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Today's headlines and Baidu war: competing for information flow advertising who is anxious

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Reporter yesterday using Baidu search today's headlines show the search results.

Baidu today claimed the first head, saying that its use of monopoly advantages "unfair competition"; Baidu denied; analysis that the core issue of both sides is the entrance dispute

January 29 evening, the headlines today issued a statement saying that today's headlines will be sued Baidu because of its use of monopoly advantages of "unfair competition" behavior. Yesterday, Haidian District People's Court formally accepted the case. Baidu denied the allegations and said that the recent series of voices in the headlines today originated from anxieties about the development of the plight.

Beijing News reporter Ma Jing Chen Weicheng

Today's headlines: the six evidence has been notarized

Today's headlines pointed out in the statement, received a user report, in Baidu search "today's headlines", the first search results, is from the informal source (Baidu's self-media platform "Baccarat") In mid-December 2017 release of "old news" (today headlines are required rectification article). Sorting the second search results, is "the headlines today's official website", but with a red letter marked a warning: "Reminder: The page may not be able to access due to unstable service".

Today's headlines said that the use of third-party online sites and Web site testing provided by Baidu, all show that today's headlines without any unsafe and unstable conditions. Today's headline that the red warning given by Baidu search results is a rumor.

Today, the headlines put forward six major evidences, and all have been notarized by the Notary Office.

Reporter yesterday using Baidu mobile browser search "Today's headlines", the number one brand is today's headlines advertising, followed by the source of the No. 100 headlines on today's illegal rectification articles. Ranked third in today's headlines official website, but reporters did not see the warnings marked by red words.

Baidu: Search results ranking and a number of factors

Baidu said Baidu's natural search results, and user needs, relevance, timeliness, the user's click behavior and a series of related factors. Today's headlines this accusation as "old news" of this search results, and today's headlines due to content vulgar sanctions corrections related to the social hot spots are closely related, but also with the user to find a variety of information APP requirements fit, Therefore, the arrangement is not surprising.

In addition, Baidu think Baidu search results announced today headlines screen, deliberately by pulling the page way, hidden "today's headlines" part of the brand zone, and this part of the search results occupy almost the entire screen area of ​​the first screen, completely To meet the user search and download today's headline product demand, today's headlines so-called Baidu "unfair competition" clearly deliberately avoided this fact.

Baidu believes that today's headlines official announcement intentionally fabricated "Baidu technicians, in particular the search and AI loss of skilled technical staff," and other untrue statements, has caused harm to Baidu's goodwill. For today's malicious malicious rumors, Baidu reserves the right to legal action.

Lawyer: The key is to see if technology affects search results

Ningxia Chengzuo Law Firm told reporters that the newly revised "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" clearly increased the use of the network operators engaged in production and business activities shall not use technical means, by affecting the user choice or other ways to implement obstruction, destruction Other operators legitimate business activities of the network products or services. "The key factor is to see today's headlines in Baidu search engine search results are Baidu companies using technical means, by influencing or deliberately lead to today's headline search results are negative, or did not use technical means or other methods to deliberately Affect search results. If Baidu Company does not exist the use of technical means, by influencing or intentional, such as obstruction, damage to the headlines and other legitimate business operators to provide network products or services normal behavior, unfair competition behavior can not be established, otherwise, constitutes an improper The act of competition shall bear the responsibility of immediately stopping unfair competition, eliminating the influence, apologizing and compensating for damages according to law. & rdquo;

Chang Sha, a lawyer in Beijing's Beijing law firm, said that the chief basis for today's lawsuit against Baidu is "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" Article 8: The operator shall not judge the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation, Honor, etc. for false or misleading commercial propaganda, deceptive, misleading consumers. Operators shall not help other operators carry out false or misleading business propaganda by organizing false trade and other means. Therefore, if the headline complaint today is true, Baidu's malicious existence shows that the headline instability today may be deemed unfair competition. However, if Baidu is only targeting the current instability of the Internet in the headlines today and adding this reminder below, there is no subjective malice that may not constitute unfair competition. The specific circumstances and whether Baidu constitutes unfair competition, to bring the loss of today's head only available information can not be concluded, need to see the information provided by the two sides next.

Extend 1

Behind the scenes: the duopoly of information advertising ads

The "2017 China Information Flow Advertising User Insight Report" released by iResearch shows that the information flow advertising is still in a rapid development stage. It is estimated that the information flow advertising market will reach 55.7 billion yuan in 2017, accounting for 14.3% of the total online advertising market. The next three During the year, it will maintain a growth rate of over 50%.

All along, ad marketing is an important source of income for Baidu. Today's headlines and the advent of information flow patterns have dispersed advertising revenue that originally belonged to Baidu. According to relevant media reports, today's headline 2018 advertising revenue goal is "red 50 billion yuan, Paul 30 billion".

