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Huawei is banned in the United States and then upgrade the clichés outside the protection of Apple's heart highlights?

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The six leaders are in charge of the CIA, FBI, NSA and the National Intelligence Agency. They first expressed their skepticism about Huawei and ZTE and believed that U.S. public officials and state agencies should not trust the products of the two Chinese enterprises. But with the usual cliche of security is the only reason, they for the first time Apple rival to describe Huawei. Think of these two years Apple in the world, especially in China's smart phone market and last year's flagship modeliPhoneX's performance, let us have to question in addition to sounding reasons, the fear of Huawei's commercial competition and the protection of Apple may be the real reason behind.

As we all know, the United States for many years in order to Huawei and ZTE's telecommunications equipment suspected of information security grounds, set obstacles to prevent Huawei and ZTE's telecommunications equipment to enter the US market, and this excuse in fact, the core of the protection of the United States is the telecommunications equipment manufacturing Business, such as the previous Lucent, Motorola, Cisco and so on. But with the gradual demise of domestic telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the United States, this excuse is in fact no longer valid. With the communications industry entering LTE and the upcoming 5G era, Huawei has once again become the leader.

To LTE, for example, according to Axios (US think tank) access to a Trump thinker finishing which is mainly involved in the United States 5G's strategic plan (the first one is the federal unified 5G network, the second is the operator decentralized competition Sex Building Solutions) at the end of the article annotated with a final analysis of the Huawei LTE leadership chart shows that in 2016, Huawei has 29% of the global market share has become the leading LTE market, Wharan swallow Alcatel-Lucent New Nokia ranked second, and again Ericsson, ZTE and Samsung ranked fourth and fifth. In response, the U.S. think tank said Huawei's share of the LTE market has risen 21% in six years, from three to the first. Because of the limitations of the US market, aside from the measurement of this area, Huawei's market share beyond the amazing is more than 40%, twice the sum of the new Nokia and Ericsson. In addition, the overall revenue of enterprises, Huawei is also ranked first.

And precisely because of the above accumulation in the field of communication, its unicorn 970 launched in 2017, will Huawei's accumulation in the field of communication and skill to play most vividly. Such as dual-card dual VoLTE and then the world's fastest LTE baseband, which is the first to reach 1.2Gbps downlink Cat.18. In contrast, the Snapdragon 845, Samsung Exynos 9810 almost six months behind to catch up, which also makes the Huawei cell phone in the competition with Apple has begun to take the upper hand in innovation and technology

As we all know, last year is the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone launch, for which Apple and the industry hope that through the flagship iPhoneX to reflect the strength of Apple's innovation. But unfortunately, iPhone X has failed to prove Apple's innovation, both from its innovative and actual sales and user experience. In the meantime, the exposure of the Apple "speed gate" incident not only alarmed the United States Congressman and China's Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission (both required to be explained and explained), but also led to many users of the lawsuit, and the outside world generally agreed that this is Apple in order to cover up the lack of innovation of its new iPhone and sales decline and indirectly promote the user replacement of the commercial means. In this regard, even the United States, "Time" magazine website published an article saying that Apple intends to slow down the old iPhone, may undermine the trust of users.

Compared to the lack of innovative Apple, Huawei mobile phone is all the way bullish, not only in the Chinese smartphone market ranked first, so that Apple can not catch up, even in the third quarter of last year, shipments in the global market has once surpassed Apple. Especially under the blessing of Kirin 970 and AI chips, its flagship Mate10 has been well received, both domestically and overseas (including the U.S. market). For example, the well-known technology media Android Authority recently released the "2017 Best Android mobile phone" comprehensive selection results show that Huawei Mate 10 Pro with a total score of 361 points, beat Samsung's Note8 ranked first to become the best Android mobile phone in 2017 , Which means that Huawei has become Apple's biggest competitor in the smart phone market.

If the above is Apple's lackluster and inappropriate marketing strategy led to decline in sales and reputation, the most concerned about their profits is also true.

According to a report released by market research firm Counterpoint Research last year, Apple still dominated the global smart phone market in the third quarter, but fell sharply from a year ago, from 86% a year ago to 60% . For example, the report shows that Apple's share of profits dropped from 83% in 2016 to 68% in the lowest quarter of last year, as reported by Smartacan Profit Report of financial services company Canaccord Genuity. In contrast, Huawei's share of profits increased significantly from 5% in 2016 to 15% in the highest quarter of last year. The so-called shift is the truth.

As we all know, as the world's most profitable companies, Apple is not only the world, but also the representative of the United States and the manifestation of innovation. However, according to the Bloomberg Innovations Index in 2018, China's innovation index has risen between two and 19 places, driven by an increase in the number of patents such as Huawei. In contrast, the United States fell out of the top 10 for the first time, falling from 9th last year to 11th. (Note: The Bloomberg Index scored on innovation in each country from seven criteria, including research and development expenditures, high-tech listed companies Concentration, etc.), Robert D. Atkinson, president of the Washington-based Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, said: "I have not seen any evidence that this trend will cease.

There are indications that Apple is facing the embarrassment of internal and external difficulties, especially under the weight of Huawei, a Chinese enterprise, but in this reality, if Huawei's mobile phone officially entered the home of Apple's United States, which means that this will ultimately protect Apple's commercial competition and interests Of the barriers will be completely broken, and this is no matter for Apple or the United States government are unwilling to see the so-called mantis catch cicada, the yellow bird in the post. Perhaps another important reason that companies in China, including ZTE, refused to enter the US market on many occasions because of political security is its fear of commercial fair competition.

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