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Tencent climbing from the heart of the earth, Netease sliding down the hillside

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Author: Yes, yes you are in the industry

In July 2010, "Computer World" issued an article that has a bigger reputation than its own magazine: "Dog Day Tencent." This report made Tencent, which was originally a bad public opinion, fall into a siege and produced a slogan of the world, just like its title.


After "Dog Day Tencent" was published on the homepage of major portals, Tencent held an emergency meeting of the president. Each decision maker placed a copy in front of them. No one spoke for a quarter of an hour. In the end Ma Huateng spoke up. He mumbled to himself:

"How can they deaf? ”

In the face of the sudden and massive negative report tragedy, Tencent was rushed, immature, and embarrassed. The Public Relations Department quickly drafted an empty statement, which was basically similar to the worst statement you can see now. I myself said that QQ is a nationally-recognized trademark …… and then said, “ actually treated a responsible company with harsh rumors &ellip; & hellip; hurt the feelings of Tencent users & hellip;&helquo; we solemnly condemn & rdquo; .

Of course, this statement cannot be exchanged for any resonance or sympathy.

However, compared with the "3Q Wars" 3 months later, the "Dog Day Tencent" incident can only be called warm-up before the war. October 29th is Ma Huateng's birthday. On this day, Zhou Hongyi sent a big gift: "Bulging bodyguards" tools. This powerful tool, coupled with the condemnation and attacks of public opinion that lasted for more than a month, became the biggest disaster in Tencent's history. Tencent, as the belligerent party, was extremely passive, and finally relied on a "difficult decision" to barely win the victory, but the public opinion level has been lost.

Tencent then entered a period of years of word-of-mouth decline.

During this period, suspicion, hatred, and the mistakes that Tencent made from time to time during these years have converged into a swirl of public opinion. In this whirlwind, Tencent does not do anything wrong, and the media's centripetal force pulls Tencent's brand down to the bottomless place. When the brand image sinks to the bottom of the abyss, Tencent is the original sin, while Tencent is politically correct. The public will conditionally judge Tencent's motives as malicious — — & ldquo; in short, no peace. The accompanying phenomena are numerous and varied.

However, during this period, Tencent was forced to practice a rough and fleshy skill. The large and small public relations crisis has made the entire Tencent public relations system have been baptized. After several years of hard work, Tencent seems to have long been desensitized. Faced with criticisms that are particularly calm and facing negative events, it will no longer be a condemnation of the victim's face that was easily put on the table in 2010. There is no better way to restraint.


From the perspective of the Tencent employees or middle and high-level managers I came into contact with, the evaluation of the outside world held a low-profile attitude that was almost desperate. It was a normal harvest. The partner is always a strong daddy. I have a chance to speak again.)

Responses to negative events and corrections are also more sensitive. At the beginning of the year, Tencent’s “Le Zhiyu” product was suspected of being copied “instantly”. The founder of the latter came out and complained that Tencent had quickly left the company. “The company has never been on the line.”

Since the establishment of my public account, a total of more than a dozen articles have been published, of which there are two articles about Tencent. From the PR point of view, all negative manuscripts are considered. One is that although Tencent has a good wind assessment in foreign countries, it still can't change the fault of copying and copying. The second article is about Tencent raising elk. It is said that any project that entered the goose factory is a pawn. The niche project is a cannon fodder and is often sacrificed.

After the first article was released, an assistant general manager of Tencent Entertainment said in the comments: “We have received spurs and we will work harder. ”

The second article on project propaganda has a greater impact. Just relaying this Tencent inter-entertainment employee in a circle of friends, I saw several of them. Someone told me that some people in Tencent intranet have reproduced this article. Most of the discussions below are based on identification and reflection.

After the release of Yangwen, the public information of Tencent will be contacted by me in the background the next day. He did not cry, nor did he submit a request for retraction. Instead, he did a good job of writing professionally (having a courtesy element in it) and invited the president to attend the UP Entertainment Conference in April (and then I declined it).

This feeling is like what I just wrote is not a negative, but the company soft paper.


Later, I also wrote a negative article from Netease, "Netease games can not do without opportunism," this Monday, the results are very tragic.

The article was read more than 30,000 on the public number and received more than 300 comments (the number of readings on Tencent was basically the same, and the number of reviews was less than 100). Apart from some regular comments, there are a lot of tap water and navy. And the vicious reviews of NetEase employees.

Why is it a bad comment? Because these reviews are over and over, there are three routines:

First, directly burst rough opening.


I checked this and happened to be NetEase employees.

Second, the author said that he received the money from Tencent to NetEase.


There were only a dozen or so praises for this message, and the kung fu that had taken a meal suddenly became more than 100.

Third, that we players do not care about these, only care about whether the game is fun.


My comment under the column.

These three routines are the most common in the comments, and the most amazing thing is that the focus of the reviews is completely independent of the content of the articles.

When I wrote an article about Tencent's raising of embarrassment, I also met angry members of the crowd to leave a message and spray me, saying that the author is a fool you, who do not want to go to a high-income project group, you say that the operating products must have love, who give the project Group of human hair bonuses?

I feel that this kind of message is at least a valid statement, refuted the content of the article, and standing in the other party's position, this rebuttal is not wrong, although the reading ability is a mishap.

