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Taobao, Netease, Jingdong why have started a factory electricity supplier?

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The golden age of the e-commerce upstream factory appears to be back.

Netease Netease or Jingdian Netease koala launched its determination to create a global high-quality factory brand incubator "global factory shop", or Alibaba's Taobao heart and millet home selection of goods , And even Maternal and Child Electricity Bud on the line its own brand "rabbit head mom selection", they are all to promote their products manufacturers from well-known overseas brands in China's manufacturers.

So invariably direct access to the factory, in addition to price advantage, "factory + e-commerce" in the end where the imagination? , But who can finally get the initiative?

Working with the factory card, Jingdong Taobao NetEase is just the same thing

Although the focus of publicity is currently different, but the basic model is two categories.

First, Tokyo made in Beijing, Taobao heart selected, "borrow chicken raw egg" rdquo;

Jingdong on-line life home-owned brand "Beijing made" ;, on the net Netease strictly selected, rice home products, the use of OEM / ODM mode. As Ali's first self-owned shops, "Taobao heart selected" and did not disclose the supplier, and even the shop does not have any introduction about Taobao brand heart, there is no exact news that it is through the ODM model Directly linked with the big brand or brand self-built plant. But what is certain is that they all build their own brand through their own factories.

If "Beijing Tokyo made" is to cut the market Taobao, Taobao heart that is selected to conduct such as NetEase severely diverted. But as an integrated e-commerce platform, they have to choose to restrain themselves, because to maintain good relations with many related brands, to avoid their backward platform.This Beijing Tokyo Taobao heart made and destined to be destined to only get the Group's limited resources and ready to step on the brake preparation, so as not to impact the group's original cash cow business.

Therefore, at this stage, Tokyo Tokyo Taobao heart selection and more is testing the water.

Second, Netease strict selection, Netease Koala global factory shop, a plant two systems

In contrast, NetEase carefully selected no burden. NetEase's original life as a self-employed e-commerce brand, NetEase strictly declared that they are the first ODM model of the country's electricity supplier, ODM mode and direct connection with big brands, excluding the brand premium and intermediate links. However, in the factory e-commerce, Netease Koala also made a chess: the world's factory store, the biggest difference between the two is the brand.

NetEase strict selection is Netease's own brand of business, the ownership of the brand belongs to Netease, manufacturers provide design and production, is the ODM model; Netease Koala global factory outlets are manufacturers, factories, platforms to provide markets and channels Support, is the F2C model, which is Netease electricity supplier is a "one plant two systems" path.

Contrast "Beijing made", Mijia goods, etc., the global factory store may be regarded as the first factory in the country willing to create a license for electricity suppliers, factories for their own brand of service, the global factory shop is to help the factory to establish their own Brand.

For the factory, if you are strong and want to create a brand independently, you can choose Netease Koala global factory shop. If you are still helping international brand foundry and hope to develop steadily, you can choose carefully.

NetEase released the latest earnings report on February 8, NetEase net revenue in 2017 was 54.102 billion yuan, an increase of 41.7%; of which e-commerce business net income of 116.70 billion yuan, an increase of 156.9%, which is the first business Netease business In a separate form disclosed in the earnings report, it seems a lot of factory e-commerce for its color. However, inside Netease, Netease Koala global factory outlets and Netease strict selection to some extent constitute a competition, a little "no matter the black cat white cat caught the mouse is a good cat" taste.

Is to come from behind or stepping stones, have to answer these four questions

Of course, whether it is Taobao heart election, Beijing Tokyo made Netease strict election, Netease Koala global factory shop, as a variable of the electricity supplier market, the vision is by no means stopped at this point. In the end it will eventually come from behind, or become a stepping stone to the success of the opponent, we may wish to look at the success or failure of determining the four e-commerce factory.

First, brand building, in the end whether it fly?

Simply put, Beijing Tokyo, Taobao heart is making their own brand selection, Netease strict selection is also making their own brands (in fact, Amazon is also pushing its own brand, there are foreign media Browse the Amazon more than 800 applications for a U.S. patent Trademark Office trademark brand and found that there are 19 brands actually owned by Amazon, and there are products on the Amazon or product pages), and Netease Koala global factory store is incubating the brand.

However, shaping the brand branding, scoring two aspects, said the first platform.

1, which category suitable?

First of all, you can be sure that Jingdong, Taobao, Netease who can not expand all categories. Because the upgrading of consumption is brought about by quality upgrades, quality upgrades must bring the brand differentiation, that is, its own e-commerce brand expansion should "do something, do not do something". Can imagine that NetEase licensing refrigerators and washing machines better than Haier it? Lynx mobile phone can PK Apple Huawei? Jingdong UAV drills can do it?

