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Why Huawei cell phones sell more expensive?

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Text / week treasurer (micro signal: zhouzhanggui000)

Why only the smart phone industry, Apple and Huawei sell more expensive mobile phone? What is the principle of sustained premium of high-end products? This is two very worthwhile questions to discuss.

First broke a story. Huawei terminal executives got the real machine three hours after the release of iPhone X. Everyone saw the iPhone X are very excited, Yu Chengdong studied carefully after a full day of confidence. The logic of these leaders is "interesting", that is, Apple has opened up a worldwide market for smartphones priced at more than 8,000 yuan, supporting Huawei's next-generation mobile phone to be more advanced in higher prices Technology, they are very confident in the next generation of mobile phones released by Apple.

Huawei's "engineers thinking" is to understand the nature of smart phones, that is, the development history of smart phones is a leading IT technology integration history. Why mobile phones are getting more expensive, but consumers are more flocking? Behind the logic is very simple & mdash; & mdash; smart phones continue to integrate "valuable technology", eliminate a lot of single product form, forming a user experience of high cost. To put it plainly, the true love of technology companies are less willing to put a thing cheaper and cheaper, to fight the price war, they hope to integrate more Niubi technology, more valuable technology, in order to improve product cost.

This article as the fourth chapter of "Huawei's close range", Week dispensers and everyone along this clue to explore how the smart phone integrates a variety of functions, so that the winner take-all. Mainly to compare the Apple iPhone 3 and Huawei Mate 10 series of two epoch-making products, both phones are milestone in the history of smart phones to overturn the previous product form. Count a small account to see how high-end smart phone integrated technology in the end? How much is worth?

First review iPhone 3 integration history. The first few generations of iPhone mainly include the following several sought-after technology integration:

1. Walkman features.At that time Japan's Sony-represented consumer electronics companies can be described as flourishing, 90s of the 20th century, Japan's tape Walkman can sell more than 2000 yuan, today is equivalent to a low-end sedan. Later developed to CD Walkman, but also, as always, expensive. But Apple iTunes + iPod perfectly beat the Sony Walkmans through stylish and portable digital music and integrated this model and sound quality into the iPhone 3. Rough statistics, when the market was integrated with the same quality Walkman average price of about 1,500 yuan;


2. Game console & amp; mobile video.Before the birth of the iPhone, Japan's Sony game console is a complete game of ecology, basically the game enthusiasts will be equipped with one, and continue to buy game cards continue to spend. At that time, the degree of indulgence of that generation was no less than the glory of playing the king now, and there was also a lot of money spent. Later, iPhone not only integrated the game function, but also through the App Store to change the game distribution and into the system, completely subvert the industry. Sony PS game is integrated value of about 2,000 yuan;


3. Business Link.This picture looks a bit old and ugly pictures, is the iPhone before the birth, the era of functional phones to match the cell phone PDA. At that time PDA is the standard of almost all business people, when Henderson Albert CHAN rely on business in a few years to become the world's fifth-largest supplier of intelligent computers, sales of billions of giant. However, with the birth of smartphones, especially the iPhone, in 2007, the PDA was completely eliminated and the functions were fully integrated into the mobile phone. The value of integrated business functions is about 2000 RMB.


4. Reading reader.Although the iPhone was released in January 2007 and the Kindle was released in November 2007, there is no assumption that the iPhone will integrate the Kindle. However, from the perspective of specific functions, with the development of smartphones, the living space of pure Kindle readers is being gradually squeezed, and the eye-protection mode of smartphones is getting closer and closer to the reading experience of the Kindle. The value of integrated e-book merchants is about 1,000 yuan.


5. satellite navigation.It should be said that in the Nokia era, satellite navigation is also present on the phone, but the application is very complicated, when the map is not very developed. iPhone began integrating high-end navigation capabilities, combined with navigation software user experience, so that mobile phones in the car and outdoor scenes have access to the basic functions of navigation equipment. Rough estimate, the value of integrated satellite navigation function was about 1000 yuan at the time;


Above the early iPhone3 integrated several technical rough statistics have more than 7500 yuan, which is not yet available through the App Store free access to services, free to listen to music, watch video, and social networking software to provide a wide range of services . So, this does verify the industry rules for consumer electronics - smart phones rely on "technology integration", including "functional integration", to improve the cost-effective evolution of the solution.

Let's take a look at the integration capabilities of the Mate 10 series released by Huawei handsets in China in 2017. It happened to be explored carefully after the 10th anniversary of Apple's release of the iPhone 3, which is equally epoch-making.