However, when it came to Netease, most of the objections failed to substantively refute any of the arguments. As soon as they arrived, they were led to Tencent. The uniform behavior is just like a conditional reflex ——

"There is always Tencent wanting to bully us."


After Tencent and NetEase had written separately, I felt the most obvious difference was the reaction of the two companies to negative reports.

In the face of criticism from the outside world, Tencent has often shown a very Buddhist attitude from the middle to the top. Let's lie flat, you are right, that applause.

Netease, on the contrary, has a conditional reflexion against the criticism of the outside world. The atmosphere of public opinion that has been painstakingly built over the past few years has enabled the company to live in the illusion of self-imposed movement surrounded by water and water. This made it difficult for them to keep up with the changes of the outside world and unable to quickly correct their posture.

The public opinion situation of NetEase was very poor last week. Netease's public relations agencies continuously forwarded reports favorable to them as public relations actions. This is understandable.

One day, they suddenly reposted an amazing article.

The title of the article is "About Netease Games, I Have Three Thousand Words To Want To Say", which was claimed by a game anchor who claimed to have been responsible for writing soft papers for Netease. In the article, the author reputed Netease as "daddy" and first recalled the NetEase dad's help when he wrote NetEase soft paper; then he expressed a long and deep affection for NetEase; finally, "I will always stay with you." NetEase dad, unwavering, grows together.


Excerpt 1


Excerpt 2


Excerpt 3

This article sees that I am stunned.

I think Netease employees really love NetEase's, and Tencent's employees are much more affable than Tencent's. Otherwise, it is impossible for a practitioner with normal judgment to fail to see that this “drinking water” confession is tantamount to helping and reading like senior black, and happily forwarding this article as a PR counterattack, and also how amateurish it is. .


But they have no time to judge, a bigger public opinion crisis will soon be placed in front of Netease games. This crisis has further changed the quality of NetEase's public opinion.


On April 11, Nikkei published an interview with Ding Lei. It is also miserable that the interviews conducted during the two sessions were originally issued last month. If it was made at that time, there may be only single-digit forwarding. The cloud is light and nothing happens.

Unexpectedly, the Nikkei Chinese Network is not too early or late, but it happened at this juncture.

In the interview, when talking about overseas investment, Ding Lei said:

After all, the creativity of a company is limited. We have already achieved one of the best mobile game development companies in the world. However, we must admit that the masters are in the private sector. There are many other countries that have done very well. Such as Japan's Nintendo and so on. We very much hope that we can form an alliance with them to invest in the development of products.

The next thing many people know. Ding Bo’s speech was summarized as “private master Nintendo,” and the crowd gathered for several days of negative energy. Through this sentence, they broke out instantly, swiftly flowed on the social network, and made plans to do and play. Its energy is far greater than the consequences of the previous "Fifty-Five Personality" controversy and the indictment of PUBG.


This map was turned numerous times on the same day

"Mainlander Nintendo," the new depth of pushing the public opinion crisis, there are two main reasons:

First of all, this argument offends the group of people who serve food, and this is the group with the highest fighting power in the domestic game circle.

Secondly, the phrase “private master Nintendo” quickly became a stalk and entered the popular subculture field, which was devastating to the brand. Once netizens have such a buzzword that is catchy, they will continue to deepen their inherent impressions. Nobody cares about right or wrong, and people will only remember this sentence.


This catchy buzzword, Tencent experienced a great deal

At NetEase’s game at the most intense moment of the media wars, Ding boss himself sent ammunition and upgraded the war.

In fact, I personally do not believe that Ding would say this. Considering that Chinese is a translation, there may be mistranslations. However, Netease has not clarified this matter, perhaps it is not very concerned about, perhaps worried that clarification will lead to further problems. In short, the impression of the public was so left.


After a series of negative incidents that unruffled through the Net, NetEase was unbiased and he also began to slide into the whirlwind of Tencent. Doubts, hatreds and misconducts from time to time in various departments converge into a cohesive force, pulling the NetEase brand down.

In the process of falling, Netease's public relations will find an unacceptable trend: "Little problems" that no one cares about in the past will now be upgraded to big problems that touch the brand image; Inadvertently, they were attacked by groups; the negative rhythm that was not likely to be brought in the past has now become more easily brought up.

Just like NetEase's game "Operation Wind Island," when it was released two months ago, it was criticized as "The Legend of Zelda: The Wilderness Breath," but it was only a small-scale Tucao, and it did not create any waves.

However, after the "private expert Nintendo", the game was dug out by users and criticized it.


Now, this micro-blog forwarded nearly 5000. Numerous users used the latest learned stalk in their comments.


The misfortune is not alone. Someone also discovered that NetEase Cloud music was suspected of copying the role image of the well-known indie game “Limbo”.


Netease's friends can think wrongly: Everyone is copying and chanting at different levels, why are we just staring at us?

This idea, Tencent's friends did not know how many times.

The current Tencent seems to be climbing from the heart of the earth. The elevation can no longer be lower. Now, Netease, like sitting on a propeller of "game lover", flew into the air, suddenly exploded, the higher the altitude, the more painful the fall. And used to sit propeller Netease, for fear that it has forgotten how to use their feet to walk.

If NetEase fails to stop the downward trend in time, new original sin will rise.

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