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Baidu Leeds Dog is not the same as Block chain DAPP should not just stay on the "hot spot"

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Recently, Baidu has been exposed to a network.

This blockchain pet drive reminds us of Cypto Kitties, a cat app in etherhouse that allows players to trade in official currency.

But the question comes, why does this block chain keep a pet? Is it really necessary to use a block chain to keep a pet?

Block chain


However, the official currency of the Crypto Kitties trading in etheric workshop


For Crypto Kittis, the Leeds dog, some people call it

But I was hearing

Take Baidu's products as an example, if Baidu does not

At the same time, in the domestic market alone, we can see Crypto Doge, the cat's NetEase, the fish, the farm's Crypto farmer, the horse's PolyPony, and so on.

Hidden mystery.

So, the launch of Baidu Leitz dog and the significance?

First look at the official network introduction:

Depending on the underlying technical characteristics, it can safely, efficiently and cheaply carry out traceability and transaction. It is suitable for digital currency, payment settlement, digital bill, bank credit management, equity certificate and exchange stock trading, insurance management, Currently, Baidu has developed DAPP based on this platform

This is clearly telling us that the block - chain platform of Baidu can be used to develop DAPP.

And take a closer look at what happened on the Internet.


But equally thought-provoking,

The virtual Ethernet from the square before the cat had to decline, largely because of ETH network congestion, then ETH can only deal with dozens of transactions per second, although compared to BTC (6 to 7) have a lot, but still not enough to support a large number of users of DAPP.

Although the EOS test version now represents the block chain 3 technology has been able to do thousands of times per second transaction, but eventually in June this year to the main line. So if Baidu does not solve the network congestion problem, the so-called blockchain technology development and application of the concept is based on only a mere scrap of paper.

In other words, if Baidu does not solve the problem of the inherent technology in the block chain at this stage,

Block chain bottom technology is immature and DAPP can only stay at

A person in the industry interviewed by Magneto also said,

For example, is it really necessary to use a block chain for a pet to develop a game, for example?

As we all know, the essence of block chain technology is centralization of transactions, that is, transactions between pets can be centralization, security is high, and transaction records cannot be tampered with. The characteristics of this transaction have avoided the risk of centralization and tampering for many applications such as traceability and donation.

For example, we donated a sum of money to the Red Cross. If we use block chain technology, we will be able to track the flow of the money. Once the money is appropriated by the Red Cross, we can know for the first time, so that we can avoid the Jocie Guo incident that once happened.

Of course, there are also some applications based on block chain, such as ants block chain platform based on Alipay love donation, use the block chain technology, Tencent and Jingdong for red gold, commodities provide traceability service quality.

But is it really necessary for a pet to develop a game with such high security?

So whether ETH is a cat or a Baidu dog is like what we discussed above, rather than building a better game application, so as to promote its main chain, so that developers can develop DAPP with their own main chain.

In addition, in this new industry, the business model is also a need to consider.

To those based on block chain technology and the development of nurturance games, in developers here, if the currency in circulation within the application can not be linked with real currency, then developers should be realized? Advertising? How do they get traffic when they are not fundamentally different from the average game?

We have previously come into contact with a blockchain product that uses the blockchain to track every donation. Unfortunately, if the project is not profitable enough, As a company without financial support and not so strong, the project still suffered

In the final analysis, for DAPP, in addition to the underlying technology is still to be improved, how to change cash is a problem that can not be ignored.


At present , the block chain is gradually gaining recognition from the country , and others say this year

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