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Music as returned money! "Hunting ground" producer received 155 million repayment of music video

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Today, the music video limit down again.

This is the 11th trading day after it resumed trading. Compared with the market value of 61.2 billion yuan when it was suspended, it has evaporated 42 billion yuan.

But today, there is a signal at LeTV: trading volume soars to 822,400 lots with a turnover of 396 million and turnover of 2.93%.


Is it, everyone began to bargain it?

While it is impossible to understand the logic of the influx of these funds into the music network, elsewhere, the Daily Economic News (nbdnews) correspondent found a positive:

Music as returned money!

"Hunting ground" producer received 155 million repayment of music video

Yesterday (February 6) evening, Youth Media (832 698) issued a public notice that it has received in accordance with the agreement of Tibet Music Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Music of Tibet"), Music Television (Tianjin) Information Technology Limited, LeTV Network Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. agreement payment of 155 million yuan, accounting for 87.29% of the agreement amount, the agreement is still in accordance with the agreement to continue to perform.

In June 2017, Qingyu Media and LeTV Network signed a package agreement on television drama "Hunting Grounds", advertisements and old plays. The total amount of the agreement is about 177 million yuan. According to the announcement, with the broadcast of "Hunting Ground", the agreement between LeTV and Qingyu Media on the exclusive license for the exclusive use of the right to broadcast network information has been fulfilled and Qingyu Media has received all the payment for the agreement .


Music Watch 2017 Three Quarterly Bulletin revealed that as of September 30, 2017, its booked ending balance of 834 million yuan, after which music Watch repayment schedule? How much is not yet arrears?


Daily Economic News (WeChat: nbdnews) Reporters incomplete statistics, in addition to just received 1.55 billion music Watch Qingyu media, the film and television listed companies Tsz Man Media (002,343), China Strategy Television (300,133) have been Receive music video repayment.

On January 22, when CIWIN Media responded to investor questions on the interaction of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, it said that LeTV did not owe any sales proceeds to the Company's video products. According to CIEMON Media's semi-annual report for 2017, Tibet LeTV owed a total amount of 85.87 million yuan to Ci Wen Media, accounting for 7.49% of the total closing balance of CI Wen Media's accounts receivable.

On November 17, 2017, when Huace Media responded to investors' questions on the interaction of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, LeTV said it is making progress in repaying the loan agreement with LeTV after it signed the agreement with LeTV. The company has received the corresponding payment. Huace film semi-annual report shows that the music receivables balance of Tibet is about 368 million yuan. However, after consultation and negotiation, WTS Pictures and LeTV formed an initial resolution intention: For the uncashed repertory, the company intends to re-issue the third-party and lift the original issuing contract, and the price it is expected to issue to third parties will exceed the original issue price For the joint investment project, it is proposed to allocate the proceeds from the project to be processed by the Company to LeTV as part of the Company's receivables from Tibet LeTV. If the above initial plan is fully implemented, Huace film and Television LeTV receivables balance is expected to not exceed 172 million yuan, after deducting the share of other investors, the amount attributable to the company is expected to not exceed 80 million yuan.

In view of this, LeTV network has "240 million yuan to" creditors "Green Rain Media and Ci Wen media together. As for Huace Television's over 70 million yuan of arrears, Huacet Film and Television disclosed on November 9, 2017 an interactive exchange of investors that it will make monthly repayments according to the agreement.

In addition to the film and television companies, another listed company Dahua Smart (002512) January 22 announcement that at the end of 2017, a wholly owned subsidiary Jin Rui significant receivables receivables of the new music as a wise man, should be The receivables were overdue loans. As a result, the debtor and its controlling shareholder, LeTV, retained a large amount of negative information that affected normal production and operation due to shortage of funds. As a result, there were obvious signs of impairment. According to the comprehensive analysis, the Company's management intends to make a single accrual The accounts receivable 15% of the bad debt provision of 21.934 million yuan.


Music as "creditors" many, in addition to the above listed companies, there are some new three board companies, the money can pay in full?

Daily Economic News (WeChat number: nbdnews) Reporters Statistics found that the music as the company's main film and television business and the force Chen light (836,201), Peak Video (832,927), Media Group (830,951) and the main advertising marketing The special media (836,884) The four new three board companies total as much as 160 million yuan. Among them, Huali Light, Peak Pictures, and Huite Media made corresponding provision for bad debts.

