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Children never play cell phone but nearsightedness 600 degrees Doctor: Black and white piano keys injured eyes

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(original title: why 8 year old girls never play electronic products for 600 degrees of myopia)

Chai Yueying Zhang Yingying


"This is the choice of a dilemma, and it is also the most common question I have been consulted by parents in the hospital." Recently, about 100 to 150 near - sighted children, Li Jian said.He made a statistic in the outpatient department that at least 20% of the children with myopia before the age of 8 were caused by learning the piano.

The piano vision deepened more than 100 degrees every year

8 years old, 600 degree of myopia. Just start school, get the result of the vision examination of the daughter Wen Wen, mama Zhang is very anxious. Children wear nearsighted glasses from the age of 5 and a half, and the rate is still growing at a rate of 100 to 150 degrees a year.

"Do you watch TV and play electronic products at home?" See Wen Wen, an optometrist of the Department of Ophthalmology, Li Jian, asked.

Wen Wen shakes his head.

"Do you play the piano?"

Wen Wen nodded.

Ms. Zhang told Li Jian that when her daughter was 4 years old, she went to the kindergarten for physical examination. The doctors found that she had only mild hyperopia and astigmatism. Her eyesight was generally acceptable. Later, when she contacted the piano, her eyesight began to go bad. At the age of 5 and a half, Wen appeared to be in the hospital without concentration of attention. To a hospital, it had 200 degrees of myopia and had to wear glasses.

"The piano grading test, and the game cannot do without a lot of practice in peacetime, we normally practised 1 hours a day." Ms. Zhang said, the children went to the hospital every year to check. The speed of myopia didn't slow down. "I am short sight 300 degrees. My husband has good eyesight. I can't imagine that girls wear glasses at a very young age."

Normal children have a certain degree of hyperopia. They consume 75 to 100 degrees of vision a year, while the consumption of piano playing texts is very fast. In order to slow down the speed of nearsightedness, she had to wear a plastic lens.

Give up the piano? Ms. Zhang can't make up his mind. Wen has already got the 7 level of the piano, and the winter vacation is still going abroad. But according to this trend, after adult, Wen Wen will develop to 800 to 1000 degree high myopia. The risk of retinal detachment and macular degeneration is higher than that of ordinary people.

The black and white keys of the gratings are the most damaging

"Ten piano children and eight myopia", that's true. These few days, when the hospital is the busiest eye patient, Li Jian has to check the eyesight of more than 100 children a day, two or three times as much as usual. Mainly concentrated in 8 to 13 years of age, 50% of them were diagnosed with myopia, such as Wen Wen such as low-age myopia more and more children.

So,What are the main causes of myopia? Li Jian said, one is genetic factors account for over 30%; two is bad eye habits; three is long time close eye use; four is premature or excessive exposure to electronic products; five is practicing piano, and children are prone to myopia.

"In our outpatient consultation, we found that 20% of the myopic children under 8 years of age were caused by the study of the piano." Li Jian said,Between black and white stripes called grating, black and white keys of piano is grating, relatively large eye irritation, plus numerous scores, a double blow to vision.

Many children at the age of 4 began to learn the piano, ophthalmology experts do not recommend, usually in children 6 to 8 years old, eyeball development was relatively stable, then began learning the instrument better.

Li Jian suggested that children who learn piano should pay attention to three points: one is to practise when there is enough light; two is to practise rest after 30 minutes, and three is to practice during the day.


Countermeasures: to enlarge the scores, increase the time for outdoor activities

Why do some children always play electronic products and have no nearsightedness? Li Jian said that such a child has far more store of hyperopia and a high degree of hyperopia, which is what we call "hyperopia", but hyperopia can also develop into myopia or hyperopia. Good vision does not necessarily show no degree, the degree of hyperopia within 300 degrees, no amblyopia, strabismus, generally do not need treatment, regular follow-up follow-up can be.

Many people believe that after myopia, a laser operation can be performed. It is not known that such operations are not suitable for patients with high myopia above 1000 degree, and the thickness of corneas is also strict. Li Jian said.

How to prevent myopia? Li Jian summed up the experience of a few: not in the light or dark environment close eye; maintain the correct eye posture, do the "one foot one inch punch" (from the eyes and books a pen and pen ruler; finger distance of one inch from the chest and the table; a boxing); increase in outdoor activities, each additional 2 hours of outdoor activities, can reduce the incidence rate of 40% to 50% myopia; balanced nutrition, eat sweets, eat vitamin rich food, appropriate supplements.

"Outdoor activities are mainly to increase calcium absorption, and calcium deficiency can lead to eye muscle fatigue." Li Jian said that badminton and table tennis, which can relax the eye muscles, also have to be carried out in the outdoor sunlight. In addition, an ophthalmologist will mobile phone screen brightness to 30% to 40%, the night will be warmer, low temperature using stroboscopic eye.

For the child, in addition to controlling the time of practice, parents can also enlarge the score, printed in pale green paper. For reading Lang, close reading time should be controlled in half an hour to 45 minutes.

Li Jian said that if myopia was already diagnosed, medical optometry should be carried out in the regular hospital department of ophthalmology to determine the nature of myopia and to wear appropriate glasses in time. If the degree can't be controlled, you can choose a plastic lens, and you can also use a low concentration of atropine eye drops.

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