Baidu in the fourth quarter of 2016 on-line information flow business. In November 2017, Baidu Shen Baizhu, vice president of Baidu announced at the Baidu World Congress: Baidu information flow of more than 600 million monthly living, compared to just launched in May 2016, the average daily reading increased 105 times, short video daily play Increase 169 times. Baidu 2017 second quarter earnings report, Baidu information flow daily living more than 100 million users; third quarter earnings report, quarterly information flow revenue reached 1 billion US dollars (in accordance with quarterly revenue estimates of annual revenue).

Not long ago, Robin Li at the Innovation Conference of Geek Park, said he had never said "All in AI", he said there should be room for, I do not want everyone to think that "Baidu all the resources to do unmanned vehicles, degree Mystery, in fact, not, most of our resources may still be in Baidu search, Baidu's information flow (relatively more core business) & rdquo ;.

Although Baidu's information flow business is relatively late, its foundation in the search field has formed a trend that keeps pace with today's headlines. Data company QuestMobile released 2017 data report pointed out that Baidu's information flow and today's duopoly structure of the competition further clear. From 2016 to 2017, the scale of overlapping users of mobile Baidu and today's headlines has increased from 7847 (million) to 9189 (million), and the coincidence rate has reached 16.9%. The information duopoly structure has been formed. (Ma Jing)

Extend 2

Who is anxious? Baidu's entrance and today's headlines

The friction between headlines today and Baidu stems from the competition for informational advertising, and today the headlines have, to a certain extent, divided up Baidu's share. In addition, Li also care about the "content distribution", in the face of headlines today headlines, watermelon video, Wukong Q u0026 A variety of products, Baidu also introduced the 100th, good-looking video and other products on the subject.

"Since media aggregation is the life of today's headlines and also an important support for Baidu's content, Baidu does both content and search and conflicts arise as search power declines, as Baidu search quality declines, and emphasis is placed on self-produced content. "Independent Internet analyst Fu Liang said.

"In the past, search engines were the most important entrance to the Internet. Now the content distribution platform is one of the important entrances to the Internet. Baidu and today's headlines occupy an important position in both times. The entrance has undergone enormous changes. This unfair competition is only a pretext. The core issue is still the entrance dispute. Who mastered the Internet entrance to the future. "Ding Tao, a veteran internet watcher, thinks.

From the PC era to the mobile era, traffic has changed, and it is indeed Baidu's anxiety to regain the core of the traffic portal. As for today's headlines, due to some vulgar content and other issues, many times since 2017 have been remediation, where to go is worth today's head thinking.

Faced with increasingly fierce competition in the industry, today's Baidu grasping mobile search and artificial intelligence; content distribution headlines today has made industry-leading. But whether it is Baidu or today's headlines still need to face a problem, is the user's privacy. January 11, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Information and Communication Authority interviewed Baidu, Alipay, headlines today, that all three companies have the user personal information collection and use of rules, the use of purpose to inform the inadequate, requiring three companies in full To protect the user's right to know and the right to choose the principle of immediate rectification. This may be a more public concern. (Chen Weicheng)

Extend 3

Today's headlines and Baidu friction: start to do? Black PR?

In early 2017, Robin Li in Baidu's internal mail "content distribution" in the first place, focusing on the information flow, when the external analysis of this move is for today's headlines. "Welcome a new era, we should lay every war, battle and fight. "In the speech of Li Yanhong will be full year, Baidu and today's headlines began a contest.

On January 23, 2018, media person Luo Changping released personal Weibo, saying that Baidu's "start-up" (cracking down on the head office of today) recently focused on the vulgar content of today's headlines, disclosing privacy and advertising falsely. . As a result of good performance, "to start with" also won the 5-year bonus award. This message immediately led to hot discussion.

"Content Ecology Marketing Department is responsible for Baidu's APP market, who's head do not fight! "January 25, Baidu public relations department to clarify that the so-called" do-it-you-run "is only half a month to set up the content of the Ministry of Ecology, and that Luo Changping holding" Blue Media "its public number" AI Blue Media "is a black manuscript training base in Baidu.

Subsequently, the top of the article issued a response today, enumerating "different accounts, at the same time published the title, text or even punctuation are exactly the same" original "article" from the media number mainly released two types of articles, one is Sparing no effort to slander attack headlines today, one is to spare no effort to celebrate Baidu "and other six content, think there are a lot of online rumors defaming articles and content of the headlines today, is purposeful and organized" black public relations "behavior.

Baidu is in the public number, said that if Baidu is your competitor, and the increasingly strong benchmarking business, so you have more and more pressure. Or when you now have a serious crisis, whether it is the strengthening of supervision, the media questioning or the military turmoil. So, may wish to Baidu as a very good rub hot spots and transfer of sight tools.

Today's headlines mentioned "headlines were acquired" content, some time frequency. August 2017, Baidu acquisition of today's top news came out, the head of today's headlines said: "This manuscript on a mistake, the relationship between the write-off. "For the relationship between Baidu and today's headlines, Zhang Yiming headline today, said in an interview with the media," Baidu into the industry will certainly affect us. " But this "impact" will make headlines fail? I do not think so. We are now active daily user volume is about two-thirds of mobile Baidu, our users often stay longer. I do not think Baidu has what advantage we do not have. & rdquo; (Chen Weicheng)

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