Huali light semi-annual report in 2017 showed that the company's receivables of Tibet Music as 53,385,000 yuan;

Peak Film's semi-annual report in 2017 showed that the Company's receivables of Tibet Music amounted to 21.9 million yuan;

Jiaxing Media's 2016 annual report shows that the company's receivables of Tibet LeTV is 48.8 million yuan.

SemiMedia 2017 Semi-annual Report shows that the company LeTV brand marketing planning (Beijing) Co., Ltd. accounts receivable of 35 million yuan, has filed a lawsuit to the court.

As we can see, although some arrears have already been returned, as of last year's Q3, the remaining 834 million yuan remained, how long could it last?

Who watch the music at the bargain hunters

Music as the network disk data show that today the Orient Securities Hangzhou Longjing Road Sales Department bought 14.47 million yuan, net letter securities Shenyang Hing Wah South Street Sales Department bought 802 million. Sell, Everbright Securities Beijing Dongzheng Street Sales Department topped 62.41 million yuan sales, Guotai Junan Shenzhen Yi Tian Road Sales 58.25 million yuan sold, a unit sold 21.68 million yuan.


Again from the previous list, in the music network resumption of trading, there are indeed some hot money to participate in the bargain music network.

January 24 resumption of trading, CITIC Securities Beijing headquarters sales department, Central Plains Securities Zhengzhou Wei five sales department, Southwest Securities Dalian Branch, Southwest Securities Shenzhen Shennan Road business department and other sales offices appeared on the hot money Buy figure , There is no lack of such as Huatai Securities Shenzhen Yi Tian Road, Super Business Center, such a famous hot money sales department.

According to statistics, after the resumption of music Watch a total of 5 times on the Dragon Billboard, Zhongwei Securities Zhengzhou Wei 5 Sales 5 times, a net purchase of 549.68 million; Guoxin Securities Shanghai Beijing East Road Sales Department and CITIC Securities Beijing headquarters are The list 2 times, the former net sales of 4,771,000 seats, the latter net purchase 414 million seats.

It is noteworthy that, Music Watch February 6 evening release < restrictions="" on="" the="" listing="" of="" listed="" shares="" liquidity="" notice="" />> that on February 8, there are 213 million shares lifting the restriction, accounting for 5.35% of total share capital. The restricted shares was lifted in August 2016 to participate in the music investors net increase of four investors:


China Post Fund holdings of 4265 shares;

Harvest Fund shares of 4265 shares;

Finance Fund holdings of 7820 shares;

Zhang Jianping 49.76 million shares held.

February 8, China Post, Finance, Harvest Fund and Niu Sanzhang Jianping will join the escape army, knowingly, there are people then plate, plywood limit, so that the market was startled.

According to the valuation of public funds is expected, the music network's stock price will drop to about 3.91 yuan, for now, only two from the price limit.

"If I am well-funded, will also consider participating, but certainly not the current price, the position will not be high. "A financier told" First Financial "reporter.

Another Shanghai-based private equity firm said that today's music seesaw rocker is the result of the power of all parties, although a similar plot also took place in the ST Paul miles, but he believes that the difference is the music assets, there is reorganization expectations, And the outside world has always thought Sun Hongbin shot holdings sooner or later, complete control of the music Watch. These are retail investors, hot money and even individual agencies involved in the rocker, betting on the music chip body stock bargaining chip.

For LeTV, at a time when funding is quite tight, the estimated loss for 2017 is as high as 11.6 billion yuan. The recent risk alert announcement, LeTV also said the company has appeared on the formation of a large number of upstream suppliers unable to pay, a large number of debt default and litigation and other issues.

Just before the press release, LeTV Network came the news: it is planned to hold the first extraordinary general meeting in 2018 on February 23, which includes deliberating the Proposal on the Change of Registered Capital of the Company, the Proposal on the Company's Controlling Subsidiary Proposal on Engaging Ms. Yang Qing as Supervisor of the Third Board of Supervisors, Proposal on Changing Certified Public Accountants, Proposal on Nomination of Mr. Wang Leirang as Independent Director Candidate for the Third Board of Directors of the Company, Motion "and so on.

In addition, the music video February 7 evening announcement that the company's first phase of employee stock ownership plan manager CSMC announced early termination of China Resources Trust-Run No. 143 collection fund trust plan, and the trust plan assets The original distribution to the beneficiary agent priority beneficiaries Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch. The total assets of the company involved in the stock 21,907,000 shares of listed companies, accounting for the current total share capital of 0.5491%.

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