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Baidu takeaway katabasis: agent merchant channel manager dismissed rebel defection

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Since August 24th last year, Hunger announced the merger of Baidu takeout, Baidu takeout instant fell into

The other side is the external O2O market stalemate showdown, Baidu takeaway market share continued to decline, the reduction in orders, delivery staff income is also affected, riders have also chose to quit, turned to the U.S. or hungry, eventually staged a series of Baidu takeaway agents, several rights Dun Storm Rider containment headquarters.

Conference abolition, agreement compensation

Recently, informed sources revealed to hunt cloud network, January 29, 2018, Baidu takeaway channel department headquarters in Beijing announced the abolition of the rainbow building Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Guiyang, Nanning and many other channels of city manager.


The scene of a hunting cloud network quoted the anonymous channel city manager said, the total of more than 100 Baidu takeaway channel city manager to attend the meeting, about 30 minutes or so, Baidu takeaway Department announced in accordance with the channel under the jurisdiction of the city block to remove part of the channel city manager, keeping about 35 channels of city manager.

Then, the anonymous source added to Huntson.com that the 35 channel city managers retained this time were all from Baidu takeout direct operations or large districts, while the remaining Baidu take-out channel city managers were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The agreement clearly stipulates that the labor relations shall be terminated on February 9th 2018 and the last working day shall be February 9th 2018.


At the same time, according to the agreement, the city manager of Baidu takes away the economic compensation on payday. According to the Baidu takeaway internal channel, the city manager reveals the compensation range is about 5 to 100 thousand yuan.

The transfer of business and the decline of the city

A person close to Baidu take-out told Baiyun that he is now hungry and is beginning to integrate business in other cities' Baidu take-out agency market.

Previously, hunting cloud network learned that hungry and Baidu takeout for the integration of the two central advantages of resources, maximize the value of the merger of double brands October 10th, Baidu takeout platform will store information (including but not limited to store homemade information, Identity information, bank account information, location information, etc.


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However, some of the signed merchants have clicked

It is understood that Baidu takeaway in the three or four line of the city's strategy is to use multiple city business line assigned to all agents, agents will provide Baidu takeaway brand, products, capital and management experience and a series of platform resources, each city sent by Baidu takeaway 1 to 2 city manager in charge of training and the overall situation.

According to media reports, at the end of 2016, Baidu takeout has conducted a business regional adjustment, divided into three major regions according to the region:

One area (mainly including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities);

Two districts (important cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou);

Area three (other two or three line cities);

Among all the market shares of Baidu, Beijing has accounted for nearly half of the market share. This time, more than 20 large district channel city managers, which are retained after the withdrawal, are likely to be two areas (most of which are Baidu takeout cities).

Asked about the reasons for the abolition of the city manager, Wang Chen, a city manager of Baidu takeaway from Hebei, has two reasons for the abolition of the channel city manager.

On the one hand is hungry. After the takeover of Baidu, some merchants gave up the order of Baidu takeaway, turned to the US group to take away or hungry, and even merchants directly recommended to users not to use Baidu takeaway, so the nationwide Baidu takeaway slowly lost its users.

On the other hand, due to the integration and handover of business between the two sides, Baidu take-out needs to hand over all channel resources to the unified coordination and management of the channel city manager. As a direct result of Baidu take-out channel city managers in its area in charge of almost all Baidu takeout agents lost the KPI growth living space.

In response to this, hunting cloud network to Baidu delivery channel related head Liu run for confirmation by telephone, Liu run said on January this year that part of the business has been transferred to Shanghai hungry team, the department team internal business adjustment, Liu declined to comment. Liu has left the company from Baidu takeout, according to a source close to Mr. Liu.

To this meeting abolishes the channel city manager the matter Baidu take-out public relations department related person in charge to the hunting cloud net to respond that:

However, Baidu takeaway channel city manager abolition issue is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. From the recent starving founder Zhang Xuhao is seen in a media interview.

In an interview with the media, Zhang Xu said,

Hunting cloud network again to the hungry Beijing public relations official confirmation of the Baidu takeaway city manager for both the abolition of channel business integration, as of press time ago had not received the relevant response to determine.

Executive departure, internal and external difficulties

In addition, in its internal structure adjustment process, many Baidu takeaway early employees and high-level one after another to leave. According to technology reports, the original Baidu takeout senior channel manager Chen Jinhui since February last year in a state of leave. At that time a Baidu takeaway insiders once revealed Chen Jinhui has left.

According to public information, Chen Jinhui graduated from North China University of Technology School of Economics and Management, in April 2014 as Vice President Baidu take-away, and before that he served as Baidu channel senior channel manager.

Previously Baidu take-up through the development of franchisees channel business franchisee business was originally responsible for Chen Jinhui, but from January 2017 onwards, its functions will gradually replaced by direct sales manager Chen Qing, another vice president.

It is worth noting that Baidu take-away as early as the end of 2016 began to implement some of the channels to abolish the city manager program. Although Baidu takeaway officials denied the layoffs. A Baidu takeaway insider disclosed to the media that the proportion of layoffs in the channel department is about 40%, and the market department in Beijing cuts about 30% of the staff.

The source also revealed that, in addition to Beijing, all direct marketing cities to agents operating, Baidu Takeaway Director Liu Can products have been leaving the United States comment.

Right now, whether it is internal or external problems, take-away Baidu, the days are not easy.

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