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LETV opened down the first day back to 20 billion yuan limit: the market value of | small investors do not "knife"

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LeTV (300104), which has been viewed by most value investors as the "trash stock," actually rose in red after rising 11 days in a row. It rose as high as 5.28 / share, close to daily limit, of which Turnover of more than 26%, the closing price of 5.08 yuan / share, up 5.39% over the previous day.

Jiayue Ting's "music dream" has been shattered, and now to rescue, in addition to grandchildren, who else?

Today, more than 3 billion of funds that have poured into LeTV may come from three aspects: one is Sun Hongbin, a low-cost bargain-hunting for the acquisition of LeTV Netcom; the other is the optimistic development and intent to participate in the music giant; Third, Zhang Jianping and its Jiangsu and Zhejiang hot money behind.

As we all know, Sun Hongbin want music to come back to life, so a very high probability of bargain-hunting. In the music before the resumption of trading, a number of fund companies Music valuation will be lowered to 3.91 yuan / share, which means that after the resumption of trading will face 13 limit. 11 in front of the limit, there are some room to fall further, and today's reversal is more like a premeditated drama.

According to Tencent "first-line" understanding, hot money in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Gangster has been preparing positions to prepare funds to prepare Leap board Levin Watch the first 12 limit, in part from the participation of a billion increase of Niu Sanzhang Jianping and Orient Securities Longjing Road business Ministry of self-help funds; the other part is betting Sun Hongbin flip disk Watch long-term funds; the last part is to do next short-term short-term funds.

Yesterday, LeTV network turnover increased significantly, the trading volume was 82,243,700 shares, closing nearly 400 million yuan. According to the data after the hurdle, buying seats, the first is the Orient Securities Hangzhou Longjing Road Securities Sales Department, the amount of 14.4701 million yuan to buy, the corresponding transaction volume of about 30,000 hands, accounting for 3.65% of the total turnover. The first five buy seats together accounted for nearly 10% of the total turnover. The "financial" analysts statistics LeTV transaction the previous 10 trading days found that there is a buyer of high-priced disk phenomenon.

According to LeTV announcement, February 8, a total of 2.13 billion shares lifted the listing of circulation, accounting for 5.35% of the total share capital of the company. The lifting of the ban is the music Watch September 23, 2015 by the CSRC approved the increase of shares, the set increase by Aug. 8, 2016, the issue of shares of 107 million shares, the issue price of 45.01 yuan / share .

In this, China Post Fund and Harvest Fund subscribed 21,329,000 shares respectively, respectively, 960 million yuan; financial funds subscribed 39,102,000 shares, a total investment of 1,760,000,000 yuan; Zhang Jianping subscribed 24,883,000 shares, a total of 11.2 billion.

According to the Beijing News reported, on August 21, 2017, LeTV implemented the 2016 annual equity distribution plan, the capital reserve to all shareholders for every 10 shares 10 shares. According to February 7, the closing price of LeTV calculation, the China Post Fund and Harvest Fund fixed increase in the stock market value of about 200 million yuan; Fortune Fund holding market value of about 380 million yuan; Zhang Jianping holding market value of about 240 million yuan . Calculated on this basis, the total floating deficit of about 2.9 billion.

To be targeted for additional set so much, are heads and faces of the characters, can not always planted it? Think of ways to let the music up a few days and then throw, but also recover a lot. So most of the influx of music today may be short-term funds.

So, the weather, a good show, wait for individual investors to see them happy Na.


Into the drama of retail friends, please calm down! Speculation risky, really advise individual friends, abnormal must have demon, especially such small stocks, bottoming out rebound is likely to fall again. Now as the ST music and ST Paul Trinidad situation congenial, losing streak for so long, but chasing Alice small stock investors.

Another opportunity for margin investors to make a profit is that LeTV regained the opportunity to lend in nearly a year or two, but the odds are slim. Secondly, at the end of October last year, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has removed LeTV from the list of the stocks that are the subject of margin financing and securities lending. Before the exclusion, LeTV has nearly two billion U.S. dollars of financial assets Part of the financing disk has long exceeded the open line.

In short, want to follow the trend of short-term, small investors who make quick money in the music as they do not "licking blood"; from this afternoon, music as the stock price up momentum, there have been loosening.


Music Watch opened daily limit: the market value back to 20 billion yuan

February 8 news, as of today's closing, music video stock price of 5.08 yuan, compared with 5.39% the previous day, the turnover of 4.101 billion, the total market capitalization rose to 20.266 billion yuan.

Music as the stock price today directly to limit down 4.34 yuan opening, the twelfth consecutive limit-down, then the stock began to rebound; intraday high of 5.28 yuan, up from the price of 5.30 yuan only one step away.

Music Watch today lifted 213 million shares, accounting for 5.35% of the total share capital. The restricted shares were lifted in August 2016, the three organizations involved in the music network to increase the postal fund, Harvest Fund, the Fund and Niu Sanzhang Jianping shares held.

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