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Li Yanhong: The Chinese are more open and less sensitive to privacy issues

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Original title: Li Yanhong Talks about Pedestrians Killing a Self-Driving Car: Dog Biting is Not News, People Are Biting Dogs


News Reporter Bao Yuyu

On March 26th, China’s high-level development forum was held in Beijing. Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of Baidu, delivered a speech on the subject of "China's new economic momentum".

Li Yanhong said that in the past China’s economic growth has benefited from the development of the Internet, and in the future it will require the promotion of artificial intelligence. “In the past year, the growth rate of the Internet economy has been lower than the growth rate of China’s GDP, and people spend 3-4 hours online. There are various signs that the growth of the Internet requires new impetus, and we think it is artificial intelligence. ”

3-5 years will realize the automatic driving of open roads

Where can artificial intelligence drive economic growth?

Li Yanhong believes that first of all, the automobile industry will usher in new opportunities along with the development of autonomous driving. Because cars are an important industry in China, accounting for 1/7 to 1/6 of China's total GDP.

Li Yanhong said that Baidu Apollo’s unmanned minibus developed in cooperation with Jinlong Motors will be mass-produced in 4 months. This is a self-driving car without a steering wheel, brakes and driver's seat. It is mainly used for commuting on closed roads such as docks, parks and parks.

“Autonomous vehicles are not yet mature enough to be able to get rid of drivers completely on the open road, but progress is very fast. I think that 3-5 years will actually enter the open road state of operation. "Li Yanhong said.

Robin Li also pointed out that Chinese consumers like new things. China's Mercedes-Benz customers are younger than 20 years old and young people are more able to accept new things. Surveys show that 83% of people in China receive autopilot, which is even higher than that of the United States. He speculated that China's auto-piloting may be more popular.

Li also said that the country’s policies on the development of autonomous driving have also been greatly assisted. “China is also very open to policy. Not long ago, Beijing opened 105 km of roads for autonomous driving tests and was launched in a large city like Beijing. Such an attempt shows that the policy has made a great deal of determination. ”

Not long ago, Uber’s self-driving car sharing travel company Uber’s auto-driving car led to the death of a pedestrian during the open road test, which triggered global attention.

In this regard, Li Yanhong believes that the reason why the driverless car accident can get such high attention is similar to "People bite dogs is news, and dogs bite people are not news." He believes that over time people will realize that automatic driving will be safer than human driving.

In addition to automatic driving, Robin Li also said that AI will change many areas, such as manufacturing, manufacturing new species, such as smart speakers, voice-controlled television and so on.

"Chinese manufacturing should transform from manufacturing to intellectual creation. The most important application of this is to make the device understand human speech. Any device should have an interface to understand human language." Then people no longer need to learn to use tools. "Li Yanhong said.

“Baidu's Beijing colleague will go to Silicon Valley's office and reduce his salary by 15%”

Li Yanhong spoke of Baidu's recent investment in research and development, saying that technology is the most important growth factor. Baidu spends 15% of its annual revenue on research and development, and the amount exceeds 10 billion yuan. Increase investment.

Li Yanhong pointed out that it is very important to increase R&D investment especially in the AI ​​era. “We know that talent is important and talent is not cheap, but we are willing to spend the money, pay more money, and find the right people. ”

Li Yanhong revealed: “The talents from Silicon Valley come to Beijing to work. We usually get a raise of about 15%, but Beijing colleagues’ offices in Silicon Valley will reduce his salary by about 15% because our market is mainly in China and our headquarters. In China, working in China will have higher productivity and greater output. So we are willing to pay enough wages to find good people. ”

The Xinhua news reporter learned that Baidu will go to overseas universities from UC, including UCLA, Cornell University, MIT, Stanford University, etc., from March 30 to April 27. .

Li Yanhong also stated that the government plays an important role in the development of technological innovation. The first is in terms of infrastructure, for example, the government can build a special lane for self-driving vehicles, which makes autopilot easier; for example, sensors are installed for traffic lights so that vehicles can identify signals without the need for sensors. In addition, policies can be developed to promote innovation, provide subsidies to enterprises, and encourage companies to adopt new technologies. All in all, the Chinese government will play an important and positive role in the development of science and technology.

"Chinese people can be more open to data privacy" ”

When talking about data and privacy issues that people care about, Li Yanhong first affirmed the important role of data in this era. "Online data can only find 20% of the total data, and 80% are in the hands of enterprises." If we can put more data together, the ability to achieve will increase exponentially. ”

Secondly, Li Yanhong pointed out that Baidu will pay more attention to privacy issues in the moment, and China is also strengthening the construction of laws and regulations. “I think Chinese people can be more open and less sensitive to privacy issues. If they are willing to use privacy to facilitate the exchange, many In case they are willing, then we can do some things with data. However, we must follow certain principles. If the data will benefit the user, he is willing to do it. We will do it. This is our basic principle. This is what we should do and what we should not do. ”

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