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When the boy was in distress and was warned by Siri but failed to be rescued, how can we use a cell phone for help?

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Have you ever imagined that if one day you are trapped somewhere and cannot touch your cell phone, how can you save yourself?

A teenager in the United States recently encountered this situation. He was wisely used by Siri to call 911 for help. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in the end.

The accident sparked heated discussions at home and abroad. The most commonly seen title in the country was "A 16-year-old boy was mischievously used as a Siri alarm and eventually died of suffocation," triggering numerous public criticisms of the police. What is the main cause of the actual tragedy? After reading the foreign media reports, Ai Faner briefly combed through the incidents.


(Schematic diagram of on-site restoration, figure from Beijing time)

After school, the boy went to the back seat of the car and took the tennis racket of the trunk. When the seat suddenly fell down, he was caught in the middle of the seat and the trunk area.

At 3:14 PM (local time), the boy activated Siri to call 911 as he could not touch the phone, and told the dispatcher that he was trapped in a van at the Seven Hills School parking lot. The dispatcher asked "What parking lot is there in Seven Hills? Where are you?" But because it is too far from the receiver, the boy can't hear each other and can only call for help. "Help me, I'm dying here." The phone disconnected after 2 minutes and 56 seconds and the dispatcher tried to call back but was not transferred to voice mail.

At 3:21, the police were sent to the scene and arrived at the Qishan College parking lot after 5 minutes. However, because the boy was in another nearby parking lot, the police did not find any persons in distress.

At 3:35, the boy called 911 for the second time. This time the other dispatcher, Amber Smith, was called. On this phone call, the boy explained the brand and model of his car. “This is not a mischievous trick. I was trapped in the golden Honda Odyssey van at the second grade parking lot of Seven Hills College. I immediately sent someone to die.” The message "I may not have much time. If I die, please tell my mother I love her." This time, the dispatcher Amber Smith used the phone as a prank and did not report it.

At 3:44 pm, a police officer in Hamilton County called from the Seven Hills to the emergency communications center and said he had found a van in the parking lot but did not find something wrong.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, the boy's father found his son in the car. He did not rescue after the alarm.

Through the incidents, it can be seen that the two-way distress calls have been connected successfully. This unfortunate accident could have been avoided, but it was a pity that the first round of inspection did not find the boy, and the second round of the distress calls was ignored by the dispatcher. Obviously, the second dispatcher has made mistakes in his work, which has led to a much lower chance of being found. According to foreign media reports, the police said that the second dispatcher, Amber Smith, had been placed on administrative leave and investigated.

In addition to the condemnation, the entire incident was viewed objectively. The reason for the tragedy was not limited to one of the factors that made the dispatcher's work mistakes. While we are sorry, we should also understand how to avoid such accidents from happening again and how to use a mobile phone for help when they or their loved ones are in distress.

How to use mobile phone for help?

Wake up voice assistant is undoubtedly the most urgent method when the body can not touch the mobile phone. Just need to say “alarm for me” to Siri after awakening, it will ask which of the following calls you made. Or just say "Dial 110," and Siri will also call out after 5 seconds.


After dialing the phone, remember to clearly state what problems you are experiencing and where you are. If you are at home, it is best to report the building number and building number so that the police uncle can find you faster. If you don’t know where you are, you can ask Siri “where am I?” and she will answer the approximate coordinate information for your location.


It should be noted that in this usage scenario, the “Wake up with Siri” option needs to be turned on ahead of time, and the mobile phone battery power is more adequate because the “嘿 Siri” is not available in the low power mode.

You can also use the "SOS Emergency Contact" that comes with the phone, but it is not convenient to unlock or urgent. Ai Fan's new media AppSo has had related tutorials. The specific operation method is "Settings" - "SOS Emergency Contact" - "Using the Side Button Call".


After this function is turned on, press the power button 5 times quickly and call out the SOS emergency contact interface. After selecting “Policy 110”, you can quickly make a call.

In addition, if you are inconvenient to speak, you can also use the SMS alarm to send your distress situation and specific location to 12110; if you want to contact the specific film police, you can also add the area code after the number to ensure that the SMS is successfully delivered.

Friendly reminder: When testing the above functions, set the first few steps to OK. Don't really dial out the alarm phone to avoid wasting police power.

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