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On hundred head Wars: the headlines and Baidu attacking each other than to read

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It is not surprising that the two sides have developed to each other at the stage of tearing each other today. It may be said that the rise of today's headlines is drilling Baidu own fence with no loopholes, but also want to see, the new user needs someone to meet. Now, DAU is approaching two hundred million users, and the valuation is stable at around 20 billion dollars. What's more, today's headlines are developing rapidly.videoSuch products as watermelon videos, jitter, tiny headbands and small volcanoes are all hot. The contents of the headlines are rising. The content distribution has become a substantial threat to Baidu's main business for many years.

In recent years, regardless of Baidu's acceptance, Chinese public opinion is dissatisfied with Baidu. Whether it is for advertising or the protection of intellectual property rights law of the jungle are people courteously but without sincerity rather disappointed, and as the search engine Baidu foundation of underdevelopment is public trough point. Direct point of view, looking forward to a better use of more efficient products instead of Baidu, not to say that it is a consensus, at least a considerable number of people's expectations. Interestingly, this replacement is not the return of a stealth Google that everybody calls for years, neither Sogou, 360, nor Ali,tencentTo get a more cattle search engine is an unknown headline two or three years ago.

This is a little bit like a famous theory. It's not the other cameras but the digital cameras that beat Kodak's camera. NOKIA is not Motorola, but smart phone. Baidu thought with "world second" search technology and national barriers will China monopoly market, its potential rivals are also deliberately plan to combat focus on search engine technology company, but it did not expect, it is not to subvert the search technology, but the recommendation algorithm.

In essence, the search is "the product makes people smarter", and the users' appeal to the search engine is simple, "accurately finding the information they want to find." Although the ultimate goal is to get information, the path to finding information is guided by human direction and search engine technology. But the algorithm recommends that "products replace human mobility". Users don't need to think on today's headlines. Even according to the idea of today's headlines, when the personalized recommendation algorithm reaches the extreme, what information the user needs will be automatically presented to the front. It doesn't need users to play their subjective initiative at the same time. A bit like to eat children, one is, there is a large kitchen, what are you, what do you want to find their own, one is, you want what I know, you do not have to move, lying is good, I can give you the most need to find food into your mouth, you should do things just talk.

After this new situation, Baidu has become more passive and more normal. Two kinds of information flow feeding, in the current Chinese environment, today's headlines will be more popular. Of course, there will be an ethical discussion of the two information flow patterns, and there are many drawbacks in this way. But it's not true that Baidu has completely blamed his own crisis on the headlines. After all, in the information stream platform, users are not the only "lie - eating" slacker pattern, and many users have the need to seek information. The flow of information provided by search technology and the information flow recommended by algorithms are essentially two kinds of business, and the two needs are very large.

Baidu is actually learning headlines right now. Baidu has recently said many times that it wants to make "search recommendations" in a twin-engine mode. I think it's still a practice that doesn't fasten its fences, thinking every day about picking up neighbors' grass. That's true. The total amount of information flow is a matter of rising and falling, but if Baidu builds its own fence to the maximum of its search technology, the flow of information entering from the search engine is still considerable. Now Baidu does not care about its main business. Find a way to compete with today's headline algorithm recommended information flow market, may not come from other fields of grass, but also the wasteland of their own fields.

Of course, I also believe that today's headlines are not overbearing. This is not for each of the fifty strokes and Xiangyuan, but today's headlines are also not completely fastened the fence, but also built moat is not deep enough. The biggest problem in the headline today is that it has to achieve a balance between the content quality of the information flow and the rate of clicking. Zhang Yiming claims that "there is no value in the algorithm," but the passive situation that has recently been talked about by the headlines has already explained the problem. Although today's headlines have been recruiting a lot of editors to control content quality, improving the quality of information flow can not solve problems only by politicizing and entertaining. In the field of content, today's headlines must abandon the rationalism of tools and embrace the value reason, otherwise the model will continue to be challenged by all parties.

For the massive users, Baidu has not set up the so-called "head office" (against today's headlines, headlines Office) there is no malicious strong black Baidu, these trivial details aren't important, each other is not strong, tear force in the public relations really restore their dignity. In the real battlefield, also speak on their products, the two sides who can thoroughly reflect on the reform, who can be guagu reborn, who will win the recognition of users and the media, who ignored basic business ethics, who ignore the content of ethics, who may eventually be abandoned by the user.

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