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Foxconn IPO: light teshiteban, from the declaration to the listing or only 2 months

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Wen surging journalist Liu Xin Yu

Foxconn into A shares of the news, once announced, triggered a heated debate in the capital market, and the afternoon of March 4 SFC Commission issued a notice of working meeting, but also once again shocked the market.

Notice shows that the seventeenth issuance examination committee will March 8 Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. will review the first episode.

Foxconn announced the draft prospectus on February 1, will be held on March 8. It is generally believed that this reflects the full support of the Commission in landing the A-shares in the new economy and the unicorn industry.


Light speed IPO

Foxconn's actual controller is "the world's largest electronics foundry" Hon Hai Precision, head of Terry Gou among the best in Taiwan's richest list. According to the prospectus submitted on February 11, Foxconn is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of various types of electronic equipment products. In FY 2017, the operating revenue was 354.54 billion yuan and the net profit was 16.220 billion yuan.

This "giant" Taiwanese companies landing A shares, A shares of natural significance.

In the past February, Foxconn running the IPO speed unprecedented. February 1, submitted a draft prospectus; February 9, announced the draft prospectus and feedback; February 11, the second submission of declarations; February 22, prospectus to enter "pre-disclosure Update "status.

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If all goes well, some analysts believe that Foxconn will be successful, expected in April is expected to visit the A-share market. This means that Foxconn A-share listing cycle will be only two months time.

Some investment bank to surging news reporters revealed that from the process point of view, Foxconn and other companies will be proposed to be the same, are pre-disclosure prospectus, which is often said that "queuing", after the meeting Communication and feedback, followed by a pre-disclosure update until the company and the Commission's Q & A feedback process is coming to an end, the issuance examination committee will be online publicity, organize audit work conference.

According to the information disclosed by the SFC official website, as of March 1, there were 202 companies in the initial public offering of stock in Shanghai Stock Exchange while there are still 213 enterprises in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In other words, there are still 415 companies to be listed In a queue

The above said that for these queuing enterprises to be appointed, the general pre-disclosure will have to wait at least six months before proceeding to the pre-disclosure update.

In contrast, Foxconn's speed "comparable to the speed of light".

New Economic Enterprise IPO green light all the way to support

In addition to speed up, the relevant departments also exempt Foxconn company does not meet the listing requirements of the point - the company was founded less than three years.

Prospectus shows that Foxconn was established on March 6, 2015, in its application for listing, not more than three years, does not meet the "initial public offering and listing management approach" requirement. However, the provisions also pointed out that the non-compliance with the conditions need to be approved by the State Council. Obviously, Foxconn has got a "exemption certificate".

All these can be seen that the regulators are with uncommon support, welcomed the new economy, "Unicorn" class companies listed in A shares.

Earlier, another investment banker disclosed to the surging news reporter that regulators have recently conveyed to the relevant brokers the general direction of the capital market for boosting China's new economic policies.

To implement specific policies, there are actually three major dimensions.

The first is to support large-scale enterprises of strategic importance that have been listed overseas and issue securities in the domestic market.

Second, it is to support unicorn companies that have not listed on the domestic and overseas markets but have established a VIE structure and have a market capitalization of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, going public directly in the A-share market.

Third, to support the registered place in the territory, but not yet listed, with the development of the industry value "four new" enterprises, listed in A shares as soon as possible.

The investment bank said that for these companies, regulators will take a special way, "Foxconn's way to go" This means that Foxconn's IPO process was pushed accelerator, the driving force just as if Mainly from regulators, the entire process will also become a new economic enterprises, unicorn companies to accelerate the listing of future reference model.

SFC executives also rarely comment on this case.

CPPCC National Committee member, Vice Chairman of the Securities Commission Jiang Yang March 4 in the CPPCC Economic Committee resident interviewed by the media, "is a good thing! "Come and comment Foxconn quick listing.


Source: Prospectus

Foxconn concept stocks

Do not think, Foxconn is simply a foundry.

Prospectus shows that Foxconn plans to raise funds raised in this offering, after deducting the issuance costs mainly in eight directions, namely, the construction of industrial Internet platform, cloud computing and high performance computing platform, efficient computing data center, communications network and cloud Service equipment, 5G and Internet of Things interconnection and interoperability solutions, intelligent manufacturing new technology research and development applications, intelligent manufacturing industry upgrade, intelligent manufacturing capacity expansion, the above eight investment directions, in full compliance with "new technology, new industries, new formats, new models "The policy of the new outlet.

Looking at the current A-share listed companies, who can be considered Foxconn concept stocks?

According to incomplete statistics, A-share market does have a lot of companies and Foxconn business presence, Foxconn suppliers.

Including Shennan Circuit (002916), Yuhuan CNC (002903), SITC (603283), Jingquan Hua (002885), Guangyun Da (300227), Fen Da Technology (002681), Sheng Hong Technology (300476) Extension of shares (300400), the new Asian process (002388), East China Science and Technology (000727), Watts shares (002886), Guangxin material (300,537), Jinlong Electrical and Mechanical (300032) and so on.

In addition, An Cai Tech (600,207) the second largest shareholder Fuding Electronic Technology (Jiashan) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Foxconn, Foxconn is also considered one of the concept stocks.

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