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Bbe Southby Gates became the richest man in the world for more than four years, but Amazon's market value was 15 times that of Microsoft.

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Forbes has released the list of new billionaires in the new year. As in previous years, the wealth of the rich came mainly from stocks. The stock price of the company is the most important factor affecting their social value. The list is calculated on the same day of the world's share price on the same day of February 9, 2018.

In general, the super rich are richer, and the gap between them and the rest of the world continues to grow.

There are 2208 people on the list this year, a 8% increase in the size of 2043 last year. The richest group in the world, with a total of $9 trillion and 100 billion, is up 18.2% from 7 trillion and 700 billion last year.


Among them, the top twenty riches accounted for 13.2%, and their total wealth was $12000 billion. To get into the top twenty, the threshold has risen from $30 billion 400 million last year to $39 billion this year.

[人名] Wallen

From starting a company to becoming the richest man in the world, Bezos took four years more than Gates.

Amazon founder Jeff

Gates has 18 years ranked first in the list of 24 years, Bezos's wealth soared because Amazon shares rose by 59% in the past 12 months, his status in the 12 months increased by $39 billion 200 million. According to today's real time data, Gates and Bezos's wealth gap is greater: on the real time rich list, Bezos's current price is $127 billion 300 million.


In fact, in July 2017, Bezos was briefly the richest man in the world. Only four hours later, Gates returned to the first richest place.

In July 27th 2017, Bezos was worth $90.6 billion, briefly surpassing his billionaire neighbor in Seattle, Bill.


In 1994, Bezos founded Amazon and became the richest man in the world in his 24th year. Bill

In 1995, Gates had $12 billion 900 million in assets, $20 billion 800 million for today's exchange rate and thirty-seventh in the world. Microsoft's revenue was $6 billion 100 million in the year, and Amazon's revenue was 19.32 times this year. Now Amazon has a much bigger market value than Microsoft in 1995, 15 times its market value.

In the past thirty years, there are only seven richest men in the world

Forbes released the first list of rich men in 1987. In the thirty years after that, the world only had seven richest men,.Zara parent Inditex founder Oman Theo.

Two Japanese real estate tycoons Takei-Ming and Mori-Yoshiro were the richest men in 1987-1994. Bill

Carlos, a Mexican.

In 2014, Gates returned to the first rich place again. Ortega exceeded Gates in 2015 and became the richest man in two days. Today, more than Gates Bezos, thirty years to become the seventh richest man in the world.


Zara founder fell out of the first five for the first time, and the LVMH master jumped to the top of Europe's richest man

The fast fashion situation is becoming more and more passive, even the best performing Inditex group.

Omancio, founder of Inditex, parent company of Zara


The Q3 earnings report released in December 13th last year showed that the net profit of Inditex group before September was 2 billion 750 million dollars, up 6%, which was only half of the 11.5% growth rate in the first half fiscal year as of October 31st. Last month,Chiara Battistini, an analyst at JP MorganThe leading Wall Street analysts expressed concern about the biggest fast fashion group in the world. On the same day, Inditex group shares fell 7.1%, the lowest level in three years.

The European and American retail environment is looking worse. According to the CBI data of the British Industrial Federation, the overall retail growth in Britain continued to slow in February, of which fashion retail sales were the worst and clothing categories fell by 77%. Market retail data in the United States also showed that American apparel sales fell by 2% in 2017.

The situation of fast fashion appears to be more passive, falling into a vicious cycle of declining demand and discounts to attract consumers and reduce profits. Even if Inditex is already relatively healthy in fast fashion brands, the latest sales figures have not given investors enough confidence.

Bernard replaced Ortega as the 4th richest man

Ma Yun and Ma Huateng first entered the first 20, and the pattern from BAT to polarization became more and more obvious

The top twenty rich from technology companies have increased to 8 from 6 last year. This is due to Ma Huateng and Ma Yun replaced Wang Jianlin and Li Jiacheng, the top twenty of the rich list.


In 2017, Baidu contracted completely, and the advertising business was less and less leading to the Tencent. The Alibaba doesn't talk much about social. At the same time, the Tencent and a series of companies it invested entered into the Alibaba led retail market. The market value of the Tencent broke through $500 billion in November 20, 2017 and became the first of all Chinese listed companies.

This week, Ma Huateng announced that WeChat's global monthly users broke through 1 billion during the Spring Festival.

In the world of Chinese internet, the bipolar pattern between Alibaba and Tencent is more and more obvious, Baidu from

Ma Huateng is not only the richest man in China, but also the richest man in Asia this year. Last year, Wang Jianlin, chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, sat in this position. Wang Jianlin's wealth has shrunk from $31 billion 300 million last year to $30 billion, and the rankings have fallen from eighteenth to twenty-sixth.

Over the past year, Wanda's assets and revenues have been falling. In less than a year, let Wang JianlinFor 4 yearsChina's richest real estate empire was subverted. Wanda Group's total assets of Wanda Group were 700 billion yuan at the end of 2017, which was 182 billion 600 million yuan lower than that before six months ago.

A total of 476 rich people in China were listed on the list, followed by Li Jiacheng, Xu Jiayin, Li Zhaoji, Wang Jianlin and Yang Huiyan, followed by Ma Huateng and Ma Yun. In addition to the founder of two science and technology companies, the Chinese rich are still dominated by the real estate industry.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that Trump's price continues to fall in the second year of his presidency. Its rankings have fallen from 544 last year to 766th, and their assets have shrunk to $3 billion 100 million.

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