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The highest bonus of this year's birthday is 200 thousand? "Wolf" HUAWEI does not have this free lunch

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In fact, HUAWEI employees need to meet a number of conditions to get a bonus, not a "free lunch" that is imagined by the outside world. Although HUAWEI has not released explicitly, but the allocation of shares are usually need more than 15, and the performance evaluation was to reach A, B or B.

New employee incentive methods have been changed

In February 5th, HUAWEI's Board Secretariat issued the notice on the prediction of the share price of the virtual restricted shares in 2017 in the year of 2017. The predicted profit of the virtual restricted stock in the year of 2017 is about 2.83 yuan, and the cash dividend of the virtual restricted share is about 1.02 yuan / share.

Compared with the past few years, the earnings per share of 2017 has declined. According to the 36 krypton report, HUAWEI has paid 1.47 yuan per share in 2013, 2014 yuan per share, 1.90 yuan per share, 1.95 yuan per share in 2015, 1.53 yuan per share in 2016.

In this regard, a HUAWEI employee showed no happy, he told reporters: "the 2017 earnings per share is expected to be 2.83 yuan / share, dividend per share of 1.02 yuan, the remaining part will be split, split according to the proportion of 1:1.23, each share split into 1.23 shares. That is to say, HUAWEI is in red," capital (stock split after the increase in the stock of cash) ", this is actually a good thing for the employees, stock dividend increases, next year will be more"

In addition, HUAWEI's CEO Hu Houkun has said in the New Year message from HUAWEI in 2017, the annual sales income is expected to about 600 billion yuan, an increase of about 15%.

On 2017 HUAWEI, is an important year of thirty, review the company's development over the past few decades, the salary management strategy and operation system has played an important role. In the eyes of HUAWEI President Ren Zhengfei, HUAWEI is the "three high" enterprise: high efficiency, high pressure and high wages. He believes that high salary is the first impetus, there only under isao.

In fact, the high income of HUAWEI employees is already a public secret, and HUAWEI's salary includes three parts: wages, bonuses, and dividends.

In terms of bonus, according to a person in HUAWEI, HUAWEI will give bonuses in May every year. Bonus can occupy 1/3 to 1/2 of employees' income. If employee ratings are high, HUAWEI will probably make more money. The number of bonuses is closely related to BG performance, sector performance and personal performance. The calculation process is very complicated, but in general, the salary is very high. The HUAWEI insider said.

The bonus comes from the virtual Limited shares of HUAWEI. In 2008, HUAWEI launched the stock incentive measures inside the stock. The stock has no voting rights and ownership, it is only a dividend basis, so it is called virtual restricted stock. But this stock has a strong incentive color, only employees who meet the company performance requirements are eligible to participate in the rights issue, and the higher the rank is, the higher the final income will be.

HUAWEI's fictitious restricted stock is different from the common sense stock. It needs employees to buy cash, but they don't enjoy ownership and voting rights, nor can they transfer and sell. The stock does not have to go through the approval process of the securities industry supervision and management department. But you can enjoy dividends and benefits.

However, HUAWEI's total shareholding is becoming less and less with the distribution of shares. From four or five years ago, the company's incentives for new employees have been changed to TUP (Time-unit Plan). Every year, a certain number of options are allocated according to post, level and performance. Although the option does not need to be paid by employees, the validity period of the option is usually 5 years. After the expiration of 5 years, the TUP will fail. This approach is considered to be a solution to the motivational problems of new employees and to continue to motivate employees to maintain their fighting spirit.

Bonus needs to meet multiple conditions

If 10 years ago, HUAWEI was a fight for survival, to snatch the market share of the company, the company is now standing around in an uninhabited area". While HUAWEI has explored the global development of ICT (information, communication and Technology) industry, the demand for excellent talents is also great. And competitive remuneration has also attracted a large number of talents for HUAWEI, and the higher the grade, the more income. It is understood that HUAWEI, a 20 level management staff, has about 1 million virtual shares. According to this year's dividend ratio, 1 million shares will be able to get a cash dividend of 1 million 20 thousand yuan.

Although Huawei is well paid, but in response to media reports that "the total dividends of new graduates of Huawei can reach more than 200,000 yuan after the tax," the aforementioned Huawei insiders responded by saying that they were exaggerating too much. It's not possible, "either graduates or social recruits, to get stock in their first year, and now (incentive) is TUP. it will take two or three years and a rating of Aeither B+ or B will be available."

In order to get dividends, HUAWEI employees need to meet many conditions, not "free lunches" imagined by the outside world. Inside HUAWEI, there is a strict salary system and set 13 level to 22 level, each level has three levels: A, B and C. The basic salary of different levels is 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan. The graduating degree of undergraduate and master is usually 13. The doctorate is 14. The recruitment needs to see the importance of working years and the positions needed. It is generally 15 to 19, while the 18 level is the management level. Although HUAWEI has not released explicitly, but the allocation of shares are usually need more than 15, and the performance evaluation was to reach A, B or B.

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