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BBC: China and the United States staged AI hegemony "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" China overtook to bend

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Media Coverage January 27 reported that the British media said that around the AI, China and the United States are glued to race competition, and China and the United States in science and technology, business and industryfinancialThe interaction will produce what kind of result is also cause for concern.

China: Bending overtaking?

The BBC website reported on January 26 "Artificial Intelligence: Staged in Britain, China and the United States." According to the report, the data show that from 2012 to the present, there are 1354 enterprises in the Chinese AI field with a total investment of 1448 In 2017, the total investment in AI exceeded 62.2 billion yuan, a hundredfold increase from 600 million yuan in 2012.

Reported that the Chinese media cheer AI to provide China with the "corner overtaking" or even "lane change overtaking" opportunities to avoid the development of "middle-income countries trap".

The Chinese government regards artificial intelligence as the main driving force for industrial upgrading and economic restructuring. Its policy on AI technology is to encourage, support and promote the development of the AI ​​industry in China from the second half of 2017. Last July, the State Council of China formulated the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" with a clear objective: the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence will be synchronized with the advanced world standards in 2020, a major breakthrough will be made in the artificial intelligence theory in 2025 and the major artificial intelligence in the world by 2030 Innovation Center. A week ago, China published the "White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Standardization," the Chinese media called 2017 "AI Year," and 2018 was a key year for AI to fly from academia to industry and popularize applications.

Another set of data from one side of the evidence of China's application of AI technology in the fight for the status of the world: AI-related industries soaring wages, one estimate that the past three years doubled. According to science and technology recruitment website 100offer.com statistics, the current AI industry in China, college graduates starting salary of 300,000 -600,000 yuan per year, three or five years experience of the team leader annual salary up to 1.5 million yuan.

United States: No longer the champion

Reported that China's economy published an artificial intelligence industry online roadmap shows that China's strength in artificial intelligence technology is still fundamentally weaker than the United States, especially the chip part, most of the start-ups, and the United States more by the chip industryIntel, NVIDIA and other large companies. In the basic technical framework,Google,Microsoft,AmazonSuch giants and ChinaBaidu,Tencent,Alibaba, The strength gap is self-evident. In terms of technical aspects, machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and computer vision, Chinese enterprises have surpassed their counterparts in the United States, especially AI applications, and showed an explosion last year mainly in security, finance, healthcare, education and retail , Robotics and smart driving industries.

In December last year, the European think-tank Eurasia Group and the venture capital fund Sinovation published a joint survey entitled "China's AI Revolution: Understanding the Structural Advantages of Beijing," arguing that China and the United States are contending for world hegemony in the AI ​​field.

The report argues that the ongoing overhaul of the AI ​​overlordism between China and the United States is a two-way one, making science and technology a major source of trade friction between China and the United States. The United States is still ahead of China in terms of cutting-edge hardware and talent, while China's Internet users surpass the sum of Europe and the United States, providing great fuel for artificial intelligence innovation.

The report said that rough look at China is narrowing the gap with the United States, but a careful analysis, we can find that this is not a winner-take-all contest, at different levels are grafting, hybridization, blend process. AI is the future, and the future is full of unpredictability.

Britain: China needs cooperation

The report also pointed out that Britain is the first country in the world to prepare for the introduction of AI technology to assist government affairs. The British government will set up a new advisory center for data ethics and innovation. It will coordinate with other countries in the world and is ready to join the AI ​​Council in Davos. British Prime Minister Theresa May midwife announced on January 25 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that Britain should become the world leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

So, Britain is ready to lead the world of artificial intelligence industry? After all, the United States and China have invested tens of billions in the AI ​​industry, leaving Britain ashamed.

The BBC science and technology correspondent Seth-Jones said Prime Minister Mayor Brevard did not brag in Davos, and many of the world's top experts in artificial intelligence are in London and Cambridge. Such as Google's Alexa is developed in the United Kingdom, as well as beat the world champion chess robot "Alpha GO" also born in the United Kingdom. But the problem is that these scientists work for tech giants such as Amazon and Google, and the government has not done much in R & D and application, and the protection of AI assets is poor. In his opinion, what is most worrying is that China triumphs on the AI ​​path while Britain is still embarrassed by the ethical impact brought by the AI ​​technology and other related issues.

A week later, Teresa & middot; Mei will lead a British economic and trade delegation to China to visit Beijing and Shanghai to launch a "historic visit". Whether this visit to China by the Prime Minister will make a breakthrough in the cooperation in the AI ​​field will be seen by people.

Reported that Britain's "post-EU" era roadmap, China's status as a trading partner is very important.

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