hiding the joys and sorrows of the entire era clutch. Carrefour fresh stalls, the legislation by 8 yuan two-dimensional code alone solitary look at this bad world is sinking.

The North Third Ring double Elm East Building that brightly lit five-story building, the whiteboard on his own line of sins, tell an industry confused imitation.


Is thinking, cold shock excitement suddenly think very much afraid of this "would rather poke their own knife, but also tripping their opponents wrestling" really open Zongpai unheard of operation, then turn on the computer in the "Black Baidu 100,000 + tutorial "in mind:


Three o'clock in the morning, Beijing Lengying people, all the way to run very lucky to call the windy car. Just shivering fasten your seat belt, the driver suddenly turned and asked, "Baidu? "After the lens Nishi eyes, and very strong Fujian accent.

& ldquo; & rdquo;

"Baidu PR this session right? & rdquo;

"ah? & rdquo;

"Hey," start to do "to find out? & rdquo;

To be continued.

The following is the headline article full text today:

This black PR line!

Recently, there have been a lot of articles and contents on the internet that have rumored to defame today's headlines, causing some distress to our users, partners and even some employees. There are many signs that this is a purposeful and organized "black public relations." In order to let the public know the truth, we have summarized the following facts:

1, different accounts, the same time published the title, the text or even punctuation are exactly the same "original" article

December 23, today's headline has been hailed as "China's highest award for intelligent science and technology" Wu Wenjun Award ".

A number of dialectical rumor articles such as "Today's headlines rely on" sponsorships "to get the highest award of artificial intelligence? Lack of values ​​is the Achilles heel "," sponsored by the highest prize to buy today really enough head "and so on, to spread rumors directly. At the same time, these articles were published on a number of self-media platforms, such as "Top Prize by Sponsorship. Today's Top News is Really Enough." At the same time, it was praised by science and technology king, science and technology, the frontier of science and technology, Home since the media platform released.

The same tactics also appeared in the article entitled "Zhang Yiming Disappeared in Wuzhen Podium." The article uses the Spring and Autumn Annotation to conduct direct rumors and slanders to the company and Zhang Yiming, with ulterior motives.

This "original" articles, "from the cutting-edge technology Star", "science and technology that life", "Xin Xin Technology", "venture partners of the law of survival", "entrepreneurial hot "Internet chat every day" and other media numbers released at the same time, not only the title, even the punctuation are exactly the same.

Similar operation of the manuscript as well as "pornography, theft of privacy, fake advertising today, the beginning of the first three pit pitched it? "," Parents do not just want to open today's headline advertised minutes minutes cheated, "" fake ads rampant? Today, the first seven sins a ruthless than a! "and many more.

2, the rumor behind the blind, continue to quote the rumors of the proliferation of trumpet

Last December, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee filed a lawsuit against Baidu for stealing user privacy by illegally stealing user privacy. Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission also informed the public about the circumstances of the case. At the same time, there were a large number of newly registered Water Bulls and V-makers on the Internet, creating rumors on different platforms that "the headlines today steal user privacy through microphones" and sparked the concern of relevant departments.

Today's headlines have repeatedly stated that we respect user privacy, and have never used user privacy without user consent. We welcome authoritative third-party agencies to investigate.

These self-media numbers and informal news sites turned a blind eye to our rumor, but at the same time, a microblogging trumpet broke the news as a source, continued to publish, "Today's headline was stolen to steal user data everything is for profit? "," Headlines today, the total headlines, headlines today, listen to the storm, "" horrible! Today's headlines with a microphone to steal user privacy? Many false articles.

3, Some Slander Attacks and Articles Spreading Rumors Source: Unknown, Litigation

Such as malicious slander article "Today's head start the year" triple even pit ", you trick it? ", In the flying elephants, electric car network, South Enterprise News, China's home network and other Web site release, which is full of rumors and slander, but want to litigation can not find the goal, because the manuscript sources are" network ".

Another similar article is "The First Internet Company to Make Wicked Use of Artificial Intelligence: Today's Headlines! ", The same source unknown, published in the Huaxun Finance, the site has deposited a large number of such" unknown source "of the manuscript, as one of the sources of rumors release manuscript.

Released a "fake ad rampant? Today's headlines "Seven Sin" r & a more than a ruthless! "From the media account" New Technology Analysis ", only released this article, it has never been operated, it can not find the same contact.

4, contradictory third-party experts

If a legal expert's speech obviously has the objective and impartiality, the legal expert has interviewed by many media such as CCTV and the Daily Economic News successively, the content of the commentary is contrary to the objective and fairness, and even inconsistencies in opinions.

For example, the legal expert criticized advertisements involving educational products on our products and claimed that they should legislate explicitly on the platform. In Baidu, "hemophilia," and even "events in Wei Zexi" events, many times to justify the platform. As in the "Baidu to promote legal nature in the end should be how to identify", saying "Baidu is not the main appointment, out of the question Baidu responsibility is not big", "Wei Zexi incident from the responsibility point of view, the audit element is Is the top three qualifications, the specific department is contracting, as a platform is difficult "and other remarks. In Wei Zexi incident: who is the real "Qing Qing" article, the legal experts said that Baidu is not an advertiser, but the network platform, the ultimate responsible person should be advertisers.

Recently in Baidu and its former executives Wang Jin dispute case, the fact has not been found, and there is no verdict, the legal experts directly made speech that: "Wang Jin team actually violated Baidu's core business secrets, from the law And reason must be condemned.

Today's headlines welcome the community's supervision and criticism, and accordingly continue to improve product services. Public figures and experts should also be impartial in commenting, which should be the responsibility and obligation of public figures.

5, the individual mainly from the media number released two types of articles, one is to spare no effort to denigrate attack headlines today, one is to spare no effort to sing praise Baidu

Since the media number "IT science and technology know" registered after the first article is "today's headline that the highest award-winning artificial intelligence friends laughed do not hit the face," up to now, a total of 3 articles released, and the other 2 Is to support Wang Jin, former chief executive of Baidu prosecution.

In addition, the account is "earth demon" science and technology "MAO" scientific "FAN" three accounts, there are similar situations (as shown below)


6, veins appeared in anonymous communities "holding kill" as a tactic, implied denigrate the headlines.

Such as "headlines to buy", "can not go headlines, headlines can only Baidu Division". As long as the keywords "headlines", the navy will be crazy to reply, we can test it. Even specifically designed political attack type content, such as the release of "social system is not good, headline regulation too much, otherwise the headlines have long been relying on technology to unify the world" and so on.


We have put together some of the recent cases of being attacked by the Black PR and made it shocking to announce it. We call for competition in the market to follow the most basic ethical standards, combat the evil forces on the Internet and jointly create a well-rounded online environment.


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