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I like the prince of crime Samsung released Li Zairong to regain power

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South Korea's Samsung Electronics vice president Li Zairong in South Korea Guoyi Wang City Detention told reporters

After 353 days, the Seoul High Court of South Korea overturned the verdict of the first instance and sentenced Lee Jung-yong to two and a half years in prison, suspended for four years, and released in court. Meanwhile, the judge said, Lee Jung-yong provided financial support to Choi Soon-sik, the best friend of Park Geun-hye, who is

Or escape.

On February 6th 2018, after 353 days in custody, Samsung

According to China news network, Li Zairong said, "the past year has been a valuable time for self reflection. In the future, things will be more rigorous and responsible, and show the will to go back to business. Then, Li Zairong went to his father, Li Jianxi, to visit the hospital.

Lei Feng's network has been tracking the progress of Li Zairong's case since last year.


"The three sentence, rich of innocence

South Korean economic circles believe that the modification of Mr Lee's sentence of probation will help the country's economic development, but civic groups say this is preferential treatment for the chaebol and is typical.

Korean timeAround 5:35 a.m. on February 17, 2017, the central court of South Korea in Seoul officially decided to arrest Li Zairong, the vice president of Samsung Electronics, who was deeply involved in the Korean presidential affair. Prosecutor accusation Li Zairong, vice president of Samsung GroupThere is bribery, embezzlement and perjury,Cui Shunshi said its support to South Korean President Park Geun hye's close friend's company and organization of bribery, in exchange for president in support of its two subsidiaries merger plan in 2015.

August 25thIn the afternoon, the Korean court made a decision on the bribery case of Li Zairong, the vice president of Samsung Electronics. Last year the actual leaders Samsung 49 year old Li Zairong, jailed for 5 years, the remaining two Samsung executives to 4 years in prison. Li Zairong was charged with 5 charges.Including bribery, embezzlement, transfer of assets to overseas, and conceal the proceeds of crime of perjury. Among them, bribery is the core of these 5 charges.

During his trial, Mr Lee cried:

In February 6, 2018, Li Zairong finally jailed for two years and 6 months, suspended for four years, released.

According to Yonhap on February 5th, the Seoul High Court overturned last year's ruling, dismissing Samsung's alleged leadership succession issue, and found that Samsung had no plans to address the former president from the outset

Appeal Court finds Samsung Electronics sponsor Park Geun-hyeThe actual control of the illegal Shunshi Cui sponsored Korean winter sports centers of excellence, transfer of assets and corresponding exit charges were overturned.The court also argued that it was difficult to treat the 20 billion 400 million won by Cui Shunshi's Mir consortium and the K sports consortium as a bribe.

In addition, the decision of first instance found the existence of the caseAt the heart of the case was former president Park Geun-hye, who forced Samsung to pay bribes and Choi Soon-sik for personal gain. Lee was under pressure from both sides.

Li Jiacheng, an associate professor of University of International Relations and a researcher at the center for economic and political research in the transitional country, was accepted by Li Jiacheng.Beijing commercial newspaper reporter interviewIndicates:

(所说的) what is called

Korean media reported that the court said that Li Zairong's total refund of the amount of corruption found guilty in first instance was also the main reason for its reduction in the second trial.


Kwon Oh-hyun

Failure of power cleaning in Samsung

Interestingly, in October 13th of last year, Samsung Electronics announced that the CEO and vice president of the dry faction were going to withdraw from management positions and no longer renew contracts with Samsung when the contract expires in 2018.

Lei Feng found that access to public information, Kwon Hyun was born in 1953, has a doctorate from the Stanford University motor. In 1985, he entered the Samsung Semiconductor department as a researcher, and in 2012 he was appointed CEO by Samsung Electronics and was appointed as the display service CEO in 2016.

According to Reuters, Park Ju-gun, head of CEO Score, an enterprise information provider, said:

At the time, many media analysts said Kwon, 65, said Samsung Electronics neededHints that the company's alternation is in progressBy SamsungThe resignation of Kwon Moo-hyun can be regarded as

The Verge, a foreign media, said that Mr Lee had been in effect since the absence of Mr Lee

In his resignation statement, Kwon Moo-hyun wrote:

Ironically, the Kwon Hyun's resignation, to indicate its term expires in March 2018, and no longer continue. Previously, Kwon Hyun left in February 6th, Li Zairong commuted to probation has left the prison, to return to the nest.

Perhaps, in October last year, the society from all walks of life to resign, Samsung Kwon Hyun blank power when Samsung internal There were many discussions., undercurrents of factions, has obtained results.

According to the Financial TimesThe trial of Li Zairong is considered a test case by the government of the South Korean government to clean up the Korea Companies, which has long been controlled by a small number of large family businesses.

Meanwhile, opposition and political critics say the release of Mr Lee

"regrettably, the justice system has gone back to the past and there has been no real change in the problematic business practices of the business community," said Chung Sun-seop, head of Chaebul.com, a business analysis group.

At the same time, the ruling allowed Li Zairong to return to the management, and the judiciary continued to take a tolerant attitude towards white-collar crimes committed by the chaebol.


Samsung's earnings are strong

In fact, during the time of Li Zairong's arrest, Samsung's business has achieved good results, and even gradually stepped out of the negative impact brought by the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, and the overall shipment volume has been improved to a certain extent.

Before,Lei Feng net reportIn January 31st, Samsung announced its 2017 fourth quarter financial report and the annual report of fiscal year 2017. Samsung Corp's business has achieved good results, with a total revenue of 61 billion 890 million US dollars, an increase of 23.72% over the same period last year. Net profit has reached a record $11 billion 470 million, an increase of 73% over the same period last year.

At the same time , the 2017 financial report shows that Samsung ' s revenue of $ 2247 . 300 million in the year - on - year increase of 18.7 % , a year - on - year increase of 18.7 % , a year - on - year increase of 85.6 % , while Samsung ' s semiconductor business in the quarter has exceeded its long - term monopoly on the basis of data statistics currently disclosed .

To a certain extent, Samsung has now benefited from the massive restructuring of last year.

Tencent science and technology quoted the Korean Herald reported that in August 2017, Samsung has reorganized China's business to reverse the weakness of China's business. It is said that Samsung has closed 7 sales outlets located in the north, East, South, central, southwest, northwest and northeast, instead of 22 bases that are more subdivided. The headquarters of Beijing will be more closely managed by the 22 bases.


Cartography of the Lianhe Zaobao

Today, Samsung's electronic performance and stock price both create a new high, indicating that the restructuring action is effective.

Claire Kim, an analyst at Daishin Securities, a South Korean brokerage, said,

The achievements and opportunities, like the compensation for the prison disaster, were brought before the prince of Samsung.

The Financial Times analysis, return to management positions Li Zairong will accelerate to replace his father's shoes, his father Li Jianxi, since 2014 after a heart attack has been unable to work.

Chung Sun-seop told the media that now that he is free, Mr Lee will try to resolve issues related to his succession and succession.

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