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Huawei unabated market in the United States, domestic mobile phone to lift overseas Nuggets tide

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Text / Tencent "deep network" Guo Xiaofeng

Last week held Qualcomm China Technology and Cooperation Summit, the Lenovo Yang Yuanqing, Xiaomi Lin, Zhongxing Cheng Lixin and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers Gangster have been present, and even has always been a low-key OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong, vivo CEO Shen Wei also sat side by side Together, we can see Qualcomm now in the Chinese market status and influence. However, careful users also found that the domestic mobile phone market share first, third in the world, Huawei did not attend.

Earlier this month at the CES show, Huawei mobile phone into the US market by the local telecom operators "put pigeons". Tencent deep network followed by an exclusive exposure of the United States 18 members of the Union, the security threats on the grounds requested the relevant departments "Huawei" to enter.

At the same time, the outside world also privately discussed that Huawei's access to the U.S. market did not use Qualcomm chips, but its own unicorn chip, which triggered the U.S. government's security concerns. In response, Huawei, Qualcomm officials did not comment.

It is understood that Huawei handset shipments last year, about 153 million units, of which P, Mate two high-end series are used unicorn chips, rather than Qualcomm chips. Huawei is unable to enter the US carrier market and Qualcomm is related? It is not known at this moment, but judging from the absence of Huawei at Qualcomm's China partner conference, the two do not seem to be very harmonious.

After the market in the United States was blocked, Tencent's deep-rooted network was informed by people familiar with the matter that Huawei's mobile phone development in the U.S. market temporarily ceased. There are no clear new solutions.

Another person close to Huawei executives was informed that Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, has always attached great importance to this project in the United States. After being denied that, Huawei did not complain. On the contrary, it was very calm. In his words, the United States is not the first time rejected Huawei.

On January 17, some contents of Ren Zhengfei's internal speech suspected the rejection of the United States. He said: fall what count, get up and fight again, our young blood, lofty pride, the spectrum of the Heroes flow. "It is not hard to see that Huawei will not easily give up the U.S. market.

In fact, in order to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of the U.S. market as well as the preferences and habits of consumers, Huawei conducted research and development in the United States and the market layout a few years ago.

It is understood that in Washington and California in the United States, Huawei has set up offices and R & D center in the hope of providing competitive products and solutions for American consumers. In terms of channels, Huawei conducts cooperation with public channels such as Amazon and Bestbuy.

Although Huawei's cooperation with U.S. carriers is not satisfactory, this does not hinder Huawei's determination to enter the U.S. market. In the CES conference, Huawei invited the famous movie star Gail Midas served as chief experience officer in the US market.

Huawei is still increasing its marketing investment in the U.S. market. It is reported that Huawei this year in the United States marketing costs at least 100 million US dollars, but the information has not been officially confirmed by Huawei. According to a report from Reuters, compared with last year, despite the reduction of lobbying expenses, Huawei continued to sponsor more than one communications conference this year.

As in the United States, Huawei is the largest sponsor of the NFV & amp; Carrier SDN Conference in Colorado this September, a gathering of wireless, internet and data enterprises. In addition, Huawei is also the largest sponsor of Open Source Convention and RSA Conference.

Xu Qinsson, vice president of Huawei's consumer business, told the media that Huawei is determined to become "a global high-end brand." As different countries have their own advantages but the direction of development is the same, Huawei will continue to increase its investment in the U.S. market.

In addition, Huawei last year, a key action is held in the world, "Open Day", "Who is Huawei" global media and consumers about the Huawei brand concept, and Huawei 30 years from the technology start-ups to the world 100 Strong struggle history.

Even though there are many non-commercial "thresholds" in the U.S. market, Ren Zhengfei believes that sooner or later Huawei will "scrape" the U.S. market.

Overseas markets this year is the highlight

Huawei layout the US market at the same time, other domestic mobile phone brands have also this year's strategic focus on overseas.

According to a latest statistics report released by Canalys, for the first time in 2017, China's smart phone market has seen a drop in annual total shipments.

Second quarter of last year, China's smart phone market first quarterly shipments Second quarter of last year, China's smart phone market for the first time there was a quarterly decline in shipments, but the overall 12-month drop in overall shipments, or First appeared. According to Canalys, the total smart phone shipment in China was 459 million units in 2017, a decrease of 4%. Especially in the fourth quarter the most obvious decline, shipments of 113 million, a decrease of 14%. Slippery situation, but the overall 12-month drop in overall shipments, the first time there. According to Canalys, the total smart phone shipment in China was 459 million units in 2017, a decrease of 4%. Especially in the fourth quarter the most obvious decline, shipments of 113 million, a decrease of 14%.

