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I know you have not eaten Android O, but Android P is indeed coming out

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By March, 2018 is about to end by 1/5, and maybe you have not gotten any plans for yourself this year, but as a science editor, 2018 has been planned for each of the upcoming science and technology events.

The above relationship with today is not too big, I just do not know how to start.

Anyway, in March, in addition to a steady flow of new machines released by various vendors, the source of all Android phones, the next generation of the Android operating system, will also be unveiled in March, only in a preview version of the developer Identity and some people first met.

Android P will call what?


(Figure from:Droid Life)

From the beginning of the Android 5.0 era, Google has begun to follow the example of Apple, before the release of the official version of the operating system, the early release of beta version of the system for developers and eager to taste the user experience.

The purpose is to get a wider range of bug and user feedback, giving developers more time to adapt their applications to the latest Android system, giving OEMs more time to customize their own systems.

Android 5.0 era, only a Beta version, starting from Android 6.0, before the official version of each fall before the launch, will experience 3 to 5 developer preview version.


(Google I / O 2017 Figure from:Android Central)

By convention, the first beta of this year's Android P (Android 9.0) operating system will be available in late March, while the first developer preview of Android O was released on March 21 last year.


(Evan Blass's Twitter From:twitter)

Broke the news God Evan Blass simple and crude on Twitter news shows that the next developer of the Android operating system preview version will be released in mid-March.


As for the specific release in which day, all the news generally believed that it will be in the March 14, and Android P is currently considered to be called Android Pie, also given that Google officially released last yearAndroid Oreo (Android 8.0)When picked the "global attention" of the total solar eclipse day, Google has always been particularly fun to say really will release Android P on the 14th of this day.


(Figure from:Wccftech)

After all, if you follow Google's brain-wraps, March 14 is Pi Day, and as a constant is about equal to 3.1415926, unless Google does not hit the set routine this time either because everyone thinks too much It's

As for the official version, let's see you this fall.

Native Android support "bangs" screen?

Compared to Android P called what more people are concerned about is the new system will have what new features.

In fact, Android from the 5.0 era, less and less visible change, the system is more and more mature, more in the stability, security and UI level optimization. If nothing else, this Android P, compared to the previous generation system is still not much change.


(Essential Phone From:TechnoBuffalo)

However, the most concern of the current rumors is that Android P may be similar to native supportiPhoneX the same "bangs".

Currently on the market Android new "bangs" more and more, this has become an important feature of this year's Android phone, but the problem is that the native Android does not support, so many applications are not on Android's "ldquo; & rdquo; Bangs "rdquo; adaptation.


If the native Android does not support "bangs" screen, coupled with this does not follow Material Design and Google on a large number of permissions requirements of the application, is bound to be more affect the user experience. Android third-party application experience itself is poor, coupled with Google more and more emphasis on the system experience like iOS, Android native support "bangs" is not impossible.


(Google Pixel 2 XL from:TechSpot)

In addition, native Android support 18: 9 screen, but also in the use of such devices as millet MIX, Google only changed Android support for 18: 9 screen, and Android application for such screen adaptation.


In addition to "bangs" screen, there are rumors that Android P may native support for multi-screen devices, similar to ZTE Axon M that device, if so, we may see more different forms of Android phones this year.

Safer Android

For cell phone security and user privacy upgrades, has become a routine update for each version of Android.


(Figure from:CNET)

A few days ago come fromXDA developers found, Google tested new features for both Android systems on AOSP. One is to forbid the application to enable the camera function while running in the background and the other is to disable the application from using the microphone during background operation.

Camera and microphone, many users will think they will collect a lot of personal information, but in fact they did not want people to exaggerate.


(Android Application Rights Management Figure from:Future of Privacy Forum)

Although the current Android system, the user can choose to turn off the application of the microphone and even the camera permissions, but many applications turn off these permissions, the application can not be used normally, so open these permissions are still more, and some do not meet the requirements The application may indeed read the corresponding data in the background, and therefore many users are still concerned about personal privacy.

The XDA developer said the new feature will prevent the app from accessing the camera and microphone in any way that runs in the background, thereby protecting the privacy of the user.


(Figure from:Lifehacker)

In contrast to disabling these permissions and blocking application access, you can more effectively protect your privacy without affecting your application, which I might expect more than Android Phones does.


(Figure from:adslzone.net)

In addition, the current native call blocking feature on Android can only be manually saved by the user want to intercept the number, and the call blocking feature on Android P will automatically identify harassing calls to intercept, but this feature is likely to pass and and operation Business cooperation reached, that is, domestic users may not enjoy this native service, however, we have a lot of alternative options ah.

There are rumors that Android P will natively support iris scanning, if the news is true, I am very worried about this year's Pixel is a combed "bangs" and iris recognition machine.


(Figure from:TechDroider)

In addition, the Material Design language has been in its fourth year, beforeExposedGoogle is testing the Material Design 2 design language on Chromium, and the content submitted was densified at the time, probably Google's confidential move, perhaps in Google I / O in May this year, we can see This new design language.

Which phones can be used?

Guess the new Android every year is what dessert, what new features will have become a lot of people (mainly foreign) eat a fixed system before the new program. However, there are still a few users who can preempt the experience and have a Google Pixel phone on hand.


(Nexus update plan from:Google)

Nexus user, sorry,Nexus era is over, Google's system update support for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X ended in Android 8.0 in September last year and the security update will end in September of this year. If you want the last Nexus to eat Android P, you can only petition Google Advise you to give up) or wait for the gods to fit it.

Google is a little bit more open hands closed income, Android fragmentation will also be with the new update mechanismProject TrebleSlowly resolved. While native Android draws on many third-party custom system features, it does not make the Android experience burdensome.


Some people say Android is more and more like iOS, iOS is more and more like Android, I add one more, both of them are getting better and better.

The first preview version of Android P will be released in the middle of this month, when Ai Fan children (WeChat: ifanr) will be the first time to get started experience.

From the picture:Smartprix Blog

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