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Baidu and today's headline start a formal war

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The Baidu is rubbing with the headlines today.

Last night (January 29th),A headline announced today that the headline will be prosecuted for Baidu todayBecause of its use of monopoly advantage

Headlines today, recently received reports from users, Baidu search

Today (January 30th),In response to today's headlines,Denied the allegations and said a series of recent voices in today's headlines came from

(引进对象或事物的关系者) to

At the same time, Baidu's side also made headlines today from time to time.

From the response of the two sides, we are still familiar with the plot, the same routine.


This is not the first time today's headlines and Baidu have made a move. A few days ago, both sides

According to media reports, Baidu has set up an ecological marketing department within Baidu, which is headed directly by Xiong Yun, Baidu's public relations director, and reports indirectly to Ma Dongmin, special assistant to the chairman of Baidu. Is the integration of internal public relations, government relations resources, hit Baidu in the field of information flow of the largest competitor headlines today, internal code:

Of course, what further ferment this matter is that in the screenshots posted by media person Luo Changping and personal Weibo, due to good work performance,



In the first time, Baidu denied it and alleged that the news was a malicious accusation. It implies the manipulation of the headlines today.

Baidu's PR WeChat account

According to Baidu, Weibo, who was analyzed by @ Luo Changping, was soon released by various marketing numbers, such as @ I was shocked by the happy Zhang Jiang at that time. In addition, Baidu pointed out. Luo Changping is the initiator and investor of Blue Media Exchange, which recently released several suspected articles.

To this, the headline retaliate today, this session of the black public relations is very good.

Today's headlines were released by WeChat Official account last night. The article points out that recently, there have been a lot of rumors on the Internet to slander the headlines of today's articles and content, causing a certain amount of trouble to our users, partners and even some employees.

6 facts are listed in the paper.

1. Different accounts, titles, text, and punctuation are identical at the same time

2, refute the rumor and not see, continue to quote the trumpet spread rumor

3, a number of slandered attacks and the creation of rumors of scattered rumors, the source is unknown, the lawsuit is no door.

4, third party experts who contradict before and after

5, individual media number mainly issued two categories of articles, one kind is the spared slanders to attack the headlines today, the other is to spare no effort to praise the Baidu

6, MaiMai Anonymous Community emerged with

Today's headlines say it's purposeful, organized.

Behind the war of public relations is the contention of the information stream advertising business

Behind the war of public relations with the headlines of today, Baidu is a full-scale war between the tycoons in advertising business, especially the information stream advertising business.

According to iResearch released earlier in 2017 "Chinese information flow advertising user insight report", information flow advertising is still in a stage of rapid development, is expected in 2017 the information flow advertising market reached 55 billion 700 million yuan, accounting for 14.3% of the overall Internet advertising market, the next three years will remain above 50% growth rate.

As a new giant under Baidu's eyelids, the headline has already entered the information stream advertising market. The growth of today's headline advertising revenue can see the speed of information flow. Today's headlines will achieve 6 billion annual target in the first 10 months of 2016. According to one financial technology report, the advertising revenue target of today's headlines is 15 billion yuan in 2017, 300-500 yuan in 2018, and 10 billion dollars in 2020.

This is no doubt a knife for Baidu's chest, and it is important to know that advertising revenue has been the main source of Baidu's income. But the development of information flow business is slow to enter the Bureau, until 2016, the official launch of the Baidu information flow, but the development trend has been better. According to Baidu's 2017 Q2 data, the advertising revenue of information flows increased from 10 million to 30 million a day from Q1 to Q2, and a 300% increase.

Baidu Shenyang, vice president of Shenyang, announced in 2017 Baidu World Conference: Baidu's information flow month live more than 600 million, compared with the launch last May, the daily average reading increased by 105 times, and the short video average daily playback increased by 169 times. In the 22 quarter of 2017, Baidu reported that Baidu has more than 100 million users who live on information flow, and the third quarter financial report shows that the quarterly revenue of information flow reaches US $1 billion, which is estimated according to quarterly income.

Although Baidu is vigorously promoting its All in AI's determination and showing the Apollo plan of the driverless car, Baidu's advertising business is still the biggest support for Baidu. In the future, Baidu will cling to the cash cow.

Coincidentally, today's headlines aren't just about Baidu.

Obviously, today's headline is also to protect its own user traffic and not let it go out. It seems, between these giants are running out of time and flow into the intensive phase.

With the strength of Baidu's information flow business and the advantage that the headline has accumulated today, it is foreseeable that the two competition will continue to escalate this year. One is a giant, one is new, and it is doomed to have a big play in 2018.

This paper is composed of titanium media editor review of self financing in finance, science and technology Tencent ZTalk@ Qinglong old thief.

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