Despite the overall market saturation in China's smartphone market, Huawei has maintained a very impressive growth momentum in the last quarter of 2017. Fourth quarter Huawei shipped 24 million, an increase of 9%.

While the OPPO and vivo companies in the emerging markets in Asia have greatly increased sales, but sales in China fell by 16% and 7% respectively, fourth quarter shipments were 19 million and 17 million.

In the face of the saturation of the domestic market, "Sailing to sea" as early as last year to become the unanimous move of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Including Europe, India, Southeast Asia and other markets have emerged leader in the domestic mobile phone brand presence.

Especially in the Indian market, the Indian market has become the new battleground for the Chinese smartphone makers over the years. Millet last year's recovery also benefited from the rapid growth of the market. Therefore, millet this year's goal is very clear, continue to expand overseas markets.

According to the latest market research data from research institutes Canalys and Counterpoint, millet handsets shipped more than 2% Samsung in 2017 in the fourth quarter of 2017, ranking the first in the Indian market again.

Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi, recently said overseas markets were truly unimaginable last year. He believes that in 2017 the domestic market has entered the stock market, growth began to slow down or even begin to decline. Judging from the current situation of millet, the development of its international market does not show any sign of slowing at the moment.

There are OPPO and vivo (hereinafter referred to as OV) in India to stabilize the market, but from this year's point of view, their expansion began to slow down.

According to Indian media reports, for profitability, OV has cut its profit distribution to local handset retailers by more than 40%, leaving OV to lose nearly 10,000 sales outlets in India respectively. However, relevant parties said that OV, the adjustment is due to the needs of market development, the company will not have an impact on the development of the Indian market.

It should be noted that, OV slowed down in India, but the eyes are aimed at the global market.

Last October, as a sponsor of the 2018 World Cup, vivo selected to enter the Russian market on the eve of the World Cup. It is understood that vivo will launch in Russia with FIFA World Cup logo smart phones, which will surely attract consumers worldwide. vivo mobile phone Russia branch general manager told the Russian "News" said the company plans to occupy 5-7% share of the Russian smartphone market within a year.

Similarly, OPPO also began to layout in the European market, which plans to start from Spain, France and Italy, several countries, a series of new products released in May will be listed in the European market in June. OPPO plans to work with large-scale retailers and distributors, such as local operators and e-shops, to rapidly expand its market share.

"In the next three years, Glory is committed to becoming the top five global mobile phone brands. "This is the globalization strategy and goal announced by Zhao Ming, former president of glory. For glory, if you want to win the millet, sea is clearly a clear direction.

According to the data disclosed by Glory, Glory Mobile currently ranks No. 1 in Finland's market share and third in market share in Russia. In addition, glory has been well represented in markets such as Italy and the United Kingdom during the prestigious "Black Friday" big promotion in the West.

There is a plus, Meizu, Lenovo, Jinli, TCL, etc., have been working in overseas markets for many years. For them, overseas markets are still the top priority this year, as the success or failure here largely determines the fate of this year and beyond.

The default fact of an industry is that almost all mobile phone manufacturers regard the European and American markets as the key to the success or failure of overseas strategies. Once the "Chinese cool couplets" long attack the European and American markets, with little success now, this batch of domestic brands to the sea can set off much wave?

Industry analysts pointed out that the decline in smart phones this year will not be improved, in the face of competition for the stock market users in the domestic market, mobile phone manufacturers will be more intense competition, especially in high-end products. In contrast, the demand for upgrading and replacement of some overseas emerging markets is more vigorous than that in China and the market is broader. This is an opportunity for domestic mobile phone brands.

However, the challenges they face are also very large. On the one hand, the cost of operating the two lines at home and abroad will be greater than in the past. Taking into account the steady share of the Chinese market and increasing overseas growth will not be easy. On the other hand, overseas markets The vast majority of shares are still in the hands of Apple and Samsung, not only that, such as OV, millet, but also face such Huawei-made domestic brands already mature overseas, under the dual pressures, the 2018 mobile phone market will significantly speed up the shuffling, Market structure is expected to be reshaped.

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