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Windows 10 Build 17639 Update: Enhanced Sets Function (Figure)

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The Sets function first began to advance in the RedStone 4 branch. Its main function is to integrate multiple applications into tabs and operate and manage it like a web page in a browser, which greatly improves work efficiency. Due to factors such as time and effort, this feature did not appear in the RedStone 4 branch, but this feature has become more sophisticated and will meet with you in the RedStone 5 branch.

Here are some new things about the Sets feature:

Sets's new wave of improvements:

The original intention of designing the Sets function is to help you connect web pages, documents, files, and applications. In the RedStone 5 version we have brought the first wave of updates, and today you will also see a new round of updates:

Drag and drop applications are now supported between Sets windows:

As the title shows, users can drag and drop application labels on the Sets window, or combine multiple notes application windows into Sets.

Note: If you open the Edge browser outside of Sets, users cannot drag and drop into the Sets window. Dragging and dropping Edge browser tabs to Sets is currently not supported. If the user attempts to do so, the application may crash.

Tags can be displayed using Alt+Tab:

Already connected album, Edge browser, and OneNote tabs? Users can now use Alt+Tab shortcuts to switch between them. Want to show only one main window in Alt+Tab?MicrosoftCorresponding settings are also provided, and more features will be introduced in the future.

Note: If you have more than one Edge browser window in the Set, using the Alt+Tab shortcut will only switch to the most recently accessed Edge window.

Improve Sets settings:

The Sets function after upgrading can be seen by the user in Settings> System> Multitasking. Here you can see that the Sets function has its own page, and supports search (for example, enter Sets or tabs, and then there will be a drop-down menu). In addition, setting options have been added to control the Alt+Tab behavior mentioned above.


Resource Manager &Sets Improvements:

Based on user-submitted feedback, users can now more easily integrate two resource managers together. First, users no longer need to press Ctrl to trigger a resource manager in a new tab. Microsoft created a dedicated physical shortcut for it. Users only need to use Ctrl+T to open a new tab. In addition, the user can use Ctrl+N to open a new window and Ctrl+W to close the window/tab.


Finally, we introduced some new user interfaces that allow users to open new tabs and windows more easily in the file menu.

And when you right-click on a folder, the option to open it on a new tab will also appear.


New content in the tab right-click menu in Sets

If you right-click on the Sets tab, you will find options for "Close other tabs," "Move to new window," and "Close right tab."


Improve previously closed tabs:

In this respect Microsoft has made the following improvements:


● Users can filter previously closed tabs that you want to restore instead of restoring all tabs. Note: If the user uses the Sets active card feature in the Timeline, all tabs are automatically restored here.

● Users can restore previously closed tabs from various types of events. When the main window was a document, only previously restored tabs were supported.

● When the user opens a document that was previously opened with a tab, a prompt will pop up to restore the tabs, and previously closed tabs will be filled. If it is not a document, this prompt does not appear on its own initiative.

● An animation will be added when no previously closed scratchpad is available for recovery.

Other improvements to the Sets feature were also made based on user feedback suggestions

● Fixed an issue where the color of the active tab was not visible when the user hovered

● We have been working hard to improve and you will notice that it is now smoother to switch between tabs.

● The stability of the Sets function has been greatly improved, and the previously closed tab pages and the possibility of crashes during the normal recovery of the tabs have been greatly reduced.

● When the window is maximized, it fixes the situation where the new tab is opened immediately after closing the tab in Sets.

There are also some known issues that have not yet been resolved in the new version

● The resource manager ribbon cannot be permanently left open after a reboot.

● Sometimes you need to execute twice to open the Sets function from the task bar

● When a user opens a new tab, he may accidentally see the second row of tabs

● When a user triggers an app or website from a new tab, the focus may sometimes be adjusted to other tabs.

● Even if the user has recovered all the tabs, the recovery icon in Sets still shows as "Filled".

• Narrator (narrator) function may read extra when calling Alt+Tab

● Sometimes new tabs opened will be blank. Closing this tab and then opening it again will solve the problem.

Also in the update log, the Bluetooth settings were optimized and the calculator application was adjusted

Display Bluetooth battery percentage in settings

In Bluetooth & other device settings, the user can check the current lighting of the Bluetooth device. For Bluetooth devices that support this feature, the battery percentage is displayed when your PC and device are connected.


Windows Calculator Improvements

The Windows calculator has been updated (version number 10.1803.711.0) and is now able to correctly calculate the square root of the perfect square.

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