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"Baader Wars" and then upgrade Baidu Long article response: Seoul to war, casualty!

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Summary is completed, then take a closer look, Baidu responded that what was said.

1, "things are you pick, but loopholes too much"

Baidu believes that the "hundred war" began in the "Do the first to do," made a five-year-end bonus "microblogging broke the news, and the initiator of the news is today's headlines.

Baidu: The microblogging sent by the batch number of marketing, the operation is too obvious;

Later, the third-party media entitled "Baidu Baoshangpiante", whose title was Baidu Dangtutou, was too obvious in history and closely related to the microblogging sources.

For the argument, supplemented by a variety of relationships, "Black Baidu, headlines," the article concluded that the figure is an argument, "Education" headlines today, "do public relations Do not plan to save trouble," "Of course, the best MO Mohen hand."

"AI Blue Media" nearly six months push content on today's headlines

"AI Blue Media" push about Baidu content for nearly six months

2, "Respond to the hammer, do not scolded rely on Baidu"

Baidu picked out today's headlines cited as "black" evidence of two screenshots, one from an anonymous social media broke the news that "as a real hammer too credible"; the other for the major media platforms criticism of today's headlines The article summary, said today's headline "no matter who criticized me, I went to Black Baidu" attitude can not understand.

Today's headlines are black articles summary

3, "saliva war to the people underneath like, leaders have to come out, but also can not say that point is very embarrassing"

In this section, Baidu has cue Zhang Toudong, the head of today's top partner, and Zhao Tian, ​​vice president of today's headlines, to point out that today's headliners "sent two vice presidents on the front line, and we can only send two Xiaobian" and further Accused the vice president of the other party's public speaking content is also biased, "blind make chaos."

Figure 4: Zhang Lidong circle of friends screenshots

4, "I want to do something, you want to fight, accompany you to fight in the end"

Finally, Baidu released a chat screenshot of "Today's Headline Red envelopes soliciting black Baidu tricks," expressing "Seoul's war and Boxer's affair." In the commentary area, it replied "this is not done" attitude. (Xin Ling)

The following is the full text of Baidu PR article:

Recently it is helpless on the headlines:

To sum up, things are probably like this:

Popular science, this is basically the legendary public relations battle. Perhaps friends do not understand, or do not understand why this is so, may wish to cooperate with this reading:

To be honest, as a war veteran our mentality from a face force, to a very helpless, up to now basically dumbfounding.

A face was forced to join a fictitious organization called "do the first thing", very helpless to see each other sun so-called "black PR" evidence, and now dumbfounded watching friends circles on off off cynicism and trying to discredit, the mood Complicated to attend the previous wedding.

However, it is undeniable that there are many flaws in this wave of operations but there is no shortage of places to learn from. Today for small partners to send a section of "corporate public relations battlefield attack guide and precautions," the elective, with today's headlines as an example.

1, how to provoke a public relations war?

Recalling this week's battle, from the beginning so far, the most worthy of learning than the launch part: to find a former media friends broke the news in the form of social networks in major companies focus on the year-end awards issued by the time node to " 5 Months Anniversary Award "is a gimmick to disseminate the tipping point, as evidenced by the simple and highly efficient evidence of counterfeit WeChat conversation screenshots and handwritten whiteboards, which will be supplemented by the microblogging marketing numbers. Finally, a third party reports from the media. Wow! Instant explosion.

Even standing opposite us we can not help but want to sigh

Interlocking, logical clarity, and the successful implementation of the final operation of the landing is quite successful, it can be said that the real operation of the founding camp.

But the fly in the ointment are the following points:

① after the issue of microblogging should not bulk find marketing numbers forwarded, easily screened out and the general quality of forwarding is not high, a waste of budget. So it is recommended to focus on pushing two to three really influential.