Second, after entering only the choice of Ali and Jingdong fire outside the territory may "take advantage of" r. Netease electricity supplier is one of the reasons why the emergence of a sudden change is Netease strict selection and Netease Koala Hai choose to buy home this non-standard category. This category has both clothing and high-frequency just like, without the brand as a fashion blessing and fashion trend, and the customer is not high, not low, not only can induce consumers to taste fresh, but also support the centralized control of goods, remote delivery Costs loss, the most important is Ali, Jingdong did not eat thoroughly. However, once Netease occupy non-standard, millet occupy a small 3C, followed by people think of overtaking, there are few opportunities, including Beijing Tokyo Taobao heart and made.

2, in the end brand-driven or traffic-driven

There is no doubt that Jingdong, Taobao do own brand's largest chip is the traffic advantage. butBells believe that in the factory e-commerce here, traffic can not play a big role.Put aside its own brand and supplier brands will be there is no game, if the flow is really everything, Amazon will not silently do a lot of its own brand and not to promote, Jingdong has done four or five own-brand Will not fail.

Netease has been able to do because Netease is using its own brand value (fine quality + attitude) to give a careful selection and global factory shop, fine quality + attitude = NetEase = strict selection + global factory shop = strict selection of products / Global factory shop.

Millet is also, with their own brand value (quality + price) to enable products, quality + price = millet = rice = products = products have products

The basis of brand empowerment is the brand value, consumer trust millet, Netease, dare to pay orders.

Therefore, in the global factory store model, Netease Koala Hai Buy actually lent its own brand value to the factory to provide nanny services.

3, the risk of branding is the emergence of "pig teammates" rdquo;

One of the risks associated with brand empowerment is that once individual quality products arrive, the most damaged ones are brands rather than factories, and the model will collapse.

As some people say, "consumers will not trust NetEase because several games will not work, but disappointment may be disappointed with NetEase if they continue to be disappointed with carefully selected products. & rdquo; and the Chuan Fang is also Chuan Yan election "Yan" mainly reflected in five aspects: selection and big names of equal quality or even better commodity raw materials; check the supplier factory management, such as bringing SGS and BV (quality inspection Company) personnel audit together; sample quality inspection, clearance after the production of large goods; warehousing inspection before storage (rather than random inspection); re-inspection after warehousing. This is obviously a strict check on ensuring "foolproof".

However, for Jingdong, Taobao, Netease, are a gamble, but the more in-depth, the greater the bet.

Besides the factory side, the main test is the OEM-ODM-OBM, the road to the next step can keep pace.

First explain these three modes:

  • OEM, that is, "original equipment manufacturing" is the most pure and the lowest level "OEM" & rdquo ;.
  • ODM, that is, "original equipment manufacturers", that is, "on behalf of processing," is the paste of the customer's brand, using his own son. Big selling red rice in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, a lot of glory series of mobile phones by the Wen Tai, Dragon Flag and other ODM manufacturers to design and commissioned to Foxconn, IAC manufacturing.
  • OBM, that is to create their own brand stand up call the shots. Taiwan's Acer, Asus, Jinjiang shoe boss is this set of play.

China is now a world-wide ODM powerhouse. MUJI, UNIQLO, Adidas, Zara, many of the products are designed and manufactured by the mainland Chinese manufacturers, but the factory is "kneeling and making money" passive side. To achieve the factory from the OEM-ODM-OBM advanced, only the development of its own brand, the direction of development and profits clenched in their own hands, to "earn money standing" & rdquo.

But for the factory, this is a tough step for children. Their weaknesses in marketing, promotion and marketing make it difficult to build their own brands independently. Netease Koala sea to buy "global factory store" is to see such an opportunity.

This is in fact also validating the survival of a factory e-commerce law, that is, "factory - brand - retail" new model: the factory side have a profit, have to sell the product, and build a brand of moat; Platform to find a differentiated business model, explore the new blue ocean; and consumers, to enjoy a lower price better products. Only when all three parties take care of this road can it be possible to get through.

Second, the foundry on behalf of good quality?

This problem is actually discussed, because the foundry to a big brand manufacturers use is a line of production, if the general commissioned production, it may be another production line, the other production standards, soGood generation does not necessarily represent good quality.

But a good factory must be a good foundation. They have the equipment, production technology, management capabilities and technical personnel, as well as production capacity, to produce high-quality goods is a guarantee, which is why Netease electricity supplier, Jingdong, Taobao Xinzuo death Knock factory reasons.

However, the platform side needs to play a good "buyer" and "QC" dual role can only make good use of "good factory" this weapon. So whether it is the latest announcement of the establishment of Lynx "Product Innovation Center", or strict selection of staff in-depth to all core areas of raw materials, to find good manufacturers, and from raw material selection, product design, proofing, the scale of production and sales And other industry-wide links with manufacturers to maintain communication, they are all hoping to play a good role, but "details are the devil" who can be superior, and now still not allowed.

