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Baidu take-off and withdrawal agents start renamed hungry integration difficulties highlighted

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Baidu take-out renamed countdown hungry integration difficulties highlighted

Reporter Zhang Jie Beijing coverage

Following the previous wave of unruly agents after the end, the key moment in the integration of Baidu takeaway seems to have a new change in the situation, and thus set off the waves also wave after wave.

February 8, "China Times" reporter learned from Baidu Hung informed sources were informed that Baidu take-away has begun to abolish some city channel manager, renamed the program also put on the agenda, and many executives left the low profile.

Previously hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xu Hao Baidu takeout in the acquisition had said that it would be hungry Baidu take-away investment in capital, flow, manpower and other resources to support Baidu take-care bigger and stronger, and now will continue to be acquired Baidu takeaway agents in the end is the total abolition of why? Baidu take-off in the hungry what will be renamed after the complete integration of the back, the consolidation of the dilemma has become increasingly prominent.

Abolish the plus code drag the order

Although Baidu has been abandoned before Baidu takeaway was high profile married, but eventually came to layoffs and the continued absence of executives end.

February 8, Baidu take-out industry insiders told the "China Times" reporter confirmed that Baidu take-away in the near future once again abolished some city channel manager.

According to report, this is following the January 29 this year, Baidu Takeaway Department announced in Beijing headquarters abolished Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Guiyang, Nanning and other channels of city manager, Baidu takeaway once again withdrew the city channel manager.

According to the previous news, a total of more than 100 hungry Baidu takeout channel city manager conducted several layoffs, and ultimately retained about 35 channel city manager.

Almost at the same time, Baidu takeover of many executives have left. And all this may be the reason why Baidu take-away high-level continuous exchange of blood.

According to statistics, on September 8 last year, after Baidu take-away CTO Geng Yankun left, September 15, hungry Baidu take-out to adjust what executives announced Baidu takeaway CEO Gong Zhenbing transferred to Baidu takeaway chairman, Weihai appointed Baidu takeout The new CEO, Baidu take-away technical high-level talent Dai Shaowei, Cui Dai Rui, Jiang Fan is still responsible for the technical field.

It is understood that Baidu takeaway orders are being seriously affected.

The insider disclosed to reporters, in addition to serious declines in agents city orders, Baidu take-away orders in Beijing are also declining, because now there is no Baidu takeaway direct logistics team, mainly rely on agents and crowdsourcing team team, which not only increased The difficulty of management, distribution efficiency has also been greatly affected, the complaint rate increased significantly.

Insiders told reporters that the hunger after the acquisition of Baidu take-out after many layoffs and high-level turmoil, its strength has fallen sharply, and in the hungry Baidu takeaway wantonly targeted changes , What will eventually be hungry integration deadlock, its future development prospects also worry the industry.

Another insider bluntly, Baidu takeaway during the integration period, not only the management has undergone major changes, continued cooperation of business defection, the future market share or will be substantially reduced, this way, hungry want to take the lead take Baidu takeaway takeaway market more difficult Will be further increased.

Renamed name on the strings

And what more hungry headache thing is renamed the problem, as Ali hungry eventually can not accept the title of Baidu takeout.

Insiders told the "China Times" reporter, in fact, from the beginning of 2018, hungry Mody already started to study the renamed matters, although at present they studied a number of rounds of programs, the final has not yet settled down.

"However, in the May 10 this year will be finalized, because this day is the anniversary of Baidu takeout set up a commemorative day, hungry it definitely will not allow such a thing happen. "These people told reporters bluntly, in fact, the day of the acquisition of the hungry had this idea.

According to the information at that time, Zhang Xuhao announced the acquisition of Baidu takeaway the same day had said that the name of the future take-off Baidu may change. Baidu is because Baidu takeaway has been sold, do not want Baidu takeout continue to use this name.

February 9, "China Times" reporter on the layoffs and senior executives leaving the job, several calls hungry the relevant person in charge, but as of press time, the reporter did not have any reply on the matter.

"Although said during the acquisition that we want to create a new high-end takeaway brand, but the recent results of the development point of view, Baidu take-away seems to have been in the distrust of what the plate, at any time there may be a major probability of major changes in the situation events occur. "Another observer told reporters analysis.

"Dual-brand" questioning

Although previously hungry in the acquisition of Baidu take-out proposed to create a dual-brand development strategy, however, Baidu take-out suffered many layoffs and high-level runaway, the future will be how to develop the current there seems to be a big problem, Not to mention the future of dual-brand future development strategy. "Insiders told reporters analysis.

According to the previous acquisition of Baidu takeaway hungry information shows that Zhang Xuhao Baidu takeout in the acquisition had said that it will be hungry Baidu take-away investment in capital, flow, manpower and other resources to support Baidu take-out bigger and stronger, so that users The experience is greatly improved.

To this end of last year, what hungry and Baidu takeaway jointly released the first take-out industry meal box standard, Zhang Xuhao had publicly said that Baidu take-away to the hungry provides a hair force in the high-end market ideas.

"What is hungry right now Baidu takeaway big move, and led to a serious decline in orders the situation, which will make the dual-brand plan previously affected by being affected. "Another industry insiders told reporters that if Baidu take-out brand development difficulties, it will certainly make you hungry spend 500 million US dollars to buy Baidu takeaway.

According to previous data shows that Baidu take-out to sell 500 million US dollars, Baidu Baidu flow of imported resources to feed it, the price of 300 million US dollars, the total purchase price is 800 million US dollars. Of the 800 million U.S. dollars, 200 million U.S. dollars are cash, 300 million U.S. dollars are hungry, 5% of the shares are hungry after the transaction is completed, and the remaining 300 million U.S. dollars are locked for five years. In addition, Baidu takeaway brand to retain 18 months to use what hungry.

"Baidu takeaway 18 months to see the brand has more than half the right to use, the urgent need for performance, and eventually had to Baidu takeaway sweeping reforms. "Some observers told reporters that because of this, it also allows Baidu Takeaway just bought again into the integration of the development dilemma.

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