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2017 CPU Annual Review: Both AMD and Intel have made a great deal of relief

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The story begins in March 2017

This year's biggest credit is AMD Rui Long: In fact, from 2015, AMD has been in a variety of public, semi-open or pretend unprivileged to publish "Zen", of course, are limited to the PPT, This means that it has been giving momentum.

Therefore, the voice of the industry has always been very high. It is not too much to say "what to expect". Finally, in the first quarter of 2017, AMD officially launched the physical "Zen" processor and gave it a new name, "Ryzen." It also gave China a very domineering name, Rui Long.

First listed in March of course, is the flagship model Ryzen 7 1800X, in fact, is Intel's second-generation Core Duo market after the start, AMD chose a modular bulldozer architecture, making the CPU's overall performance has been up, and even Getting weaker and weaker, so since then Intel has dominated the field of high-end CPU (Note: please do not take the wonderful products like FX9590 to refute).

The arrival of the Ryzen 7 1800X is an epoch-making start for AMD. The single-core performance is finally catching up with Intel. Multi-core performance is directly hitting the then-seventh-generation Core i7-7700K because of its core count and SMT hyper-threading blessing Far stronger than many of the more high-end Extreme Class (EXTREME) Core, superb style ah.

Since it was severely crushed, of course, Intel can not wait to die, though for many years has been to squeeze toothpaste attitude to each generation to upgrade, but after all, is one of the universe's top semiconductor companies, more or less in the laboratory Less or will stay alone to cope with AMD suddenly raised the cards, so hurriedly put eight generations of Core put on the agenda, announced eight generations of Core is coming soon. (Additional knowledge: In the past, Intel basically updated their Core CPUs on an average of 1.5 years on average, but the seventh generation Core Duo was released in January 2017 and the eighth generation Core Duo is released immediately in October)

But before the eight-generation Core Duo formally came out, AMD's new products are still listed one after another, high-performance products punch hit Intel's face. In April, AMD immediately followed the launch of the Ryzen 5 series, including the 1600X, 1600, 1500, 1400 and so on. The all-Zenith Ryzen 7 1800X shielded core made it very difficult to design and the crystal Round good rate has also been guaranteed.

At that time, Ryzen 5 1600X, 6 nuclear 12 threads as long as 1999 yuan, multi-threading performance and far in the i7-7700K above, we need to know at that time Intel 6-core 12-thread CPUs have nearly 3,000 dollars, and with the X99 motherboard far More expensive than AMD's Z370, AMD once again pulled down the cost of multi-core CPU usage, and gradually, shipping share began to improve, a good product will be recognized by the market.

Quad-core eight-thread universal: Xeon E3 completely down the altar

The quad-core eight-thread this noble symbol of the only high i7 to have the core, and later E3v2, E3v3 also dressed in a halo of small i7 fire, which reflects the players desire for multi-core multi-threaded, they therefore have been High prices, E3v3 even after two or three years also rose tens of dollars, is justifiable?

With the arrival of the quad-core, eight-thread Ryzen 5 1400, the exclusive experience of the E3 is no longer unique to itself. The Ryzen 5 1400 comes in for a thousand dollars, with a new, cheaper and native USB 3.1, PCIe 3.0 channel B350 motherboard, and even overclocking, who also bought that break E3 ah!

So the meaning of Ryzen 5 1400 is the gradual popularization of multi-core multi-threaded open, and civilians can buy boxed, native, reliable, cheap quad-core eight-thread products, and it until today or Rui Long in the e-commerce platform The highest sales model. As for the next lower Ryzen 3 will not elaborate, but also a good thing, but also directly forcing Intel to upgrade i3 from dual-core four-thread to eight-generation quad-core four-thread.

Hastily released Core i9 processor

In view of the release of the Rui Long 1800X in March directly to the Intel sub-flagship i7-6850K or even 6900K, so Intel also had to come up with new moves to deal with - Core i9.

This is also Intel's first release over the i7 new series, the first listing in July is i9-7900X, 10 nuclear 20 thread it is still enough strength to kill the 8-core 16-thread Ryzen 7 1800X, however, The pricing of more than 7,000 dollars so that the core of those extra and not much attractive.

Although the table there are a lot of more high-end Core i9 brother, but in fact it is a long time before the market, maybe because Intel did not expect this wave of AMD will be so swift and powerful, the laboratory stuff Mass production or take some time to make the production line to fit.

AMD aspirates ThreadRipper, a top-notch thread-breaker

Less than a month after the release of Intel's i9-7900X, the AMD ThreadRipper 1950X hit yet again in August and saw what it felt like at the time. That is too awesome, as long as more than 8000 dollars, 16 nuclear 32 threads, the frequency of play stable, low temperature fever, with the price there is no opponent.