Third, the overseas market will be a good business?

Factories (or manufacturing industries) have been a topic of great interest to the sea for a long time, but they have few successes. However, the blessing of the e-commerce platform this time has made imagination different. Lynx first appeared a trump card & mdash; domestic and foreign new business cards, and a number of cooperation has been a well-known brands such as Bosideng, Antarctic, precisely, Lin Wood and so on.

Benefit from the advantages of Netease Koala sea shopping in the global supply chain side, Netease Koala is the world's factory shops hatching high-quality products from overseas manufacturers, it is said that the future global factory store platform will also achieve global exports. In fact, Amazon is also infiltrating the Chinese manufacturing companies to launch Amazon global shop "manufacturing +" program to help Chinese manufacturers create a free brand output overseas, but also on-line Amazon Busines business.

But still not an easy task.

1,For factories, to join the global factory shop and "manufacturing +" MCN such an electricity business or the most preferred, Such as papitube, the new studio and so on, e-commerce platform and factory division of labor, to do what they do best, the probability of success even greater.

2, For the manufacturing or factory brands, the first success may be some very "Qiaoqiao" categories.such as:

① labeled with Chinese characteristics or Chinese just brand, such as thermal underwear, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., can not be purchased overseas, people still think after leaving the country.

② eager to go international brands, such as Bosideng fought overseas markets for many years, but little gain.

③ "Strong" but "weak brand", such as home furniture category, the global factory shop and Amazon "manufacturing +" is also focused on supporting such.

3,Overseas market is a tough battle, most likely "bamboo basket fetch a water".Before Tencent and Baidu start paying to attack the Southeast Asian market. Once the problem of payment has been solved, the core value of the brand to the sea lies in how to make the domestic brand stories accepted by foreigners. The marketing of Tmall, Netease and others has yet to be verified. From Jingdong Internationalization Strategy Almost Times "Taciturn" (In 2014, Jingdong hired Huawei executive Xu Xinquan to head Jingdong's overseas business unit, but in less than two years, Xu Xinquan left Jingdong. In August 2016, Jingdong Mall CEO to "family reasons" internal transfer to Jingdong International President settled in the United States, but in early 2017, joined the Takatsuki capital.) Overseas war curtain has just been pulled up.

In addition, there are media reports that log in LAZADA site and found that "a lot of Lynx, Taobao products detail page has some Chinese, especially Bosideng and other apparel products, the details page and domestic no different. "It seems that the giants need to be well prepared.

Fourth, the homogeneity of competition how to break?

When Taobao Xinxuan, Beijing Tokyo made, the first batch of main products are strictly selected, millet similar suitcases, towels and some household goods, the story of the factory electricity providers have to face the problem of homogeneity. Especially in the development model, if both ODM emphasis, then the factory production of products can be free to label all kinds of partners.E-commerce platform for the party, it did not form an effective barrier to competition, the last is likely to fall into the cycle of price war and traffic warfare.So in the worst situation before the platform side need to take precautions. The bell thinks the next story might sound like this:

1, offline scene extension

From the experience of former women's self-owned brands in Beijing Jingdong sinking sand, the product differentiation of the road exceptionally difficult, it is difficult to make the brand name on the price, style division. And rely on smart retail background quickly go offline channels may be Beijing Tokyo made worth considering the direction. In fact, NetEase has been severely selected under the test line extension of the scene, in addition to cooperation and Asia, launched "Asia duo" middot; NetEase strictly selected hotel "scene e-commerce hotel, but also in the Vanke Valley and the Islands Apartments launched a new scene Space concept "severely selected HOME". There are more possibilities for this scenario offline.

2, force IP intellectual property

In the sense of the factory e-commerce, ODM e-commerce (the global factory store is F2C e-commerce) focuses on the selection of products. If only the minor modification suggestions can be made, there is no intellectual property and no real product partition . Therefore, it is foreseen that the future competitiveness of the factory electricity supplier lies in who can have more effective IP incubation.

There is some initiative in this respect for the products backed by millet and some intellectual property rights for themselves. Lynx also set up a "product innovation center". Last year, strict selection began to strengthen the design team to launch such as "Black Pineapple" series and other design brands, it is said that there may be all the game Netease IP, as well as external Netease IP are connected. Then look at what Beijing-Tokyo Games under the pawn.

In short, tied to the factory's e-commerce platform, which is a brand new battle of its own brand, the key to victory or defeat is not only the channel, flow, supply chain practice, more importantly, changes in user understanding and continuous Extended boundaries.

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