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Amazon, Netflix, and Oscar are no longer Hollywood

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On March 5th, the 90th Academy Awards ceremony ended in applause. In addition to the popular awards of "Three Billboards" and "Water Story" and other major awards, the Oscar as the main Hollywood movie has seen more and more fresh blood in recent years. This is the major streaming media services. Business.

For Netflix, from the initial CD-ROM rental, followed by the subscription service, and then to the component team to create original content, they have emerged in major awards. Even now, even the highest honor of the film festival Oscar, this streaming media service company Not to mention nothing.

It is not the first time that streaming media sites have hit Oscars. In fact, it is not only the festival awards. In the field of drama and television, companies such as Netflix and Amazon have also made traditional movie and television producers feel cool back.

Film aspect


Netflix’s documentary has been very good, or that documentary is the only highlight of Netflix's Oscar.

In 2014, "Egypt Square" was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film;

In 2016, “What happened, Miss Simone?” and “The Burning Winter: Ukrainians fight for freedom/winter fire” once again nominated the Oscar for best record;

In 2017, the "Thirteenth Amendment" nominated Oscar for the best documentary and "White Helmet" won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. This year, the documentary about the Russian sports doping scandal, Icarslow, continued Netflix pedigree and won the best documentary award.


White Helmet

This year, in addition to Icarslow, Netflix's "Dirt of the Earth" won four nominations and became the company's first full-length movie shortlisted for Oscar. The two films can be said to hold up for Netflix.

"The world of clay" tells the story of apartheid in the southern part of the United States after the Second World War. The photographer Rachel Morrison also became the first woman in Oscar history to be nominated for best photography.




"The world of clay"

In the coming year, Netflix plans to shoot 80 films, some of which include "Kingling" starring Will & Middot; Smith and "Irishman" starring Robert & Middot; Downey, the production of two films. The costs are $90 million and $100 million, respectively.


In 2010, Amazon established Amazon Studios, a film and television company. In 2015, it officially entered the film industry. Then, in the two years to 2016, Amazon launched 16 films and began to win awards.

In December 2015, Amazon CEO Bezos said in an interview with the media: "We want to win an Oscar... Amazon has won the Golden Globe and Emmy Award. Our current goal is to Shoot 16 homemade movies in a year. ”


The host ridicules Amazon CEO Jeff · Bezos

Before the Oscar last year, many people questioned: Can Amazon also make movies? Is it bad to sell your book? However, Amazon declared with a little goldman that we only need two years from entering the movie to winning Oscar.

Last year, Amazon "Seaside Manchester" won six nominations, including "Best Picture", "Best Director" and other heavyweight awards, becoming the first Internet company nominated for the Best Picture of Oscar. In the end, the film won the Best Original Screenplay Award, starring Cassie & Middot; Affleck also honored the Emperor.



Manchester by the Sea

There is no stop here yet, and Amazon's purchase of another movie "Salesman" followed by cutting off the best foreign film award. For the first time to participate in the Amazon Oscar, took three small gold people in one breath. Sitting under the stage of the Amazon CEO Jeff · Bezos laughed into a flower, bald and shine in the crowd.


However, it may be "Beginner’s Luck", this year's Amazon only relying on the "big disease" to get an Oscar for the best original screenplay nomination, compared to the past scenery really distressed. Last year, Netflix, which was razed by Amazon, could finally stand upright.

TV aspect


In 2013, Netflix first aired its own original TV series "House of Cards". From the first season, "House of Cards" became the reapers of major TV awards.

From 2014 to 2017, in the nomination for Best Actor and Best Actress in the US TV industry's highest-profile Emmy Awards, the two stars of “The House of Cards” were Kevin · Speyside and Robin · Wright from Not absent.

In 2014, Robin · Wright won the golden ball award for the best drama actress, which made "The House of Cards" the first network drama to win major performance awards, and Netflix has also become a streaming media service provider for major performance awards.



"House of Cards"

The explosion of the House of Cards made Netflix taste the sweetness.

In 2014, Netflix announced that it will invest US$3 billion in TV movie content and will invest more than US$6 billion in the next three years. On the one hand, it will be used to create original content, on the other hand, it will be used to purchase international copyright and distribution rights.

Netflix even more generously allocated $100 million in production fees for his popular "house of cards". However, the scale of original content investment still accounts for only 10% of the total content acquisition budget for that year.

From 2013 to 2017, the quality and quantity of TVs produced by Netflix climbed, from the House of Cards, Women's Prison, Development Blockade and Hemlock Grove, released in the same year, to the Drug Enthusiasm of 2015. , "Dream of Night", "Superman 8", "Super Hunt", and "Strange Story" and "Crown" screened by friends in 2016, Netflix's works are also increasingly in the industry. The number of nominations for all types of awards has increased from the first 13 to 91 in 2017. The number of awards has also increased from the initial increase to 20 times in 2017.


Strange Story


Super Hunting

In 2018, Netflix's "content supreme" strategy did not slow down. David Wells, the company’s chief financial officer, said that this year the company will launch 700 original TVs and movies with a shooting budget of about US$8 billion. According to this goal, Netflix will produce nearly 2 TVs and movies per day, more than any TV movie production company, claiming to be a content production factory.


Since the founding of Amazon Studios, the film has produced many episodes, ranging from detective stories, psychological consternation, to historical emptying, crime comedy, etc., and almost all types have been tried. However, the lifeline of the Amazon TV series is not too long, and most of them are either finished after a season or they are cut off. This is totally different from Netflix's "house of cards" and "women's prison".

Among the dozen TV series created, there are only remarkable examples of "Transparent Family" and "High Fortune". The “Transparent Family” tells that Mort/Maura Pfefferman, played by Jeffery Tambor, is the father of three adult children. He spent most of his life entwining his transgender identity. When he crossed the ages, he decided to show his heart to his children, but the children Unacceptable story.


Transparent Family

At the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, "Transparent Family" won the Best Drama Award and the Best TV Drama Leading Man Award.

For such a TV drama that talks about transversal topics in a straightforward manner, the production company will never invest money. Amazon’s move is like a shot to hope for a hot episode to boost the pressure that Netflix has been suppressing for years. Media services. Fortunately, it succeeded.

After "Transparent Family", Amazon's original drama repercussions are flat. Compared to the explosion of Netflix's "House of Cards", "Crown" and "Strange Story," Amazon is like a silent beast.

However, there is always a day when the beasts wake up, and 2018 may be the time when Amazon will usher in an explosion. At the end of last year, news broke that Amazon was authorized to shoot the "Lord of the Rings" TV series. Buying this copyright, Amazon spent a full 250 million US dollars. There is no doubt that Lord of the Rings will be one of the most anticipated drama series this year. Amazon promised to shoot "The Lord of the Rings" for several seasons, and possibly a derivative.

Netflix and Amazon have taken the lead in the major awards, enough to make other Internet companies hot-eyed.

In the war that squeezed Hollywood movies and television, Apple, Facebook, Youtube joined in. Apple hired two executives from Sony TV and announced that it will invest US$1 billion to create original content. Facebook said that it will launch two original original drama series this year; Youtube will make bold reforms and announce that it will transition to content production.

The future of streaming media original content industry is bound to set off more waves, and we will wait and see.

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