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iPhone X really stop production? Apple may be in the arm to save themselves

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This week, foreign media exposed a surprising news that Apple's pricing up to $ 1,000 to the new flagship iPhone X sales caused a huge obstacle, the sales began to show a downturn, Taiwan suppliers Even ready to stop production in February this model discontinued.

JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang said in a note that iPhone X production is expected to decline 50% from the previous quarter's due to more signs of weaker iPhone X orders, surpassing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Decline. Nassi - often said that iPhone X sales peaked "earlier than expected", iPhone X upstream component production is expected to stop in May.

At the same time, well-known Apple analyst Guo Mingchi also said in a report, according to the latest industry chain, due to the iPhone X market is not good, resulting in a drastic reduction in product orders. He also said that Apple may choose to drop iPhone X directly after the release of the latest iPhone in the fall of 18, a clear difference from the rhythm that took two or three years to get rid of an iPhone before, and will make the first iPhone X a The longest life expectancy of Apple's flagship phone.

Sales are not satisfactory


As we all know, as the company launched the tenth anniversary of the iPhone series works, Apple originally tried to iPhone iPhone X flagship will be the flagship from the high-end segment to push a new high. At the same time, it will substantially boost the average selling price of the iPhone and enhance the overall profitability of the iPhone.

But those who are struggling are willing, even if 2017 is Apple's super-cycle year, and iPhone X as the tenth anniversary of the much-anticipated global market, the sales of iPhone X did not continue the initial hot situation, but instead Out of stamina situation. In the meantime, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus camps have largely been watched by consumers due to the more affordable prices of the iPhone 8 series and their continued price cuts in the past period, resulting in a price / performance surge.

Market research firm Canalys forecast data show that Apple in the fourth quarter of 2017 in the global market sold a total of 29 million iPhone X, while Chinese consumers contributed 700 million, which means that nearly a quarter of the iPhone X Are sold in the country.

In the United States, Apple's native market, iPhone X accounted for only 20% of the total iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of last year, which is far behind the performance of the iPhone 7 in the same period, while iPhone 8 accounted for 24% and iPhone 8 Plus 17%.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners also announced the fourth quarter of the iPhone 7 Series in the U.S. market. Data show that in the fourth quarter of 2016 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus iPhone sales in the United States reached 72%, of which any one of the proportion of more than 30%.

This means that the iPhone X4 in the fourth quarter of last year the total sales of the iPhone in the United States market, with the same period in 2016 compared to the iPhone 7 is not a small gap.

Too expensive or bastard too?


It can be seen that consumers are still quite sensitive to the price of the iPhone. iPhone X future sales trend of how the current temporarily inconclusive, but it is certain that the price of iPhone X into the ultra-high-end market from the high-end market, may be Apple's consumer purchasing power and demand of a miscarriage of justice.

Earlier Cook talked about the price of the iPhone X, saying "it's just a cup of coffee money a day." However, consumers do not have this kind of thinking because coffee is just a necessity for a coffee-lover, and iPhone X is not. From the replacement needs and time window, people's replacement cycle is getting longer. According to research firm Counterpoint data, China's mobile phone users averaging 22 months replacement cycle, replacement cycle in the global market is 21 months, which is bound to suppress the sales of new aircraft on the other hand.

And data show that in China, Japan, India and other Asia-Pacific markets, iPhone X actual retail price of nearly 1300 US dollars. For China and India, the world's two largest smartphone markets, the $ 1,300 price clearly exceeds the price acceptance of many users for a new handset.

Although the iPhone X compared to the original mark on the iPhone 6/7 has been a substantial upgrade, but the iPhone X in the Chinese market's performance and influence is worse, the culprit may be the most proud of Apple The "Qi Liuhai" design.

Sources pointed out that iPhone X weakness in the Chinese market not only because of its high price, but also because it looks not easy enough. Many consumers would rather choose the screen is about the same size, but the body was significantly larger circle of iPhone 8 Plus, do not want to choose Qi Liuhai iPhone X, because of "Qi Liuhai" design is ugly.

So, Apple's Chinese market demand really weak state? We may be able to get a glimpse of some data.

According to the keyword "Apple conference", relevant Baidu search index shows that the highest peak in recent years appears in 2015, and the peak in 2017 is even higher than that of 2016 Year is still low. Then search the annual release of Apple's mobile phone model-related index, the highest peak appeared in 2014, this year released the iPhone 6, the peak reached 850,000 as much.

But by 2017, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X search index has declined. In particular, iPhone X, its correlation index was only 260,000.

X series of future prospects


From the current news, Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone X-based machines next year: the 5.8-inch OLED version, the 6.5-inch OLED version (iPhone X Plus) and a version called 6.1 Inch LCD version of the iPhone X.

According to Taiwanese analyst Guo Mingchi, the cheap 6.1-inch iPhone X retains iPhone X's features and key features over the current version, but will give up some unnecessary parts and features to control costs and drastically reduce sales price. According to legend, the future price of the iPhone X version of the price cuts may even be reduced to about half of iPhone X now.

The latest breaking news shows that the cheap version of the iPhone X is equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, continue to retain Apple's signature "Qi Liuhai" shaped full screen design, the price is between 700-800 dollars. In other words, this model in the country the cheapest price may be 4,500 yuan, and non-full-screen series iPhone price almost the same.

In addition, the back-end camera on the cheap iPhone X is a single camera, and the back is made of metal (aluminum frame design), there is no wireless charging and 3D Touch function, still using stacked motherboard design and L-type battery, memory Upgrade to 3GB, while the new generation of flagship iPhone X, X Plus will be upgraded to 4GB of memory.

Guo Mingchi also pointed out that this cheap 6.1-inch iPhone X development progress later than the new generation of the flagship iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. As for the latter two, we are almost certain that the price of the iPhone X Plus will continue to exceed the horizon of RMB10,000. However, many black technology that it supports may also make consumers feel the value of fares.

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