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Meizu director Zhang Jia shelling CMO Yang Zhe, a "upright boy" and the "true man" infighting drama

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Zhang Jia: You straight boys will not grow old, they will only proudly die. Not far from the rivers and lakes, goodbye goodbye.

Yang Lan: It is a mediocrity to be able to accept the real ironman of Tianma.

Meizu this site director of cultural and creative Zhang Jia and senior vice president and chief of staff Yang Hao's fighting storm, I do not know whether or not to be expelled Zhang Jia and painted a "consummation" of the full stop?

On April 17, Meizu 15 released less than one week before April 22, Meizu released an internal notice and decided to expel Wang Jia, the director of Meizu Wenchuang.


▲ Meizu's handling of Zhang Jia’s handling of serious breaches of discipline (Source: Weibo)

The report stated that Zhang Jia had released personal dissatisfaction through Weibo and other social media on the occasion of the release of Meizu's annual flagship new product 15. He also used verbal abuses against colleagues and spread rumors against the company, which caused a serious impact on the company’s reputation and decided to dissolve the labor relations. Will pursue its legal responsibility.

In response, Zhang Jiawei Bo issued a response saying that he would not accept the evaluation of the company and would take legal measures to safeguard his rights and interests.

Meizu in this particular section of the eye, the choice to expel Zhang Jia, I am afraid that after the remedy and show the attitude of attitude of helpless move. Because, on April 16th, Zhang Jia wrote a new job on Weibo (Weibo ID: Gavin Zhang). At this time, he estimated that both sides of Meizu's stay will have a good idea.


▲ Zhang Jia Weibo sent a letter to find a job (Source: Weibo)

From his resume published by Zhang Jia, he joined Meizu in December 2013 and formed a team from scratch to make contributions to Meizu in terms of content marketing, smart hardware ecology development, resource replacement cooperation, etc. Create new content marketing media, respectively, for the industry's "Tang Ge Technology" and for the automotive industry, "old drivers came."

Zhang Jia said Yang Wei on Weibo as "alpaca", which shows that he hates it and is responsible for it. Where do you hate? Judging from the current information, it can be divided into the following points:

Airborne team, dissolving pengo technology

Pengo Technology is a Meizu-owned content marketing platform created by Zhang Jiayi. The internal codename is bg. The goal is to tap Meizu's professional reserves in R&D, technology, and design to create a variety of products and brands suitable for communication with Meizu. content. Some industry media pointed out that Pengo Technology has produced more high-quality content and contributed to Meizu's branding and marketing.

However, according to a self-proclaimed "" Meizu employees "disclosed in the know almost, after Yang Mei joined the Meizu, the pen Ge technology is divided into their own hands down management, soon after many core employees leave, transfer jobs, the team is almost dissolved .

According to @Arnold_Pei, a self-proclaimed employee of Pengo Technology, the current situation of pengo technology is more than desperate. However, the microblog has been deleted.


▲ Self-proclaimed pengo technology employee @Arnold_Pei vents dissatisfaction on Weibo. (Source: Tiger Sniff Network)

Can Yang Ye take Meizu out of the predicament?

In the early morning of April 15, Zhang Jia posted a message on her Weibo account saying that she did not agree with the results of Yang Hao’s joining the company for more than a year. It is believed that from the performance of Yang Hao’s entry for almost a year, it cannot lead the Meizu out of the predicament.


▲ Zhang Jiafa said that he does not agree with Yang Hao (Source: Weibo)

"If he can lead the Meizu out of the predicament, I will recognize it. However, judging from his performance for almost a year, he cannot."

It is understood that in 2017, Huang Zhang made adjustments to the organizational structure of Meizu, and in June of the same year, he recruited Yan Yang to serve as senior vice president and chief marketing officer. In 2018, Yang Hao established a brand new philosophy for Meizu: it is the only one.

Prior to this, Yang Hao had held senior management positions in marketing for several companies such as Huawei and TCL Communications. His promotional messages used in Huawei mobile phones such as P7's gentleman Lan Lan and P8's swift years into Mate 7's Jazz life, etc. People's heart.

"Only pure and unique" simply refers to the Meizu insisted on only boutique, hit the high-end market, let the Meizu back to the Meizu, do not go to meet.


▲ Zhang Jiafa said that he does not agree with Yang Wei, Weibo screenshots (Source: Weibo)

Yang Hao once said that "If a product does not have buddha nature, I will not allow to go out of the street", Yang Hao also said that Meizu founder Huang Zhang is very fond of this brand concept.

Some media have worried that in the past, Meizu was mainly focused on small fresh and "darkness" and suddenly became "business", "only the only one," and it may be difficult for the charmers to adapt.

The media also believes that the PRO 7 series launched by the Meizu brand in the second half of last year was also accused of high-end failure, and sales were sluggish. This brought a lot of negative news to Meizu: offline stores, mass layoffs, and multiple highs. The management left. Although PRO 7 was developed before Yang Hao took office, it is still believed that the reason of Meizu in recent one year is not unrelated to the over-priced products, marketing methods, and brand image currently being built. .

Internal Corruption

On April 17, Zhang Jia wrote in Weibo that if a senior executive had problems with his abilities and attitudes, his injury to the organization was still limited, but there was a problem in terms of power and expenses. I am afraid it would not be so simple. Now.


▲ Zhang Jiafa said that Yang Hao had problems with rights and fees, microblog screenshots (Source: Weibo)

It is reported that after the team of Yang Lan team took over the Meizu video department, the conference preheated the video and the quotation rose from the previous 1 million to 4 million.

In this regard, Zhang Jiafa microblogging questioned: In these years, pengo technology has produced hundreds of small videos at low cost. In addition to related products and brands, even the company's annual meeting and internal publicity are looking for them to shoot. How much can a few employees spend in a year?


▲ Zhang Jia Weibo Content (Source: Weibo)

Zhang Jia once again emphasized on Weibo that he was only targeting Yang Hao and his team, saying that “the money was wasted and the effect was limited, and their pockets harmed the company”.

And took out two 15 press conferences and marketing fees.


▲ Meizu 15 project table 1(Source:Sohu)


▲ Meizu 15 project table 2 (Source:Sohu)

From these two project tables, Meizu 15 new product launch conference branding and Meizu 15 new listing promotion content production total budget is 65.33 million yuan, and the two project gatekeepers are Yang Hao and his team members.

According to industry insiders, the absolute value of 65.53 million yuan is not low, which is higher than the budget of the general conference. However, given that this figure also includes the distribution costs and the Meizu 15's flagship position, it is reasonable to explain.

For this turmoil, the Meizu official performed very calmly, in addition to the announcement of the dismissal of Zhang Jia, Meizu founder, chairman and CEO Huang Zhang has not made a voice for the Meizu incident.

However, on the evening of April 17th, the Meizu official Weibo forecasted that the Meizu 15 will have profound knowledge of the optical image stabilization feature:

——You do not shake hands.

——It's okay.


▲ Meizu official microblogging (Source: Weibo)

Many netizens also pinched their sweat for Meizu and expressed their desire not to influence the Meizu 15 new product launch.

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