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The Chinese Bomber can fly around the world at 7 times the speed of sound? Media: so the cow is good

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Original title: Well, the Chinese future bomber is so good!

But this 22 survey found that the so-called "hypersonic aircraft" is one of the basic research, and the bomber forced to pull together is even more outrageous.

Can you fly around the world at 7 times the speed of sound?

Chinese researchers are showing off a "hypersonic heavy bomber" that can reach New York within two hours at an unprecedented rate, the report said. The scientific team, led by Cui Kai, discussed a futuristic plane that could fly around the world and be fast enough. The missile defense systems of other countries can be ignored, "which is even more worrying that their technology may lead to World War III." the report also states that. The latest research has put Beijing at the forefront of the hypersonic competition between China and the United States. Lockheed Martin of the United States announced that initial progress was made last year on SR-72 supersonic reconnaissance and attack aircraft.

The report quoted a Chinese aircraft designer who did not participate in the study, saying that the aircraft was like a supersonic heavy bomber, carrying anything from flowers to bombs. He added: "this is a crazy design, but in any case, they have managed to make it work." The anonymous designer added that the scientific results were one of the aircraft that China is developing but has not yet reported. "This could lead to a big step forward in hypersonic technology."



Hongkong Nanhua Morning Post said that the test results of the hypersonic aircraft in China were good. The speed of the aircraft reached 7 times the speed of sound, that is, 8600 kilometers per hour. It only takes 2 hours to fly from Beijing to New York, while the current flight from Beijing to New York takes about 14 hours. A scientist also revealed that the new aircraft is likely to carry out air tests.

What did the Cui Kai team study?

A 22nd investigation by IDW: Huanqiu-com found that Cui Kai, a team of researchers at the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, did propose a new type of hypersonic aircraft layout. The paper was published in the journal Chinese Science: physical Mechanics Astronomy as a cover article. But the technology has nothing to do with the hypersonic heavy bomber program.


An aircraft envisaged effect map with hypersonic "I" type layout

This 22 days failed to contact Cui Kai researcher at the Institute of mechanics, but the official website of the February 2nd release of the progress of scientific research information shows that the Cui Kai team put forward the new "I" type double surface plane layout can meet the high lift drag ratio and high lift coefficient and high volume rate of "three high" demand, opened up a a new way for the future design of hypersonic aircraft". In hypersonic flight conditions, the strong shock wave and frictional resistance can cause the lift to rise more difficult than the lift, the site said. Because of the mutual constraints, the existing aircraft layout is difficult to reach the "three high" at the same time. To solve these problems, the Cui Kai team high wing "capture" based on the original concept, put forward the new layout in the English axial projection is similar to the letter "I", by adding additional lifting surface in the traditional layout above to capture the high pressure air, and a high lift, the lift drag ratio, and thus relieve volume the rate and the relationship between the parameters of the pneumatic contradiction.

However, there is no indication that the study is related to the "hypersonic heavy bomber". According to Cui Kai, hypersonic aircraft provides a more fast and comfortable vehicle for intercontinental travel in the future. This is also in line with the development trend of today's aviation industry, and a number of institutions and enterprises, including NASA and Boeing, are developing supersonic airliner.

Experts accept the ring interviewed said that this study is more inclined to basic research, is not a project type, have not even reached the stage of test machine. In order to achieve high supersonic flight, it is also faced with many problems, such as scramjet, advanced material and so on.

Hypersonic technology who dominate the field?

Chinese experts say the West likes to hype China's "hypersonic weapon" and is in fact part of the "China Threat Theory". In fact, the overall leadership of the United States in this area is still unshaken. The United States "Star Spangled Banner" 21, said the United States is currently focusing on the development of a number of hypersonic technology. The Pentagon believes that hypersonic weapons may bring a super advantage like a stealth fighter or a smart bomb. The US Air Force pioneered a plan called hypersonic breathing weapon concept, and the US military aircraft manufacturer also announced their hypersonic aircraft concept.


Hypersonic technology

China experts believe that many high supersonic programs in the United States, including the hypersonic aircraft has entered the development stage and validation machine engineering prototype, with leading edge technology and materials in the engine field, the U.S. advantage in hypersonic weapons is still more obvious.

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