② third-party media try not to choose unclear and their own unclear relations, such as "AI Blue Media" This is not only investment Luo Changping, Baidu once again issued a small Haven, too easily excluded PY relationship:

"AI Blue Media" nearly six months push content on today's headlines

"AI Blue Media" push about Baidu content for nearly six months

So in this step the biggest flaw is to find a X teammates. Oh no, yes X teammates:

For example, this upstairs, try to cover the "account subject" to see push content. . . . . . Pretty easy to be mistaken for today's micro official

In short do public relations do not plan to save trouble, be careful to be able to drive a million years boat. Of course, the best MO hand, after all, will be caught.

2, how to respond to the opponent's response?

The first point to praise the response speed, after we pushed at 5 pm on the 25th, 26th morning at nine o'clock received the top of the micro-push today, eloquent thousands of words, but also with a very long excel screenshots (certainly overnight overtime

But the full text of a few incapable of calculating the real reasoning derived from the real hammer, reading the suspect the feeling of robbery, especially the last paragraph:

This anonymous platform broke the truth and reply, which company does not experience 5678 every day, and more is to eat melon masses leisurely. Placed in this response as an argument for the credibility of the very low, so unexpected to pull down the full text of the "Baidu black PR line" credibility, outweigh the benefits. Advise headlines when selecting arguments do not abuse rather than abuse. And this part:

This no matter who wrote and what to write, as long as the objective statement of today's headlines such as "content vulgar, lax management, was ordered rectification" content implies Baidu's "black PR", this "no matter Who criticizes me, I went to Black Baidu "operation, how should I say, can not mention the proposal, just double click on the comment 666.

3, in the end who should be on the front line?

From the 23rd onwards, two vice presidents were dispatched on the front line or on the front or on the side respectively within a week. And we, it is very ashamed to say, because there are too many things, so just send more than two small series.

In the front of the operational status:

A little more words, let's take a look The press releases on the arrangements mentioned in the first half are totally untenable from a logical reasoning point of view. For media reports that you do not like, you are supposed to arrange the operation of your opponent, which is not even a combination of reasoning.

As for the latter part, you can hit the zero directly. why? As mentioned in the passage, "On December 29 last year, it was said that Robin Li personally convened the meeting and issued a command of" going well and pursuing victory. "Ma Dongmin personally gave investors and government officials all sorts of negative Amway headlines." It is basically a seemingly nosy blind editor.

1, last year, Christmas to New Year's day those days director did not even at the company, not even in Beijing.

2, mentioned in this passage of "various negative Amway headlines private" may have evidence? If not, can we decide whether it is a public rumor?

3, when used to build the "victory by chase" the word means that they have lost by default?

To sum up, senior executives in the public channels to voice, should follow the "reasonable and reasonable" criteria. Imagine the content of the senior vice president of friends circle, if it is chaotic logic chaos made, the last hammer was hammering each other, their embarrassment is not embarrassed? Under the command of staff how to think? It is really possible to go on like this with the least credible circle of friends in the country.

In short, it is suggested that during the public relations war, do not over-ride. It is important to maintain the uniqueness of the external voice channels and to maintain the unification of foreign-language statements. If you really want to be faithful to the boss table, to the staff to vote, it is recommended to set the staff visible, at least you can only throw people inside the company. Many times the details determine success or failure, you do not see many movie villains are dead words, the truth is probably similar.

4, one more thing

There has also been a week of fighting so far, so to speak, prosecutions have also been prosecuted. In accordance with the rules, the next step into the litigation process, waiting for the law fair judgments.

But unfortunately:

ok, fine?

Hey, this is the audition here.

Looked up, two in the morning. Think of the North Third Ring Airlines Plaza counterparts may just just press the cigarette butt down the company downstairs trash, wiping his face to see the line lit up the line, "a few back, I went to sleep," smile. Yes, who do not want to punctuate a love to eat a meal? Mouth war, boring.

Of course, if anyone wants to continue fighting this unidentified war of unjust gentry did not move, as the classmate said:

"Seoul to war, war" is it.

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