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The mobile phone posture on a woman's long distance train has not changed a brain infarction

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A soft paralysis of the foot of the train

The day before, Ashanti boarded the return to Guangzhou from his hometown in Henan long train. Because the car crowded, walking inconvenience, Ashanti has been sitting in a seat. In order to kill time, she kept her handset off her hand, twisting her head to brush his friends and playing games. Always play dizzy also not take it seriously, even sitting there all along. The afternoon of the second day, the train station, Ashanti luggage train, suddenly felt very weak and could hardly stand up. Reluctantly back home, the family saw her mouth crooked, saliva dripping. Her family hurried to send her to a small clinic near her home. The doctor saw her signs of stroke obvious. Then she suggested that she be transferred directly to the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University.


Multiple thrombus in the neck of the neck

Meng Heng, deputy director of the Department of Neurology doctor the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, in the afternoon, after the patient was sent to the emergency, immediately underwent brain CT and MRI, the right carotid artery distal segment had cervical artery dissection; middle cerebral artery thrombosis has lead to blockage of blood vessels. "If not treated in time, enlargement of the cervical artery dissection will lead to more serious cerebral infarction and endanger the life at all times." Meng Heng introduced the team, the team immediately launched first aid, for patient surgery to remove thrombus, implant support, to prevent further expansion of interlayer. Fortunately, nearly three hours of surgery were very successful.


For a long time, the mobile phone does not change the posture

The doctor asked, learned Ashanti usually very healthy, and no previous history of any cardiovascular related. The sudden onset of ischemic stroke is the biggest cause of the ischemic stroke. The most important factor is to keep looking at the right side for a long time and see that the posture of the mobile phone remains unchanged, resulting in the compression of blood vessels in the corresponding parts, the lack of blood circulation and the high coagulability, resulting in the formation of thrombosis. "Fortunately, in time to get medical treatment, no more serious consequences have been produced." However, because the brain artery implanted stents, patients in the future for a long time to medication, follow-up, prevention of thrombosis cerebral infarction occurred again formed.

The most common long journey is lower extremity venous thrombosis, Meng Heng said, like the head pose too long constant cervical artery dissection and cerebral artery embolism caused by do not see more, but also a reminder to the people playing mobile phone to pass the travel time, the car was over a period of time, be sure to get up; even lying, sitting, but also often transform posture; if it is crowded, the space is limited, at least to use your hands and feet.

Little knowledge: what is the interlayer of the artery?

The wall of the vascular tube consists of three layers of the intima, middle membrane and outer membrane. In general, the three layer is closely connected with each other in peace. However, if subjected to external force or lesion, the intima of the vascular wall will be torn apart. A false lumen is formed between the intima and the middle membrane. The blood will form into the intramural hematoma, or the middle and outer membrane will tear to the outer wall to form an aneurysmal dilatation. Whether it is intramural hematoma or aneurysmal dilatation, its blood flow rate is slow, easy to form thrombosis, thrombosis with blood circulation to the brain, it may cause ischemic stroke.

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