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055 destroyer or the best platform for Chinese guns have epoch-making significance

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Many people may have remembered the scene of the movie "Transformers 2" that US troops used to defeat "pygmy" robots on the pyramid. It is also this scene of the curtain that caused a lot of people's attention on the electromagnetic rail guns in that year. In particular, the research on the U.S. military set off an upsurge. In recent years, reports of electromagnetic rail guns in China have received the most attention. According to the report of breakthrough 206 of electromagnetic launch technology disclosed by the No.206 Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry in 2015, breakthroughs have been reported.

In response, the military commentator Cheng Shuo told Tech Daily: "For security reasons, although the United States has openly developed the electromagnetic guns for many years, this does not mean that our country is a" latecomer "in this field. In fact, the U.S. military has in recent years And even gradually reduce the R & D investment of the electromagnetic guns.If this time our country's electromagnetic guns on the ship is true, it can be said that our country in the field of research and development to obtain the phased leader.

Compared to the traditional artillery, guns can be projectile in the barrel of the whole process are accelerated, in theory, easier to obtain than the traditional gunpinger's muzzle velocity, you can get more damage and range, while firing the cost of shells Very cheap, more economical than traditional artillery.

At present, the highest priority for the development of electromagnetic weapons in the world belongs to the United States. Earlier, the U.S. Navy announced that it will begin sea trials of electromagnetic guns in 2016 at the Joint High-speed Test Vessel at Millinerick. However, by 2016, the U.S. media has reported that the U.S. Navy is still hesitant about the experimental platform and there are rumors that it has decided to abandon the project. Obviously, the U.S. Navy did not go so smoothly on the road to developing electromagnetic guns.

So, why do we choose 072 "Ocean Hill" tank landing ship as a test platform, rather than a larger platform such as destroyers?

In response, Cheng Shuo-ren said: "In spite of the" shipbuilding frenzy "that has started in our country in recent years, the number of destroyers is actually not on the average. It is unrealistic to draw up destroyer or even a larger platform from the front-line forces to make time- Relative to the destroyer, the 072 tanker landing craft is less important, its displacement is sufficient, the body is generous, but also for the test to make drastic changes, and this is the destroyer is difficult to do.

Due to the change of launch principle, the electromagnetic gun needs a huge power supply. Therefore, often need to be installed on a larger ship, and can provide plenty of electricity.

However, it is extremely difficult for existing ships to retrofit their guns, which are not only heavier and heavier than traditional artillery guns, but also need to provide a large amount of electric energy and lay corresponding pipelines for use. In this regard, first of all, the ship must adjust the overall center of gravity while substantially expanding the generation power, and laying new pipelines for internal 'moveable knives' would require as much workload as building a new battleship. The artillery battleship must also be redesigned. "Cheng Se-man pointed out that" new warships with all-electric integrated systems clearly have natural advantages. The all-electric integrated system is essentially an intelligent distribution system for the whole ship's electric energy. When the launch requires a lot of energy, the power control system can provide sufficient power, and when it is out of operation, the power control system uses the power for other parts of the ship without causing wasted energy. From this point of view, Integrated system and electromagnetic guns complement each other.

This reporter noticed that the new type of 10,000-ton destroyer, type 055, just laundered in 2017 may adopt the all-electric integrated technology, making it possible to equip new kinetic energy weapons.

"While the tested guns were certainly not the final version, they were very suitable for the size 055 destroyers." Cheng seized the view that "in the future, the new 055 destroyers equipped with electromagnetic guns will be 21st-century 'fearless' ships with epoch-making significance."

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