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After 11 daily limit to open music after the board where to go?

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LeTV opened the daily limit, which is also considered a small gift received by investors of the music video stock in the Chinese Lunar New Year. For yesterday morning in the position of the daily limit grab chips of investors, can be considered a big red envelope. In fact, LeTV yesterday's opening is not much suspense. After all, the previous trading day, in the 11th daily limit position, LeTV has been heavy volume, the day there are nearly 400000000 yuan of funds in the "pry board", so yesterday, open optimistic about the network is expected. Seize the opportunity to grab a red envelope come in, this is the true nature of speculators.

But it can only be short-fried only. Although LeTV shares have been opened, which also means LeTV shares have come out of the most tragic decline, but where LeTV is going is an unknown, does not rule out the music video stock after a brief rebound, still will Lowering the music company's future, did not become clear with the opening of the music video stock price.

First, LeTV still needs to face the issue of whether it will withdraw from the market. At present, the SFC does not give a clear statement. After all, with the outbreak of the music crisis, there is widespread suspicion in the market of the suspicion of disclosure of false information caused by the music video IPO. What's more, in the previous "Li amount case", Li amount accepted bribes companies such as music as a fait accompli, while the amount of music for the listing of LeTV provides "help." Under the background that the SFC emphasizes strengthening market supervision and cracking down illegal activities, it is hard for Esprit IPO suspected of false disclosure to escape the eyes of the SFC. More than half of the fate of LeTV is controlled by the SFC on.

Second, LeTV will not be investigated and dealt with by the Securities and Futures Commission in the disclosure of false information concerning the use of the loan by Jia Youting to the company, which is related to the life and death of the LeTV website. Currently, it appears that the information disclosure used by the company after the reduction of shares by Jia Youting is entirely false information disclosure. If the CSRC investigates the case and finally makes a punishment decision, LeTV will attract huge investor's claims, which is not enough for the current capital On the already troubled LeTV, is tantamount to worse.

Third, the music video open the board, and February 8 closing price of 5.08 yuan is actually not low. After all, the performance of 2017 LeTV is pre-losing 11.6 billion yuan, in the face of such a huge loss, LeTV even immortality is deserved. At the same time, it is also based on the music giant huge loss of 11.6 billion yuan, which means that the music network in the fourth quarter of last year increased losses of 10 billion, corresponding to a net loss of 2.51 yuan per share. LeTV net assets per share in the third quarter of last year was 3.13 yuan, net of fourth-quarter net assets deducted 2.51 yuan, that is, 2017 net music per net assets of about 0.62 yuan. That is, the current book value of Letv net book value of more than 8 times. This is a very high price position, especially for the risk of LeTV, 8 times the book value implies a greater investment risk. In the stock investment analysis, generally lower stock market bookings, the higher the investment value, otherwise the investment value is lower.

Fourthly, where does LeTV's shareholding flow affect the next fate of LeTV as well? LeTV stock plunges need to complete two missions. First, let Jiayue Pavilion burst out, the second is to let Sun Hongbin or Rongchuang in the low mass holdings of shares of Music Watch, a controlling shareholder of Music Watch. Completed these two missions, is conducive to further development of music under the watch. However, judging from the current situation, both of these goals seem to have not yet reached, which means that the loss of music Watch network has not yet completed the task.

In addition, February 8, Music Watch has 213 million restricted shares lifted the market. And Le Watch also happens to open the daily limit on this day, which does not rule out being the main body of a set of self-help behavior. After the self-rescue mission is completed, it is not ruled out that LeTV returned to the downtrend. So from the current situation, investors should not chase high buy music video stocks.

□ Pi Ha Chau (financial commentators)

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