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Tencent as the counter vibrato: this year the first major update to open QQ Music Library

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Tencent cloud


In shortvideoIn this field,tencentIn 2015 after the abandon of microscopic strategy for a long time is absent, until early 2017, March May, Tencent led quickly; Tencent's short video products in the micro line after 2 months update suspected regression; June, online positioning is similar to the United States shot, fast QIM. From internally hatched to external investment, the Tencent has opened a relayout in the short video field.

But from 2017 results, the Tencent internal incubation products as the revision of the line re not too big waves, QIM has not yet launched in grayscale test, and today's headlines under the vibrato, small video, video on the volcano watermelon this year has been gradually turned into a system, more vibrato before and after the spring Festival ushered in the outbreak.

Before the trembling sound, the war between Tencent and today's headlines is often depicted as the war of information distribution channels, and the outbreak of chattering and more headlines, social content and content products means that the headlines have been deeper and deeper into the social field that Tencent has been good at.

During the two sessions, Ma Huateng has said that social interaction and effect advertising will become a bigger growth point for Tencent in the future. Besides, Tencent is also exploring new social platforms such as short video and live broadcast.

In March 24th, some netizens found that in WeChat's friends circle, the chattering and video links shared could only be seen by themselves, and friends could not be seen. Rumors of WeChat had blocked the quiver. But the next day, the Tencent responded that the circle of friends with anti spam strategies, a link ordomain nameThe daily sharing of more than a certain threshold would not be visible, and returned to normal in the early hours of the next morning. "This is the case of this tremor, and there is no shield to say."

Despite the denial of the blocking news, Tencent's battle against disillusionment has already begun, which may be the beginning of microvision.

Microscopic rebirth

In the Tencent system, was given back vibrato is the product of micro.

Microscopic does not appear late. 09 2013 28, 8 micro seconds short video software iOS version 1 officially launched, within a Tencent, but also set up copyright cooperation, platform operation, product technology and living in four business departments, will also be upgraded to depending on the product operations team depending on the product department.

At that time, in the strategic planning, the development strategy of microvision was to use the star effect to develop the fan economy, so in the early stage of development, many stars were invited to gather their popularity-that was also the best time for microvision, and a large number of users were attracted by the large amount of advertising money.The amount of user data has exploded.

But inviting stars and investing in huge advertising fees is obviously not a long-term development strategy. In November of that year, as the updated version of the new "friend" function, while the content sharing also supports sharing to Sina micro-blog; support the content of secret sharing, video can choose not to open; strengthen the Master, friends recommended attention two groups for the early development of strongly recommended celebrities is relatively weak. But at that time, after the capital investment slowed down, everything returned to the original point - the content of the stars was insufficient, the quality of the people was unstable, and the viscosity of the platform users was declining.

By March 2015, general manager of the Tencent, depending on the product department Xing Hongyu has resigned to join the 58 city; micro operations director ho SM transferred to join Tencent within a new product team; depending on the product department of a number of working groups to disband; micro open platform (BD) leader Xu Zhibin also left the venture in Tencent, from micro position has been to seize the mobile short the opportunity to give up video strategy.

In 2017 3 months, the Tencent officially pushed a notice, will be in April 10th of that year as the official line. However, from now on, the original downline or for the subsequent return of the regressive creation. In May 17th, as the iOS version of the new online, add 10 seconds, the original blockbuster music show on MV, at the resurrection of the micro mouth recording, seems to still did not find the concentrated force, the launch of these functions more like a collection of the market all kinds of short video software function into a product, while the number of users of the micro there is still no much improvement.

As the March 2017 -2018 year in February as the month the number of independent Tencent equipment (Eric App index)

Can the strategic product be successful?

Until the beginning of this year, as the update, increase energy and mass as the dance studio music, more like trill.

On the night of the update, micro music increased again short video features, "the video with the film, the video recording can directly use the original music video, copying the original video action shooting video, reduce the difficulty of filming;" song ", the user in the selection of background music, the video recording can choose to display the lyrics with subtitles and sing;" a beauty ", in addition to the new filter, a short video beauty, beauty into filming, the type function can be modified face convenient.

The new version of the new features of micro

One insider said, as is now the Tencent strategic level products, this year has been in force. From the point of view of resources docking, which belongs to the microscopic has collaborative social networking business group (SNG) resources. At present, QQ has opened up the micro music tens of millions of genuine music library, including BIGBANG's "FLOWER ROAD", Jay Chou's "wait for you after class" and so on, in addition, the social and the QQ open, the Spring Festival this year, QQ also launched the micro micro lucky red envelopes gift play.

But as the powerful social system, whether through the music copyright in the industry has been catching up Pactrometer long vibrato?

QQ music has opened up tens of millions of levels of music library, on the one hand, the user can be more selective, on the other hand, it also evade the copyright risk. Relatively speaking, the trill is copyright cooperation with modern sky music, too, in addition to upload the original music creators, and there are other users upload their own music, and this part or face the risk of copyright, which is also the advantage of micro Tencent system.

But for such a musical short video product, the richness of the music seems not to be a barrier to competition at present. An investor in the field of entertainment once told Sina technology that he had made a mistake in judging the trembling sound, because making music means copyright. "But in fact, what is done is the content of the content, and the music is its auxiliary."

At this stage, the performance of the creator is that the content is more important competitiveness, in the case of similar products, in the final analysis is to rely on the fine operation.

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