1. The bottom of the smart chip all-intelligent system.The chip sounds very abstract, in simple terms - Huawei is added to the smart phone "brain" and "neural network". The unicorn 970 processor of Huawei's Mate 10 series joins the NPU, which is called the Neural-network Processing Unit, which is also a neural network processing unit. As a result, the AI ​​has been further enhanced in the fields of photographing, communication and computing of mobile phones. And Kirin 970 processor for the future of Huawei's mobile phone from the "application-responsive" device to "service companion" device to provide protection for innovation, since the smart phone will be like a personal assistant, always pay attention and perception of you, and To serve you. According to AI mobile phone through dozens of smart features to provide you with an assistant value calculation, a month 300 yuan part-time assistant salary, year integration value is 3600 yuan;


2. Smartphone, large screen display or projector platform interoperability.Huawei Mate 10 series of mobile phones and computers interoperability function, in fact, has been widely ignored and underestimated. Although this technology is not a big breakthrough in originality, Huawei does provide users with similar computer functions in mobile phones. And hidden behind the Huawei EMUI a more strategic move, Huawei's research and development, "the next generation of mobile phones" is likely to draw on the cloud thinking of the United States Chrome browser, EMUI will become together with the multi-platform technical standards. At that time, the physical shape of the phone will be a great innovation and change. If this feature from the alternative computer point of view, even if playing a discount, it should also be worth 2,000 yuan;


3. Intelligent Microsoft Translation System.The reason why this is a translation system is that the translation function of Huawei is not only realized through cooperation with Microsoft, but also Mate 10 series based on artificial intelligence software and hardware. The translation of AI translations that can be implemented on EMUI 8.0 can be accelerated through NPU Real-time text-to-speech and proof-of-view translation, but also can be easily face-to-face voice translation. This is a systematic combination of experience, we can see that Huawei has an artificial intelligence chip Kirin 970, but in the application of intelligent point of view can be a wide range of manufacturers and worldwide cooperation. If the price of Hanwang technology translator 2799 yuan, the price of 2,000 yuan for this function should not have any problems;


4. Smart Leica camera imaging system.Huawei Mate 10 Series in the application of artificial intelligence camera There are four specific specific functions, namely, AI scene recognition, AI Selfie, AI snapshot, AI night shot. The most outstanding ability is that, in automatic mode, Mate 10 series cameras can identify 13 common life scenes, including text, food, stage, blue sky, snow, beach, cats, dogs, night scenes, sunrise / sunset, green Plants, flowers, portraits. After the mobile phone automatically recognizes the relevant scenes, the shooting parameters that are most suitable for the current scene are debugged, and the final imaging effect is optimized. This feature completely simplifies the average person using a professional camera does not adjust the parameters of the white is very useful for photography. The invention of the Leica camera so far, the pursuit of the balance between sharp and dark details has always been the guiding ideology of its lens design, which also created the mouth of the photographer's "German taste". Another difference with the filter lies in inheritance and development of traditional black and white, Huawei in the module to join a black and white lens can operate independently, Leica R & D personnel also involved in the development of the relevant algorithms. If you follow the Leica camera 7600-10 million more than the price range, intelligent Leica camera at least the valuation of the reserve price fold 3800 yuan;


5. Smart "small E" voice interactive system.Amazon Echo smart speakers, now has an interactive screen experience, it should be said that in the family scene is becoming a very smart form of the core products. Although training is still very little intelligence, but Zhou treasurer Echo LOT can integrate the ecology of the Internet there is great doubt, but Echo as a product form has shown some vitality. Itexamute Chinese corpus is the world's most advanced, allegedly more than 3,000 junior corpus management has accumulated 10 years of data, so have a big outbreak today, then the Huawei Mate 10 series integrates a similar Echo HKUST News of the voice products, the development of "small E" intelligent voice interactive system, the target of 1600 yuan Amazon Echo, the value of this function is worth at least 1,000 yuan.


On this basis, the Huawei Mate 10 Series, the world's first 4.5G smart phone with a download speed of up to 1.2Gbps, supports the highest communication standards in the world. Due to its unique and exclusive experience in Huawei's communications network, Huawei's technology is far from reliable value. Statistics above Mate 10 series "The most valuable" 5 major technical conservative valuation of about 12,400 yuan. This data is not 4.5G network unique, ultra-large capacity battery technology breakthrough. From Huawei Mate 10 series release price point of view, compared to 699 US dollars in Europe (5437 yuan), the domestic only 3899 yuan. Objectively speaking, although Mate 10 series looks expensive, but most likely China is "the most cost-effective" mobile phone!

In fact, a similar integrated thinking in the same high-end car brands also have a similar show, in 2017 China Insurance Association and China Auto Repair Association announced the eighth auto parts than the data show that "parts prices and vehicle prices than" the highest The model is the Beijing Benz GLK level, the car zero ratio coefficient of 827.58%, equivalent to parts can buy 8 vehicles; BMW 3 Series and 5 coefficient of more than 500%; the lowest models for the Lifan 620, car zero than the whole The coefficient is 155.12%. Can be seen through the automotive industry as a consumer product high-end brand is also "technology integration + functional integration".

The above is the weekly treasurer compared to the iPhone and Huawei's mobile phone's "IT integrated" strategic thinking, the rough figure may not be accurate, but "integrated components" value and then benefit from the automotive aftermarket, and integrated "technology And Functionality "The business model for both high-end technology consumer products is clear through the benefit of the latter business operations. The fundamental foundation of both is the high-end product with "integrated" high-end user experience.

Consumers' psychological nature of consumer psychology is actually very rational, this article to share "integrated thinking" is also the consumers of rational thinking on the high-end brand perception of the foundation.

Visible, standing in the top of the consumer technology and electronic products food chain is not "predator", but "integrator"!

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