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SONY Xperia XZ2 evaluation: which one will you choose by word-of-mouth and faith?

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In March 13th, SONY released the official version of Xperia XZ2 in Hongkong. Sina mobile is also able to make a comprehensive evaluation of this "entangled" product at the first time.

Design: how much it hate it

Square wide forehead, this is the SONY Xperia series has always insisted on the design language, but in the rapid offensive under the tide of the full screen, SONY finally in this year's flagship made a compromise 18:9 full screen design, chamfer fruity, narrow borders and are many to the forehead, so that the SONY Xperia XZ2 in the beginning of the user view, is a do not have SONY SONY mobile phone.

SONY Xperia XZ2

Due to the large body design, let Xperia become XZ2 cable powder user in the heart of "otherness", many fans think this is SONY on the market yield, but the yield on the market, rather than comply with the mobile phone design trend and change, to seek a breakthrough in the reform on the road: when the proportion of the screen as the conference highlights, if still using the design of large forehead, how much will appear some misfits.

The forehead and the frame part narrowed

Of course, the screen occupation ratio is only part of the Xperia XZ2 change, and more changes should be observed from the whole body. SONY XZ2 uses 5.7 inches large screen design, resolution of 2160x1080, on the back of the fuselage of the glass building, cambered design makes some central uplift, while holding a sense are promoted in the visual sense and body, but the thickest parts reached 11.2 mm, a point which is the most criticized. On the fingerprint identification module, SONY abandoned the way of side recognition, and placed the identification key in the center of the back of the fuselage, behind the rear camera.

Back of the fuselage

From the point of view of the whole body design, the SONY Xperia XZ2 has reached a flagship standards, good value, good hand feeling, face a high proportion of the screen, while the range of not what mishap, but in the details of XZ2 have buried more than one slot point.

As the back of the fuselage has been designed with a curved surface, the thickness of the fuselage has also become a headache.IPhone7 Plus plus XZ2 and Xperia shell just as thick, which makes some of the pursuit of slim mobile phone users away. In addition, the founder of design language Hale abandoned, let it back more like HTC U11, from the back of the LOGO, really difficult to distinguish.

Back of the fuselage

There have to say is the SONY side of the fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition has been the fans proud of the place, after the XZ2 release, many users Tucao said, this is a living will become the flagship design thousand machine design, the fingerprint module is very mediocre. Because the location of the rear lens is down, the fingerprint unlocking module is in the middle of the back of the fuselage, which makes the user very uncomfortable. If you don't pay much attention, you will mistake the post lens as the fingerprint unlocking module. And when you are accustomed to the design above, there will be some discomfort in the sense of vision.

In addition to lack of positive and good behind the Xperia XZ2 in some important position also made adjustments, the first is to cancel the 3.5 mm headset interface, then use XZ2 to listen to music can only use a Bluetooth headset or Type-C interface; in addition, Xperia XZ2 also performed the speaker innovation, be placed in front of the fuselage at the bottom, let the higher degree of integration.

Loudspeaker part

In general, the external design of Sony Xperia XZ2 is beset with love and hate, and it would be most appropriate to use "as much as you love it, as much as you hate it" to interpret the heart of your fans, although a lot of users complain about the design of Xperia XZ2 here. But we still have to say that the change in the Xperia XZ2 is delightful, that it is moving in the direction of market preference, and that moving away from the original design may be painful, but if you're stuck with giving up innovation at all, Sony, known for its design, is the most dangerous.

Parameter configuration: a unquestionable flagship machine

When it comes to configuration, Sony's Xperia XZ2 has a 4GB / 6GB 6GB 64GB configuration with a 4GB / 6GB 6GB processor, with a battery capacity of 3180mA, which supports fast charging / wireless charging and preloading the Android O system. Sony's Xperia XZ2 has done so in terms of configuration, a quasi flagship parameter that has made it a big hit on this year's MWC.

Xiaolong 845 natural needless to say, the year's most anticipated chip not belong to him, the SONY Xperia XZ2 equipped with 845 Xiaolong, but also their worth up to another level.

The battery at 3180 Ma was not large on the continuation, but it was absolutely sufficient. In the measurement, the power consumption of one day standby is less than 10%, and the normal use of one day is more than 40%. So the heavy mobile phone users do not have to worry about the lack of electricity.

Photo experience: another way of expression in Dafa

SONY Xperia XZ2 uses a pre - 5 million pixel camera with a f/2.2 large aperture to support 1080PvideoRecording; in the post camera area, XZ2 chose the single shot independently, and it is contrary to the popular double photography now. In pixels, it is 19 million, the sensor is IMX 400, supports f/2.0 large aperture photography, and 4K video and 960fps slow motion recording.

In terms of imaging, Xperia XZ2 performs well in terms of color reduction. The overall picture outlines the level and details, and does not lose the effect of double shot.

Proofs show

Proofs show

Proofs show

After the picture, let's see the interesting features of the SONY Xperia XZ2. In video shooting, we can shoot slow motion videos, such as falling objects in water and jumping for an instant, etc., and take some more vivid and interesting pictures. SONY this slow motion video shot in the first Xperia XZ Premium has been involved in, the recently released Samsung S9 is also equipped with a similar technology, but the XZ2 support for 1080p resolution at 960 FPS slow motion, Samsung S9 only supports 720p resolution.


Slow motion video demo

3D master can help users to take 3D images, such as head, food panorama, object external structure or face contour lights, to help users better understand and use cameras. This is a very useful and interesting feature that users can use 3D master to make stereoscopic images, making it more real and interesting. Before that, this function can only be used on the rear camera. This Xperia XZ2 has also increased this function in front camera, which is a great progress.

In the shooting options, we can also take pictures of the AR effect, add different themes to the existing scene, and enhance the view of the picture.

Sina reviews:

If SONY Xperia XZ2 is a successful product, some users may feel that its appearance is not so satisfactory. If he is a failed product, it seems that the flagship configuration has negated this conclusion. After Xperia XZ2 was born, many media have called it the "SONY product flaw" and "lack of inspiration after work", with certainty seems irrefutable, but actually misinterpreted the meaning of.

As a transformational product, the role of SONY Xperia XZ2 is connecting the past and the next. This identity has been defined as one of the products of word of mouth polarization. So no matter what kind of speech it is, it is an incentive for XZ2, and it needs to make changes to be able to adapt to the market and the users.

Of course, there are different points of view. Whether this product can stay in the market neutral still needs time to test, the user is the decisive factor to determine its reputation. So how would you like to evaluate this phone?

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