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LETV opened end of 11 even fall or staged shareholders escape

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The 8 day after the published charts show, Thailand securities Limited by Share Ltd Dezhou 38 Road Securities Business Department to buy 136 million yuan, sold 688 thousand yuan, is the day to buy the largest amount of business department; GF Securities Limited by Share Ltd Shenzhen Shennan Road Securities Sales Department to sell 132 million yuan, ranked first in the standings to sell.

In fact, different from the first 10 trading days after the re licensing, the music network ushered in a large amount of money on the eleventh trading days, but eventually failed to open the board. February 7th morning, LETV suddenly substantial volume, frequent hand pay; as of the close, the turnover of nearly 400 million yuan, hit a new high after the resumption of trading.

Then, the market appeared on the "LETV plate", "ready hunters admission" and other speculation; now it seems that the first guess has come true. But the industry believes that at present, the valuation of music network is uncertain, and the debt crisis of the company is far from being lifted. There is no positive stimulus on the fundamentals, and the possibility of continued decline is still high. At this time, it's too early to talk about the bottom up.

It is too early to copy the bottom

From the 7 day after the billboard transaction data, to buy five seats are hot money, buy 38 million 200 thousand yuan in total, did not appear large shopping spree phenomenon; and the seller five seats sold far bigger than the total sold 196 million yuan. There are media reports, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have been adjusted positions in the hot money gangster ready money, Twelfth limit for skid plate LETV, part from bovine Sanzhang Jianping and Oriental Securities Longjing Road business department rescue funds; the other part is that Sun Hongbin comeback LETV long-term funds; the last part is to do the next day short the short-term funds.

During LETV suspension, the post fund, Harvest Fund more than 20 home heavily held LETV public fund had cuts on the valuation of the company, the price dropped to 3.9 yuan. Compared with LETV before the suspension of 15.33 yuan / share, the most undervalued has shrunk over 70%, equivalent to 13 consecutive daily limit.

In LETV shares from 3.9 yuan valuation of only two daily limit, suddenly enter large amounts of money, quickly led the market for LETV will open daily limit, investors in the bargain hunting opportunity speculation.

In fact, some previously estimated LETV do not appear daily limit of 13 of the funds have been through purchase or buy Shigekura LETV fund, arbitrage opportunities layout LETV early board. However, a broker who doesn't want to be named thinks that no one can decide how many of them are down. The funds that are heavily loaded should consider suspending the purchase and protecting their earnings as much as possible.

At the same time, there is a market for the blue whale TMT reporter pointed out that although LETV 7 days suddenly peatlands, but there are still 4 million 621 thousand single sealed daily limit, calculated according to 4.82 yuan / share, the money amount is about 2 billion 227 million yuan.

"This is still a cup of water for the music network." The personage said, "the credit system of the music vision has been damaged and the performance is very poor, although the stock price has fallen a lot, but it is not yet the time to copy the bottom." At this time, eager to buy more like speculation, it is necessary to do a good job of accepting the loss of psychological preparation.

As of December 31, 2017, there was a total of 9 billion 288 million yuan for financing loan and loan debt, of which 5 billion 619 million yuan would expire in 2018. In terms of performance, the net expected net profit loss of 11 billion 605 million yuan to 11 billion 610 million yuan in 2017.

Or put on a stockholder's big escape

It is worth noting that 213 million shares of the limited shares of the music vision net were banned in February 8th, accounting for 5.35% of the total share capital of the company. According to the announcement, the restricted shares lifted, in August 2016 three LETV is given by the agency in the post fund, Harvest Fund, CAITONG fund and Sanzhang shares held by Jianping cattle.

At that time, LETV non-public offering of 107 million shares of new shares, the issue price of 45.01 yuan / share (right after the resumption of 22.5 yuan / share). Among them, the post fund allocated amount of 959 million yuan, the number of shares allocated 21 million 320 thousand shares; harvest fund allocated amount of 959 million yuan, the number of shares allocated 21 million 320 thousand shares; CAITONG fund allocated 39 million 100 thousand shares allocated, the amount of 1 billion 759 million yuan; Zhang Jianping allocated 24 million 880 thousand shares allocated, the amount of 1 billion 120 million yuan.

Even though LETV opened the limit plate, the restricted shares held by these shareholders can be sold, but according to the cost of shareholding after equity allocation, the loss is still small. It is reported that the post fund and harvest fund holdings of 42 million 657 thousand shares, CAITONG fund holdings of 78 million 200 thousand shares, Jianping holdings 49 million 767 thousand shares, four of total deficit of more than 3 billion yuan.

The day before, there are investors in LETV investors will ask before the resumption of the company will launch what measures to stabilize the stock market, LETV responded that "the stock price is affected by multiple factors. At this stage, the company will focus on solving the shortage of funds and supply chain problems facing the company in order to restore the firm's business. "

It is understood that the end of the lock up period means that shareholders can own the public sale of shares held by the shareholders, is to cash out or continue to hold, often directly determines the price trend. But for 11 days, and for a long time in the happy state of the music network, the ban on the sale of shareholders is mostly a bad news.

At present, it is still impossible to judge whether the shareholders of the music network will choose to sell after the limit of the ban on the sale of the shares. But in the broker who seems, from the current situation, LETV "revive" the probability is not large, has been deeply stuck in the lock up period after the end of the shareholders, may be more inclined to sell assets, reduce loss.

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