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One day, even the investment and Tencent to Betta tiger, in the broadcast industry the next big chess

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Live broadcast is one of the most difficult areas in the live circle last year. After continuous investment and Tencent Betta, the two teeth ranked first, second of the platform, the industry has undergone a subtle change instantly.

After Douyu and Tiger teeth were exposed earlier this year to IPO this year, a more dramatic scene took place on March 8th: on the morning of the same day, Douyu officially announced a new round of financing. Tencent invested an exclusive $630 million. That night, Douyu's biggest competitor


Tencent has long been an investor in Douyu's round B and C, and Douyu can be said to have become a member of Tencent early on. So it is not surprising that Tencent will continue to increase its number in this round of financing, and Tiger Tooth is YY's live gaming platform. Suddenly announced on the same day to get Tencent's financing, so that the direction of the game industry has changed.

From the scuffle to the unity

From the competition of the live broadcast market in 2014, by 2016, under the gale of the whole live broadcast, the live broadcast as a branch has also entered the fast lane quickly, and it is popular among all investors. Another reason to stimulate the rapid development of the live broadcast is the fire of the hand tour in the last two years. Of course, the glory of the Tencent's king is a factor that can not be ignored.

From the 2014 game broadcast market into a scuffle, to 2017 to establish the basic pattern of the market. The aurora data released 2017 mobile Internet industry list shows the highest market penetration of three network broadcast App respectively, YY live and Betta live tiger, permeability were 3.6%, 3.3% and 2.9%. In addition, according to Analysys latest data, combined the number of active users is 16 million 990 thousand, fall to 12 million 710 thousand active users.


Data source: Aurora large data

According to the conventional, third party data often claim their own enterprises with some data gaps, but can be seen in the industry rankings, the top of the fish has been established, and second teeth is gradually opened and other competitive gap.

In fact, in 2017, the game live Matthew industry has been on the horizon, and with third teeth gap Betta after widening. Behind the pandas, penguins, dragon balls and tentacles, it seems that it is difficult to have a chance to catch up again.

As China's biggest game maker, Tencent will certainly not miss any good projects in the field of live game broadcasting. Tencent has also invested in dragon beads and hatched in Douyu's round B round C round.

In the Internet industry China, popular stand: you are a Tencent, or Ali? But in the special branch of live broadcast, the business doesn't seem to have to choose. The game area is the competition between Tencent and NetEase. What's the matter with ALI and there's still a big gap between Tencent and NetEase. So if you want to be big, you can't get around the Tencent.

The Tencent on the same day, investment ranked the first second of the enterprise, the logic behind the obvious.

The first aspect, the Tencent from the perspective of the game ecology, live broadcast is an indispensable link. Game manufacturers can hold broadcast platform for gaming League ecology, new propaganda against competitive products are very favorable weapons.

Second, from the logic of investment, the investment rule of China's Internet circles before investing is not to compete with competitors, but today many big investment institutions will find another way to lose. Shen Napeng also invested jumei.com and the net of music bee. Later, it was listed in the United States, and the happy bee was sold. The end was a win-win situation. For the Tencent, the live game is closely related to its own main business, and of course, it should occupy the whole track. So, the Tencent voted Betta reinvested teeth, do not delay their gaming penguins hatching.

The investment styles of Tencent and Ali are very different in the circle. The advantage of Tencent investment lies in

Tiger has been growing in the YY system, and flow of funds mainly come from foreign YY, only A $75 million round of financing, so as YY's own son, also has been incorporated in YY Huya financial statements. This is a tiger told the Tencent's investment, understand that there are two possible notes:

The first is to support YY teeth to the limit, whether it is money or flow, can not be like the Tencent to give as much of this bottleneck Betta, the growth of the formation of the tiger. YY and tiger have accepted this investment, should be more eager to enter the Tencent system, which did not lag behind, and is no longer the first seat and Betta sike.

Second is the tiger raised YY, this can be a good price, get good returns from the investment perspective. Understand the notes noticed a detail: Financing after the completion of the celebrations of the times will continue to have control of the actual teeth, but the Tencent acquired additional rights, investment in the second completed and third years, can gradually through the open market purchase price of live teeth remaining shares, up to 50.1% of the controlling stake.

No matter what is the reason for tiger Tencent, with the two Tencent investment drop hammer, the game industry live melee will come to an end, the second half of last year, the frequent occurrence of teeth from poaching events will reduce the anchor macropodus. From the scuffle to the great unification, the industry is expected to begin to enter the rational stage of development.

From the experience of the previous development of many industries, the long-term struggle between the two powers is not conducive to the development of the industry. Fighting between the two powers will make the whole industry under a non-benign cycle of burning money and losing money for a long time, so we can see Meituan.

At the beginning of this year, Douyu and Tiger Tooth were both revealed that IPOs will be in the market this year, and the market melee is also very unfavorable to IPO. In fact, the market potential for live game broadcasting is still very large, and Douyu and Tiger Tooth have both proved their ability to the market. There is no need to fight any longer.

From the scuffle to the unification, it also means that the industry will enter the harvest period. This shows in several ways:

The first is that from Tencent's point of view, the game business is its most important revenue segment, with live games, e-sports and other industries also have a natural business cooperation, capturing the game live two head enterprises, from user flow to channels, Tencent will benefit a lot, especially the most important of the year

Second, between the anchor and the Huya Betta competition, making the two companies of the high operating costs, although the two have announced a profit, but this problem is not solved, it will form a vicious spiral. When both of them enter the Tencent system, the cost of competition will be greatly reduced, which will be good for the IPO of both parties.

Third, the game live in the business model still need to be further improved, business has a lot of space to expand. If we eliminate unnecessary competition, the two sides will devote more resources to the business itself, such as the expansion of business boundaries, such as the perfection of anchors training system, such as the extension of offline activities and so on, so that enterprises will get accelerated development.

Take Douyu as an example. As the leader of the industry, Douyu has been poached for the past two years.

That is to say, the anchor system of training, not only do not have to worry about being created, the more important is that it can enrich the contents of broadcast, give users more different experience.

Offline expansion is also a very big future development space for the game live broadcast platform. Douyu has already held two Douyu carnivals, attracting countless eyes. Last year, the second Douyu Carnival set a record scale for the live broadcast industry. The largest lineup of all recorded 350, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 fans watching live online, with a total live broadcast of more than 6, 000 hours. Douyu has transformed the carnival into the largest interactive entertainment event in china. This year's Douyu s

In addition, Douyu also plans to build a

From the town planning and explore some new boundary of the business, is to accelerate the betta downstream penetration to the live game industry chain, and ultimately the formation of the whole industry chain advantages. If in accordance with the strategic planning of the 200-300 fish, now billion valuation, as well as the opportunity to turn a few times, this is the reason to be optimistic about the game broadcast industry.

Concluding remarks

Tencent shot the opportunity is very good, live game industry needs to go up a step, we have to end the infighting. Know how to note that

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