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WeChat group pinch each other, box-horse founder said the United States mission to destroy half the valuation

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On the night of February 26, Hou Yi, the founder of box-horse, directly shouted in the WeChat community that Wang Huiwen, president of the large-scale retail group at the United States Mission, said: "The United States regiment killed the horse two years ago and this hatred has not been reported. This year Box horse will launch a new takeaway model to see if you can knock down half of your valuation, do not be happy too early & # 39;


On the night of February 26, just after the news that Ali's acquisition of a starved dish for $ 9.5 billion took place, the estimated value of the U.S. group's take-out reached $ 20 billion and was started to be discussed in a WeChat group. The founder of box-horse Hou Yi Ze Wang Huiwen, president of the large retail group in the group, said: "The first two years the U.S. regiment blocked the box horse and the hatred had not been reported. This year Box Horse will launch a brand new takeout model to see if it can Put half of your valuation, do not be too happy & hellip; & rdquo;

The Wang Hui Wen responded: "Doing business is to better serve users, not to engage in sabotage, allowing users to better experience the more choices of participants we are welcome. & rdquo;


Regardless of the previous grievances of both parties, the image given by the US delegation to the outside world is indeed not an enterprise of safety:

1, take-away in the field of the main battlefield, a competitor hungry merged Baidu take-away, was wholly owned by Ali acquisition. However, after the integration, Ali will undoubtedly use the combination of word-of-mouth + home + store to create a combination of boxing, coupled with HOU Hou said the box horse's "new take-out mode", the United States Mission will also experience long-term war of attrition;

In February last year, the US delegation announced that it had launched a taxi business in Nanjing. In July and September, the U.S. delegation went on line to visit cyclists and pilot timeshare leases respectively. In December, the U.S. delegation formally upgraded its taxi business strategy to business department. This means that the U.S. regiment and the droplet face each other directly;

3. In the new retail format, the United States regiment opened fresh fish in the box-cat's fresh-keeping mode in July last year. However, from the point of view of category and experiential sense, the palm fish lagged behind the box horse and therefore the palm fish has been very low-key since its establishment , Did not show a positive battle boxing posture;

4, from buy, hotel, ticketing, marriage, medicine to food SaaS and so on, and even share the charge treasure, the United States seems to be in any field plug in.

On December 13 last year, at the annual meeting of innovators in Europe and Europe, Wang Huiwen responded positively to the question of excessive enemy troop acquisition in the United States. He said: The new opportunity has just arrived. Everyone knows the opportunity and the industry has just realized Formation, the core competencies are very similar, not only the core competencies are similar, but in fact you can see the scenes are similar. There is no way that core competencies lead to a lot of crossover between scenes.

The other hand, box horse, as the new retail Ali's "Project No. 1" since its birth with a tall on the "aura" rhythm. However, with the same super-species Yonghui, both of which belong to the Tencent Department, the United States and the United States are all enjoying the same benefits. As the 7FRESH equivalent to the industry giant and the countless opponents of the cottage, the horse has become increasingly unstable.

After the first Jingdezhen 7FRESH opened in Yizhuang Plaza Square, Boxma immediately announced the opening of Yizhuang Branch the next day. In the face of the opening 7FRESH promotional strategy, Hou Yi sent two circles of friends, in attacking the old club at the same time, do not forget to "provoke" Jingdong and Wal-Mart alliance: "Laughter is also really powerful , Took the 3C play to play a new retail, so burn, do not know how to empower businesses? One day if you do not burn, I do not know if I will do business? Meet the electricity supplier barbarians, box horse only to follow up, can receive (pity) Yizhuang Sam's shop sams, ten years of hard work, to the barbarians to destroy ..... "


At the same time, Box Horse also entered the unmanned shelves and convenience stores in the tuyere. Looking at the objective situation of Boxer is actually similar to that of the United States. Faced with a large number of opponents eyeing, box horse need to fight from the founder had the determination. Time into 2018, the retail battle has entered Ali's competition with Tencent Department. For Ali, Boxma can be said to be the vanguard of its siege, offline retailers either into Ali, or face the risk of being killed by Boxer. Although Tencent has no retail gene, its platform's connection attributes have made Tencent's embrace the best choice for off-line retailers to defend Alibaba, and secondly, to maintain independent control. So perhaps we can see that the box horse has become so aggressive behind the refraction is Ali's attitude toward the Tencent and the determination of the new retail.

US group has always been not mess with the Lord, Wang Xing's view that the monopoly is the best business model in the world, the attitude of the competition has always been "concerned about the competitors, but do not care about how many opponents, is the" rdquo; The open challenge to the box horse, the mouth behind the US group in the actual business and how to pick?

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