With four Ryzen 7 cores encapsulated in a single SOC, the process of designing a tearing of the threads allows the yield of the product to be increased and the cost to be significantly reduced (that is, a larger area), directly crushed the price close i9-7900X, and this is AMD's first time in the history of Intel's top ultra-core products, that allows us to feel the vitality of the AMD back.

18 nuclear 36 threads i9-7980XE released on the PPT for a long time ...

Although in June Intel announced the new i9 family, however, the top i9-7980XE was delayed in kind, until only a few samples were sent to China.

2017 new AMD U Summary:

From the 4-core mainstream Ryzen 3 to the ashes of 16-core 32-thread tearing, AMD released and distributed all of them in half a year, 700 yuan ~ 8500 yuan price has been covered by Rui Long, and Motherboard price is real, from B350 to X399, really let the players get the benefits.

Fully upgraded eight generations of Core rushed to save the yard

The eight generations of heavy duty core in our National Day holiday in early October advent, i7-8700K was upgraded to 6 nuclear 12 threads, i5-8600K also upgraded to 6 nuclear 6 threads, to know that this has not changed since the second generation Core Duo The number of core, abruptly hold to the eighth generation began to have a real upgrade, the old DIY players simply vertical and horizontal ah, we can see the "competition" in the business world, the importance of AMD if AMD has not been able to threaten the emergence of the product If this tube toothpaste do not know what year will be squeezed into.

However, Intel's pricing strategy is also clever, although I squeezed you a big tube of toothpaste, but the price has to be increased accordingly - i7 rose from the previous 2700 yuan directly to 3,399 yuan, while the i5-8600K up 2299 yuan, this "upgrade" was once cast aside by players, upgrade and price increases, which does not rise with any difference?

Eighth generation i3 also fully upgraded to 4 nuclear products

The starting i3 also has two, namely, i3-8100 and i3-8350K, but the price is still God, the starting price can be overclocked i3-8350K mentioned 1,500 yuan more than the previous generations of i5 a lot more expensive. Thousands buy a i3 is what kind of experience? To put it plainly is a i5-7600K slightly.

A very important 300 series motherboard, eight generations of Core Duo has been criticized for a reason that is not compatible with the previous generation motherboard (although we are all LGA1151 interface) (a variety of write microcode, buy the machine write BIOS is not in the discussion, with this ability People less than one in 100,000 on Earth), and there is no mainstream class chipset, only a Z370, which means that if you just want to buy an i3, you must be equipped with a pricey Z370. I3 makes the use of the cost has risen a large fraction of AMD almost conscience too much.

So, this eight-generation Core Duo strategy is simply a pit, although i3, i5, i7 have been the core number of enhancements, but the price also rose no small margin, the motherboard can only choose Z370, how can you let everyone Love you?

Top Core i9 to save the ground: Intel summit peak performance again

At the beginning of November, the Core i9-7980XE only appeared in small quantities one after another. In fact, it took only six months to release the PPT. It can also be seen that the technical reserve of Intel is still in place in less than a few months Of the time to make this performance monster from mass production and the market, this is a high-tech thing, the price is not good that is another level of things.

By virtue of its core size of 18 cores and 36 threads, and the core architecture that already had a single-core advantage, the i9-7980XE beat the ThreadRipper 1950X by surprise (about 9% or so), but the price of the 7980XE was almost 1950X Double ... As for the performance value of 9% is not worth pursuing, depends on your faith in Intel is not enough high enough.

Second-generation Rui Long and ninth-generation Core Duo already on the road

AMD Supra Footwear for many years Biezhao Fen struggling, Intel in a hurry, is not found in 2017 is the past 10 years in the field of CPU CPU new products, new architecture, the most numerous new technology year, but also AMD and Intel can re-positive For the very last year, this is definitely a delightful thing to consumers, whether you are A powder or I powder.

However, the good show is still behind AMD has announced that based on the 12-nanometer second-generation Rui Long will be released in April 2018, mainly in the original "Zen" architecture to optimize and improve single-core frequency and single-core performance, The overall performance improvement will be considerable.

The APU based on Ryzen and Vega technology will also be officially listed before the New Year, its nuclear will not have a qualitative leap? Entry-level independence alone is it right? Wait for a good show. According to foreign media broke the news, Intel's next-generation Core upgrade may be more thorough, i3 and i5 are directly upgraded with Hyper-Threading, i7-9700K or even upgrade to eight core and has 20MB three slow, I ask you afraid of !

In other words, 2018 CPU core battle, the performance battle will continue, AMD second-generation Rui Long, Intel ninth generation Core Duo, will give us more surprises and more powerful performance, of course, the price dropped substantially On the impossible, and the reason we will discuss slowly next time. And in 2017 all this performance continues to rise credit, I think all should give AMD a hit, give AMD a burst of applause.

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