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The man lost 700,000 in two months to get his hands on the App App

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Only to kill time but lost 700000 yuan

Mr. Wang told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that he has been working in perennial Anhui and other places for work. Last October, at the suggestion of his colleague, he downloaded a mobile app that "did not know when it was gamble, just to pass the time."

The reporter learned that the North Green, this APP is known as the game play "Egg", in fact, is a poker gameplay. Originated in Jiangsu Huaian first, followed by Jiangsu, Anhui and other popular areas. The fun of this play is a combination of diversity, full of changes, and therefore sought after by many chess enthusiasts.

The APP downloaded by Mr. Wang needs to be bets every time a card is played. The bet is a game coin in the game. In addition to a small amount of game coins initially donated by the APP, the player needs himself after participating in the game Spend money to buy. And if you can win the opponent's game currency, you can change the money APP.

From the beginning of the installation, Mr. Wang will continue to buy game currency, and then participate in playing cards, although each bet is not high, but the game often encounter "fried" and so on, the betting game currency will appear turn Times, even multiple times.

"I feel myself winning when my bet is low, but every time I bet more, I lose my money and do not know why, so over two months I bought over 700,000 Of the game currency, to the end all lost. "Mr. Wang said.

Playing cards overdraft credit card wife divorced angrily

Mr. Wang told the North China Youth Daily reporter that there is no limit to buying game currency within this APP. Most of his lost more than 70,000 yuan a day, and he did not notice the game has the corresponding prompt content.

Mr. Wang said he actually just felt that this is just an entertainment at the beginning, but he did not know why at that time and could not get out of his mind unconsciously. He finally got deeper and deeper until he lost more than 700,000 yuan After that, he just realized.

"I own only two or three thousand yuan a month's income, so much money is borrowed with relatives and friends, not to borrow after I went to each platform loans, or overdrafts credit cards, and now I am because of this, the work is lost, Still divorced his wife, and the owed money simply did not go up. "Mr. Wang said," there is a friend around me lose more, there are more than 100 million, his condition can be a little better, there is no less Debt, but his entire person has almost collapsed. "

Beiqing Daily reporter learned from the Baidu Post Bar, Weibo, etc., because the use of the APP and similar APP cards, many people have lost the "value" of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of game currency, like Mr. Wang Is not the case

Customer service that can not be refunded Counsel advised the police to deal with

The reporter learned that this APP is a network of Suzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed. The company said, "The company's existing mobile applications more than 10 models, the highest at the same time online users more than 10,000 people, the game platform registered users to break 10 million, the company's products are mainly chess and fishing games, divided into mobile version, web version , PC version of the company and strive to become the world's leading Internet and mobile Internet service providers to create the largest multi-terminal gaming platform.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the company's customer service staff, customer service staff said that similar to Mr. Wang suffered such incapacitats, because the game platform set the opponents are random, so who won the game currency and platform Can not decide, but there is no way to give Mr. Wang a refund, "We will be anti-indulge remind game, but as a participant in the game, there should be self-control." Customer service staff said.

North China Youth Daily reporter also called the company's mobile phone, but has no answer.

In response, lawyer Chen Hao, director of Shaanxi Dezun Law Firm, said the developer of the APP has allegedly infringed the law. "The development of gambling equipment, software, provision of venues and other acts that are illegal, if the circumstances are serious, may also constitute a crime. According to the provisions of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, for gambling purposes or for gambling, for three years He shall be sentenced to fixed - term imprisonment of not more than three years and not more than 10 years' imprisonment and shall be fined a maximum of three years in prison, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined a maximum of three years but not more than ten years in fines. "Chen said." Ordinary people lack the professional knowledge to distinguish such games from gambling. If the participants lost more, it is advisable to report the case to the police and the police shall make the determination and handling according to the results of the investigation and evidence collection. "

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